Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My All-Time Favourite YouTubers!


Hey, everyone!

So today I'm going to tell you about the coolest channels in my subscriptions list on YouTube. Some of them are for when I need a good laugh (every minute of every day), some for when I want to look and feel good, and one when I'm thinking of planning an exotic trip somewhere abroad.

Here we go!

1) ||Superwoman||

"What up everyone, it's your girl, Superwoman!" 


Oh, she is probably the funniest person I know. On Youtube, or otherwise. Lilly Singh is an Indian-Canadian Youtube sensation and everybody who watches her videos falls in love with her awesomeness.
I do have a soft spot for her because we both have brown skin, but whether you do or not, be sure to check out her channel. Here's one of my favourite Superwoman videos, 'The Difference between Brown and White Girls':

2) nigahiga

Okay, you must have heard of this guy. He's hilarious. His jokes are punny, not just funny, and his spoofs are to die for.


His videos are usually just 5-10 minutes long, but he's also made comedy movies with other Youtubers ('Agents of Secret Stuff', a.k.a 'ASS' is a little like a hilarious version of 'Main Hoon Na'!).
Please check out his channel and be prepared to laugh.... a LOT!

3) Michelle Phan

She's successful. She's beautiful. She's absolutely amazing.


Michelle started out as a Youtube 'beauty guru' in 2007, and now, about six years later, she has the most popular self-established female Youtube channel on the website.
But she doesn't have just makeup and beauty tips. She also has videos about confidence, and loving yourself, and learning new things. Michelle has also made and starred in a few short films on her channel.
In August 2013, she launched her own cosmetic line called 'EM Michelle Phan' in conjunction with L'Oreal. Her makeup products are all about innovation and imagination. Em is what makeup represents to her: Art.

This is one of her short films, 'Rouge In Love'. It's clichéd and a very sappy love story, but the music and cinematography is spectacular. Or you could just watch it to stare at her hunk-of-a-boyfriend who stars in this film alongside her. 

4) soniastravels

Sonia's Travels is exactly what it sounds like: Sonia Gil travels around the globe and now she's here to share her experiences with all of us. Her channel has got everything you need to get ready for an amazing travel journey. Be it basic travel tips or fun people-watching (which I absolutely looove!!) or even learning new languages - she's got it all. Sonia knows about a million languages, and she has developed her own software for learning to speak languages like Mandarin, Spanish, French and many more for English speakers.
So check her out. You'll love her! :D 

Her people-watching videos. *_*

5) getfitwithleyla/RealLeyla

Leyla has got the best of both worlds: fitness and fashion! One of her channels is dedicated to fun Tag videos, makeup and beauty tutorials and the other one has the best healthy, tasty recipes as well as great workout routines to inspire you to get that smokin' bod as well!

Be sure to tell me who YOUR favourite Youtubers are in the comments below. I'll see you all tomorrow!


What's on your mind, Geeks? Let me know! :)