Saturday, 9 November 2013

Which 'Friends' Character are You?

Hey, there! :)

So, my pal Roshni asked me to do a blog post on anything related to Friends (the best sitcom ever!), so I thought, why not do something different for a change?

If you've ever wondered which Friends character you're most like, then ta-daaa! This quiz is going to give you all the answers you need. Be sure to answer all the questions honestly, and find out whether you're Monica, Ross, Joey, Rachel, Chandler or Phoebe! :)

(A fair warning: This quiz is not based on your favourite food, or appearance, or catchphrase. It's about how similar your personalities are!)

Q1: What kind of books do you like to read? 

A) Romance novels and classics.
B) I don't like reading as much as other activities.
C) Self-help books and classics.
D) Anything that interests me.
E) A nice mix of funny and intellectual!
F) Something to do with my career.

Q2: If you were a superhero, what would be your prime agenda?

A) Use my powers to my advantage.
B) Get famous, of course!
C) Strive to achieve world peace.
D) Maintain law and order.
E) Make sure everyone was safe and happy.
F) Eradicate ignorance and spread knowledge.

Q3: There's a fire in your house, and you only have time to take one item with you. What would it be?

A) My box of keepsakes from the best experiences of my life.
B) Food and drinks.
C) Probably a work of art I created!
D) Nothing. I'd just direct my friends and family to safety.
E) My laptop and work documents.
F) I already have an emergency supply kit, of course.

Q4: Which of these traits do you most identify yourself with?

A) Likeable, possessive, insecure.
B) Confident, loveable, loyal.
C) Quirky, self-satisfied, relaxed.
D) Smart, nurturing, defensive.
E) Cynical, observer, creative.
F) Logical, romantic, emotional.

Q5: It's after work; you don't want to go home just yet. Where do you go instead?

A) A mall.
B) Socialising at a sports bar.
C) Wherever I feel like going!
D) Hanging out with my friends.
E) People-watching at any watering hole.
F) Any historical or cultural place.

Are you done? Check your answers here:

Mostly A's: Rachel Green
At first glance, you seem materialistic and shallow, but deep down, you're friendly and loveable. You like attention and are quite the extrovert.  

Mostly B's:  Joey Tribbiani

Everyone loves you! You're charming, outgoing and extremely social. You stand by your friends and are always there when they need you.

Mostly C's: Phoebe Buffay

It's difficult to define you, but overall, you're fun-loving and positive. You don't crave fame or money - you're happy with what you have!

Mostly D's: Monica Geller

You're responsible and you like taking charge. You're also extremely protective of your loved ones and would do anything for their happiness.

Mostly E's: Chandler Bing

You might not make a good first impression, but you grow on to people. You're an introvert, and aren't very confident about meeting new people, but the friends you already have are a treasure to you. 

Mostly F's: Ross Geller

You are logical and intelligent, and you stick to your beliefs firmly. A die-hard romantic, you are emotional, sensitive and caring.

According to this quiz, I'm a mix between Monica and Chandler, and I guess that's fairly true. :)
Be sure to tell me what you got in the comments below. Do you think the results were accurate?

I'll see you guys next time!


  1. I loved it! :D Thanks, Swats. Meant a lot, really! :D
    P.S- Guess what? I'm a mix between Monica and Chandler, too! xD

    1. Hahaha! :D
      You are a bit like them... but to me, you'll always be Pheebs. :D

    2. hehehe.. i couldn't agree more.. :P

  2. i am a mix of everyone apart from rachel and phoebe :P

    1. You are definitely not like Rachel! I can say that much.. And thank God for that! :D
      I'm Monica apparently. I like rules! :)


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