Thursday, 3 October 2013

People who Annoy Me #1: Grammar Killers!

Howdy, pardners!
This is the first of many, many rants about people who annoy me.


Grammar! One of the many things that governs the functioning of a conversation. How can people mess that up and not even care? I understand that it happens to everybody once in a while, and that's alright. But if I try to correct you and you just show me the finger (or say 'your a nerd'), then, my friend, it is not okay.

I am the kind of girl who cannot be attracted to a guy with bad grammar. Or even respect a person who thinks grammar is irrevelant in life. This person may be the most well-dressed or the most charming person you know, but the minute they open their mouth...

Or this person may seem really nice and polite at first, but when they go online, they turn into a language slob, and then, of course, I can't control my obsession to correct them after every word they say.

It's safe to say that the friendship ends then, because a) I come across as a geeky know-it-all (how is that a bad thing?) and b) if I had to pick between grammar and that person, I'd pick grammar.

Remember the days when we would all use SMS language everywhere? I still cringe when I see any of my posts from three years ago online. Because then I thought writing 'u' instead of you and '2' instead of to/too was cool.
But as a grown-up, I don't think using this SMS language is cool even while texting. Not only is it confusing to decipher, I just can't take someone seriously if they write that way!

So, saying 'c ya l8tr' is equally as bad as saying 'your so perfect' (My 'so perfect'? What's that? Please tell me so I can learn more about the things I possess!).

The weirdest part is that I've come across so many comments on Youtube videos by non-English speakers. There is nothing grammatically wrong with these comments, but they still say 'excuse my English, but I'm not a native speaker'. And native English speakers, or those who've studied English as a first language their entire life still mess up. Why? Why does that happen? It's because English speakers are taking the language for granted and are not bothered about how they come across in public.

At the end of the day, what matters most in a person isn't how they talk or spell, but whether or not they're making an effort to be the best that they can be!

If you're not the best at grammar, don't give up and say 'YOLO'. Try to overcome whatever problems you have. It may be difficult, but it's for the best. Conversing is the essence of the social world that we live in.

And if grammar is your Achilles' heel, then you need to go take a dip in the river Styx again. You won't regret it!
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  1. i lyk tis. Gud job.
    Haha. :P
    You forgot the people who type in AlTeRnAtInG capitals. :P
    I'm beginning to like the blog a lot. :)
    Keep it up! :D

  2. nice one!
    yeah, i've noticed the part about Youtube comments too...

    1. Right? I wish people would pay more attention to grammar. Effective communication is really important, and it can't be achieved using text lingo.


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