Thursday, 21 November 2013

5 Ways to Get Over a Bad Day

Hello, dear friends!

Have you ever had a bad day, or even worse, a string of bad days, when you feel like nothing will ever go your way again, when you think that nobody will understand your problems, when you yourself don't know why you're so glum?


Well, I know that feeling. And chances are, you do, too. So today, I'm going to share some tips to get over a bad day (or days) so you can bring that awesome smile back on to your stunning face!

1) Think about it:

I mean it - really, think about why you're not having a good day. Is it something you can't explain? Then let it be. Chances are, you're just tired and bored. Take some rest and let the events run their course. Things will get better soon.
If you know the reason, then think of a way to solve this problem. Everything in this world has a solution, one way or another. Find it!
And if you can't find an answer by yourself, then...

2) Talk about it:
Keeping your feelings to yourself is rarely a good idea. You may think that nobody can help you, but the problem is that you're not giving anyone a chance! Do it. Talk to a family member or a trustworthy friend, and I guarantee you that you'll feel much, much better about everything!

Friends will always help... both the show and the human beings. :P
If talking about it really isn't a choice, then just write what you feel in a piece of paper and read it to yourself. That's much better than trying to bury the problem within yourself.

3) Do what you love:
Whether it's music, dance, writing, or simply chilling with friends - whatever brings a smile to your face, do it. It's not easy to will yourself to doing anything when you're upset. Most likely, you'd want to sleep for hours on your comfy bed. Why not compromise? Sleep for a while, and then get up and get together with your hobbies.
Go shopping! Go sightseeing! Read a book! Just have fun! :)

It really does... *_*

4) Pamper yourself:
Make yourself feel loved! Dress up in your favourite outfits. Put on some makeup and look your best - even if you aren't leaving the house, because you want to look good for yourself, not anyone else! :)

If I looked like that, I'd dress up everyday!

Boys, flex your muscles in front of the mirror! ....Or whatever it is that you do to make yourself feel awesome (let me know in the comments below!).
If you have any guilty pleasures, then what are you waiting for? This is the time to indulge yourself, whether it's watching a chick-flick or listening to songs that you're supposed to hate. :D

Stupid, catchy song! -_-

5) Give it time:
Hey, you can't just force yourself to 'become happy' in an instant! You need to give yourself some time. Don't try to pretend like you're alright if you aren't!
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 as many times as required - there's no limit - and chances are, you'll be better before you know it! :) 

Don't forget - 'bad days' aren't forever, because otherwise you'd just call them 'days'. Good days are in your future soon enough. You just have to be brave, and patient, and keep hoping, because hope is a wonderful thing!

If you are indeed having a bad day, here are a few GIFs that might make you smile!




I hope you enjoyed reading today's blog post. Tell me in the comments below: what's your remedy for a bad day? I'd love to know. :)

I'll see you all next time. Bye-bye!


  1. I keep saying my favorite Wolvy dialogues in a Wolvy way! It doesn't make me feel awesome, it makes me feel Wolverine!

  2. The kitty and puppy GIFs!! ^_^ They were SO cute, Swats!
    What makes me feel better? Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, reading a good book (which is Harry Potter, for now), listening to music and reading your blog posts. :)

    1. I LOVE FLUFFY ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!
      Aww, thanks! :D
      Friends, HIMYM, music, actual human being friends, and novels - I can't have a bad day after these! :P

  3. Me, too!! :D
    Haha. True that. ;)


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