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13 Must-Know Beauty Secrets

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Heads up for the boys: this is a quite possibly a girls-only post and is not recommended for you. But hey, if you're still here, keep reading to see if you know any girls who keep these secrets!

Aamir certainly wants to read on. What about you?

1) Heatless curls:
Okay, I religiously follow this tip. None of us has the time or money to run to the salon every time we wish we had stylish curls. Instead, we can try heatless curls!
French braid your hair after you wash it, when it's damp but not soaking wet, and leave it for at least four hours. Based on how defined you want the curls to be, you can braid your hair tightly or loosely.
When you unravel your hair, you'll end up with the luscious locks you've always wanted. Finish with some leave-in conditioner and you're good to go!

You go, girl!

2) Avoid makeup that contains zinc:
Especially if you're going to be taking photos.When you apply makeup containing zinc, flash photography tends to make it look like you've got white or silvery patches all over your face when actually, you don't.

3) Sunscreen:
This is a must. Sunscreen is very, very important and you should know it. Not because tanning makes you look bad (a healthy tan is, in fact, very attractive) but because wrinkles do. Use sunscreen not just for the beach trip, but daily - unless you want to look forty by the time you turn thirty. Sun-damage is no joke.

4) Dress wisely:
You may want to wear that new outfit you bought to every single event you go to, but think again! Pick light colours for day and darker, bolder shades for night-time. Don't wear a sundress if it's a Christmas party, and don't wear that leather skirt to the beach. I understand, you want people to see your newest purchase, but you also want to do the clothes some justice, right? So think climate, time of the day, and your surroundings. Standing out is good, but being the odd one out isn't.

For example, you cannot dress like this to school. -_-

5) Eyelash curlers:
They may look like a medieval torture device, but these babies are really useful! They give you that wide-eyed innocence that every girl wants, and they're easy to use, once you get the hang of it. Also - no chemicals or heat, and that's always a plus!

6) Less is more! Try something White for a change:
Indian girls tend to wear black eyeliner more regularly than they should. Ease up on the kohl. Nobody likes a raccoon eye! The one day you don't wear it, you will look ill. Instead, try something different for a change. I'm really into wearing white eyeliner these days. It opens up your eyes without making it look like you're trying too hard.

Please, don't do that to yourself!
Also, wearing eyeliner on your inner rim too often may block your tear ducts, leading to infection.

7) Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising:
Wash your face twice a day. No excuses! Apply a toner to your skin afterwards and then use a daily moisturiser. If you have oily or combination skin, use a moisturiser best suited for your skin type.

8) Try different ponytail looks:
Change is always good when it comes to hairstyles. Also, wearing your ponytail in the same position repeatedly causes your hair to break off near the hairband. So mix it up, girls!

9) Deep conditioning:
If you have excessively dry or frizzy hair, then all you need to do is put on a hair mask once a week before washing your hair. You could either buy a ready-made mask from the market or do it yourself. A milk and yoghurt mask works great for me!
Oiling the hair is great, too. But apply oil only an hour before washing your hair, because otherwise it tends to make your hair look greasy and limp.

10) Don't over-pluck your eyebrows:
When it comes to your body, being in shape is important. It's the same with your eyebrows. Don't over-pluck them, though, because thick, long eyebrows give you personality. (Think Cara Delevingne)
Plus, once you take off too much hair, there's no going back. You might have to wait for months for it all to grow back!

Can't work the eyebrow-raise if you haven't got any eyebrows, can you?

11) Never shake a nail polish and never pump a mascara:
Hey, I've done this before; I admit that. But both these things introduce air bubbles into the bottles and that's no good! Instead, generate heat by rubbing your bottle of nail paint before application, and just buy a new mascara, because most of them expire in six months.

12) Use products that suit your hair type:
Just because it's Sunsilk doesn't mean it will transform your hair into this:

But damn, that is some good hair.
No, you need to pick out a shampoo or conditioner that is meant to treat all the problems that your hair is suffering from.
Also, when you towel-dry your hair, squeeze the water out of your tresses instead of rubbing. Rubbing the hair causes frizz and split ends, and girl, you do not want that!

13) Get rid of under-eye puffiness:
If you couldn't get a good night's sleep, and you wake up to puffy eyes and dark circles, here's what you can do. Just put two spoons in the fridge, make sure they're cold enough, and then place them on your eyes!
And try to moisturise your under-eye area with a suitable product.

Oh, and here's a bonus tip:

14) Always smile:
Hey, happiness is the best beauty secret out there. You will always look your best with a smile.

Even you, Tom Riddle. Even you. 
To maintain those pearly whites, limit your caffeine consumption!

I hope you liked these beauty secrets. Do you have any of your own? Be sure to tell me in the comments below! :D

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