Monday, 7 October 2013

'Success' is Overrated!

Hello, again!

Sorry about my inactivity on the blog. I do have exams going on, but there's only one more to go. I really can't wait to chill out and have fun.

This post is sort of related to my situation right now - actually, everyone must have experienced something like this in life.

Success. Fame. Money. Everybody wants these three things.

People think life is all about achieving goals, getting richer, getting the best grades, getting promoted. To an extent, these things are amazing, and if you do achieve these things, then hats off to you!
But there IS something far more important, something that people often forget about. Happiness!

You may be rich, powerful and famous. You may have succeeded in everything you've done. But if you aren't happy, then what's the point of any of that?

Having fun is a good thing. It's a great thing, actually! Everybody likes it, everybody wants it, and everybody needs it. But the problem here is that people don't equate fun with success. They think success is about focus, determination and working for it. Nothing else. And that isn't true.

You can 'succeed' by working day and night till the point of exhaustion.

You can 'succeed' by feeling miserable until the time when you get that promotion or you get that A+. But what about after that? Another exam, another chance for a promotion... and you're back to your tired old ways.

It's like a treadmill without a stop button...

But is that really making you happy? Are you treating your mind to at least few hours of relaxation everyday? Are you rewarding your body with great food and a good night's sleep?
 Do you find yourself smiling for most of the day? Are you passionate about something you are working on?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no', then that isn't the kind of success you want.

A car doesn't start unless it's got fuel. Neither can we work unless we've got enough energy. And energy comes from sleep. And happiness.
You may fill up this car with petrol, but you can't keep driving it for ever. It's going to need to be refuelled, and taken for servicing. You can't sleep well one day and then work the next night away. That's no good. You need to serve yourself some fun.

Why do people think having fun should be just a guilty pleasure? Why can't you read a book, play a Pokemon game or have a football match with your friends the day before a test? You cannot force yourself to work if you don't want to. And if you're bored out of your wits, working will get you nowhere. You need to find a balance between work and play.

Now, if you love being a workaholic, and you're happy with it, you may continue with this cycle of working your butt off all your life. In this case, work is your dose of fun!

But if you think not sleeping, not eating and not laughing will get you anywhere in life, you're wrong! Success doesn't come from a paycheck. It comes from happiness.


Now, I get pretty good marks, I suppose. And I do work hard and reap the benefits. But people assume that I have no fun, that I have no life simply because I'm a good student. They think I am successful (somewhat) because all I do is work, study, work, study.

Nope. I'd say that I'm a successful student because I'm happy. I treat myself well. I do get good grades, yes, but that's not all that life's about! It's about smiling, experiencing, tasting, sleeping, enjoying! And I do all of those things, more than I study. I'm content with the way my life is right now. I'm at peace. But that doesn't mean I lack ambition. :)

So if you want to be successful, don't sacrifice happiness for it. After all, success is a relative term. You can define it in different ways. There's no formula for success. At least, not the real kind.
If you want to achieve your dreams, then do it the right way. It's not called an achievement if you hate it, right?

That's it for now. Don't forget that happiness is the best kind of success there is in life. Leave me a comment telling me what success means to you - apart from happiness, that is. And if you aren't happy, don't fret. You know what to do now, don't you?

'Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only you remember to turn on the light!'


  1. Wow! That was one amazing piece, Swats. Needless to say, it's well-written with well-spaced humour.
    Reading this post was kind of like a reality-check for me. I asked myself, like I have before, why burning the midnight oil doesn't bother me as much as it bothers some of my friends. I figured that since childhood, I have always enjoyed working hard. Work is my kind of fun. But that doesn't mean I don't need a break. And what was this break? My non-work-related happiness like resting on mamma's lap on Saturday evenings, listening to some good music with or without headphones, chatting with my best friend and reading anything that catches my eye. :)

    1. Thanks, Rosh! :D
      Haha, all those things make me happy, too. :)
      You know, happiness is usually right in front of our eyes, in the form of friends and family... but people spend too much of their lives looking for it everywhere else!

  2. Well written!
    Now Im looking forward to your next one. and the one after that!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I liked writing it. :)

  3. Good one Swati! Your definition of success is pretty realistic, most of us just fail to grasp this.


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