Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Favourite Pokemon; X and Y, and All Things Pokemon!

Hey, guys!

Pokemon X and Y is finally here, and it looks AMAZING! Seriously. I'd thought the 3D graphics wouldn't suit the world of Pokemon, but man, was I wrong.

Of course, I don't have a Nintendo 3DS, so I'm just going to have to wait for someone to create a decent 3DS emulator, but I checked out Marriland's Pokemon X gameplay just now and this game looks better than anything I have ever seen.

Here's Marriland's video, so you can check it out, too:

The game is much more fastpaced than the previous ones, from what I can see, and it gives you much more freedom to sit wherever you want, run in ANY direction and even buy Pokeballs before you even learn how to catch a Pokemon!

There will be two rivals again, I guess, one girl and one boy if you're playing as a girl as both girls if you're playing as a boy.

I've already decided that I'm going to pick Froakie as my starter, if/when I get to play the game myself, even though I rarely ever pick any starter who isn't a Fire type. So it's going to be a new experience for me, in many different ways!

If you can't tell, I am really, really excited about this!!!!!

Anyway, since I won't get time to play this one anytime soon, I have been replaying all the games of every generation; I'm currently on Pokemon Platinum (definitely, my favourite game so far). Now, I don't consider myself a Genwunner, but it's still quite shocking that I prefer the new Pokemon to those I saw on screen when I was a kid.

So here are my top five favourite Pokemon of all time:

1) Charizard:

Hands down. Good ol' Char will always be my best bud (after you, Anshuman!), and probably the most dependable guy on my team. Fire starters are my favourite type, but if I had to choose one out of them all, it'd be Charmander.
What really excites me is that apparently, the Professor in X/Y will not give you your starter (his kid assistants do), but he will let us choose between the Generation 1 starters, meaning that I will get a chance to have not just any fire type, but Mega Charizard X, in my team!

2) Blaziken:
 Okay, there might be a pattern here, what with all the fire types.... but Blaziken is awesome. The first of the Fire/Fighting starters, this guy is a bird that can breathe fire and give someone a good kick in the face. How epic is that?!
And he won not just Pokemon battles, but contests, too. You rule, Kenny Boy!

3) Feraligatr:
I still remember the first Pokemon game I ever played. It was Pokemon Crystal, on my sister's old mobile phone. I remembered the starters from the anime, and even though I liked Fire types, I didn't want to pick Cyndaquil because Ash's Cyndaquil was a little meh in the beginning. So I picked Totodile.
And oh, what a Pokemon.

4) Luxray:
That feeling I get when I send Lux out to battle and she makes that 'battle-cry'.... ah. That is perfection. Luxray is definitely my favourite electric Pokemon, ever, and plus, she's a member of the cat family. What's not to love?
Also, both her abilities are great - Rivalry and Intimidate, though I've always preferred Intimidate.

5) Vaporeon:
 This girl is badass. Vaporeon's HP just never ends, not to mention that amazing Special Attack that makes Surf a one-hit KO... every single time.
Plus, I'm always on the lookout for a strong water type Pokemon, simply because I almost always end up picking the Fire Starter.

Some other Pokemon that almost made it to my top five:

Staraptor is my favourite bird type with an awesome ability, Intimidate - and some really rocking red hair! Whoo!

Well, because every time the foe uses a Physical attack, my Budew's Poison Point would make it regret that tackle, and also because it's a good Grass/Poison type for my team.

 *Flygon and Salamence:
Well, Dragon types are OP, period, and because I can only catch them towards the middle or end of the game, I never get to bond with them very well.

Yes, yes, I know that it's just a game and that there's no actual love between me and the Pokemon, but... I still have a soft spot for every Pokemon that's ever helped me win a battle. And that means you too, Bidoof!

I hope you liked this post. If you want to see more Pokemon posts, then do tell me in the comments below. Also, I want to know: are you excited for X and Y? If so, which starter are you going to pick? What are your favourite Pokemon?

Until next time, guys. Bye! :)


  1. I was scrolling through some old posts and I found this one. I've never met anyone else who played Pokemon games! I've only played the third and fourth generations, but Pokemon X and Y looks awesome! The emulator is still unavailable though. :(

    1. Stupid emulator. I've been waiting for so long!!!!!!
      I guess I'll just re-play Pokemon Emerald and Platinum till X and Y come out. :(


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