Monday, 25 November 2013

What's in My Vellvette Bag! (November 2013)

Howdy, people!

So, I came home after having a great day in school, and I found my November Vellvette bag waiting to be opened! :D
Vellvette is sending out a different coloured bag each month, and this time it's a pretty pink with black polka dots. The bag isn't as big as last month's, but that's probably because the products are medium-sized this month.

Last time I'd had an issue with the packaging owing to a leaky product, but everything was dry this time, even though there were two liquid products. :)

Here are the four items I got:

1) I Love... Lemons & Limes (Rs. 250, 100 ml)
This gel can be used as a bubble bath or a body wash.
It smells heavenly, and the scent is very tangy and sweet. It definitely smells better than last time's Vantiv Lemon Shower Gel, although I'm a bit confused as to why I've received two lemon body washes back-to-back. 
It's a travel-friendly size and is ideal for a two-week trip.
I'm currently using an 'I Love...' body butter and I have complete faith in this brand. 
'I Love...', I love! :D

2)  La Splash Glitter Mascara in Abyss (Rs. 895, 9 ml)

Thank goodness, I received this mascara in black and not any other colour! :) Initially, the 'glitter' part of the title scared me, but when I tested it, I didn't see any sparkles on my lashes. The mascara dries within a minute and doesn't clump too much. But it isn't waterproof at all, and since the cap is unecessarily long, the product isn't travel-friendly, either. 
Since a mascara tube should be replaced every three months, I definitely find this product useful.
The weird part is that instead of giving me the description card for the mascara, Vellvette sent me the card for the glitter eyeliner. 

This product, I like. :)

3)  Vôtre Pore Shrink Toner (Rs. 180, 50 ml)
A toner is always useful, since I religiously follow my CTM routine. Vôtre is a brand my mother has used before, and she has had no complaints with it. This toner is parabens-free, and that's always a good thing! The only reason I'm a bit skeptical about this product is that there is no proven way to shrink pores, because their size is hereditary. 
This item is also very travel-friendly!

This product, I like. :)

4) Ofra Soft Pearl Peel (Rs. 343, 7 g)

There was no mention of this product on any of my description cards, so I had to look it up on the internet to find out what it really does. 
It's an exfoliating cream that can be used on wet or dry skin. It isn't suitable for irritated or acne-ridden skin, though that's fine by me. 
The sample size is too small to judge the effectiveness of this cream. I wonder why the product is called a 'peel' when it's, in fact, something you need to wash off your face. 

This product, I'm neutral about.

I'm quite happy with this month's bounty. The total worth of this bag is Rs. 1,668, and that's more than four times what I paid for each bag. :D
Ohhh, yeeaaah!

I can't wait for next month's Vellvette bag. It will surely make my Christmas much more special! :D

Check out my reviews of the September bag here, and the October bag here. :)

If you're subscribed to Vellvette, tell me what you got this month in the comments below. What did you think of the products? :) 

Until next time!


  1. Hahaha more than the products I enjoyed reading your post.. esp your videos <3 :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! Oh, and thanks for following my blog, too. :)

    2. YUp..I second Rekha on that.

  2. I had received the LAsplash liner in a previous bag, I guess July .....I Don't like how they send newer customers old products!! you should have recieved MUA :)

    1. It's alright, the mascara isn't too bad. ^_^

  3. your blogs just so fun to read... i came across on a google search.. as i wanted to know who got what!!???!??!
    i also got my velvette bag for nov 2013:
    i got the coconut cream from i love...
    a lipstick shade d36 from flormor - which goes well with my fair wheatish skin tone
    same toner
    and a night cream from Mary kay - the cap refuses to open :-(!!
    but i am so excited....!!!

    1. Oh, wow!! Coconut cream sounds amazing!!! I'm actually thinking of buying another bag this time... there's so much variety! :)

  4. Gosh! I love your blog girl! It's very erm... Emotive!

    I renewed my vellvette subscription this month.. And used some code for a super offer..which was supposed to hive me a free h2o body wash! They didn't give me that.. But sent me some good products!
    I got the same toner.. Which I used last night and really like!
    I also got I love.. Mangoes n Papaya body wash... And a MUA lip gloss in candy pink shade.. The shade isn't very pretty.. Kinda makes u look like Halloween queen! But good quality!

    1. Whoa!! I did see someone's bag with a HUUUUGE h2o+ body wash in it... *jealous* I guess the offer explains it.

      I'm considering buying another bag just for a new flavour of 'I Love...' The berry flavours sound amazing! :D

      Anyway, I'm glad your liked my blog. :) Thanks for commenting!

    2. Ah yeah...I did see the H2O body wash too, and was wondering why and who got that *nosy* Lol, if you buy a new bag, you'll just end up with more toners and mascara.

      The I love range has some really good flavours in it. Strawberry Milkshake...yumm!!!!

      These are the products I got -

    3. Are they sending the toners and mascara to all the newbies? :\
      I guess there won't be any time to fill in my questionnaire if I get another subscription...

    4. They do seem to have sent the toner to everybody, and the shower gels to people they haven't already. :/

      True, about the questionnaire. But yeah, this time, there does seem to be an awful lot of variety in the bags, so a new subscription is definitely not a bad idea if you fill in (read: manipulate) the questionnaire accordingly.

    5. Yeah, I want to answer the questionnaire very differently to get some new stuff. :)
      I guess I'll have to weight the pros and cons and see.

  5. Google search. Second page. :)

  6. is there any coupon code for first time subscribers?? i want to subscribe from December.. so wud greatly appreciate any help.. :)

    1. WLCM13, but it expires tonight (30th November). I don't think there's a code to subscribe from December, though. :\


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