Monday, 18 November 2013

Validation: Appreciating Others

What's up, pals?

About a year ago, I'd seen this short film on Youtube called 'Validation'. It's about validating, or appreciating, what others are doing or going through, so that you can bring a smile to their faces!

Check it out!

Since then, I've been validating others in my own way. If someone steps aside to let me pass, I say 'thank you'. When the waiter brings me a glass of water, I thank him. If I like someone's earrings, or hair, I give them a compliment.

"Lookin' good, pal!"

We may not realise it, but a smile can change the way people feel about themselves. Imagine what a compliment can do to them!

Now, I'm not saying that you have to lie. Don't do that! But haven't you ever thought someone looked nice one day in school, or haven't you read someone's report at work and found it to be pretty good? You might not have voiced your opinions, though, but next time, you should.

You've had your share of bad days - maybe your hair just refused to cooperate with you that one morning, or maybe you spilled coffee or juice on your clothes, or maybe you were just feeling blue.
Imagine that you're going to school, or work, or anywhere, for that matter, thinking that you'll have the worst day ever. But then someone comes up to you and just says a few positive things to you.

Suddenly, you find that this day isn't that bad, after all. The rest of your day goes well, too, and you're probably smiling by the time you walk back into your house.

What a good day! :)

Why does this happen? It's because that one person validated you, and it made you happy.

Rarely do I see people appreciating others for their work. They take things for granted. They say, "Why should I thank the waiter for bringing food to my table? It's his job!"
So what if it's his job, his duty? You wouldn't want your boss or client to feel that way about your efforts, right?
When you do thank him with a smile, it causes a chain reaction. The waiter feels better about himself, and in turn serves customers with a grin. His positivity probably puts the chef in a good mood, too. The customers are satisfied because the service and food was great, and their happiness makes their friends and family happy.

Just showing your appreciation for one person can do so much! It doesn't even have to be a person you know very well - of course, don't go around calling a random stranger 'beautiful' or 'handsome', because that might land you in trouble - but just anybody who has helped you in some way and deserves credit for that.

This not only makes others cheerful, it makes you smile as well, because the look on the other person's face when you validate him or her is enough to make your day, too! :)

So, instead of putting others down, appreciate them. Even when you have to be critical, be respectful and mature about it.

But don't be this angry about it.! XD

Don't forget to validate yourself, as well. You might have dropped coffee on your shirt, or maybe you missed your bus, but did that stop you from going about your life? No, it didn't, and that shows your courage, and your determination. You are an amazing person who is bringing happiness to people all around you. Never forget that, and love yourself for it!

That's how you validate yourself. ^_^
I hope you liked this blog post. Tell me - when was the last time you were validated by someone? How did that feel? :)

If you want me to write about something specific, tell me in the comments below. I'll see you all next time. Bye-bye! :D


  1. The last time I was validated by someone was yesterday and you know how that went. ;)
    Also, I wanted to tell you one more thing: It's amazing how you come up with simple, funny yet relatable topics to write on, without any prolonged writers' block. *touch wood* :P
    I just love your blog posts, Swats. If I feel low, or simply want to read something new, my muscle power automatically leads me to "Geekie-chic. :)" Keep it up, girl! :D

    1. Aww, you're the best, Rosh! :')
      I'm glad you like my blog. :D


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