Wednesday, 11 December 2013

People Who Annoy Me #3: Homophobes!!

And that includes the Supreme Court.

Hello, everyone.

So, today I woke up as I would on any other good day, at ten a.m., and the first thing I saw on my NDTV newsfeed was that the Supreme Court had cancelled the 2009 Delhi Court ruling that had legalised homosexuality.
So being gay in India is illegal again, because it is 'against the order of nature', apparently.

Why do people think homosexuality is against nature, or unnatural? It is not! Animals, also a part of nature, can be gay whenever they want, but when humans do it, it's disgusting? Why?

Going by that logic, a lot of things are 'unnatural'. Plastic surgery and genetic modification, for instance, but they are both legal (I am not against either of them). Then why take away basic human rights?

Some of the homophobes who are supporting the Supreme Court's decision are arguing that gay marriage, or even a relationship, is a westernised idea that if legalised will only degrade the rich culture of our country.
That's funny. I seem to recall that a lot of Hindu temples have idols of homosexual men and women. If that's accepted as our culture, then isn't the above argument illogical?

Homosexuality is in no way 'western' or 'eastern'. It's not psychological. A person's sexuality is determined at birth, and nothing can change that.

Some people think that encouraging homosexuality will influence others to 'turn gay'.

They think that watching television shows about gay people or even having a gay acquaintance will make others want to be like them. That's in no way true! If someone is gay, bisexual or straight, then they have been that way since day one, and they can't be converted into something else! They can only discover what they want and how they feel.
Some think that being gay is an illness that can be cured by forcing someone into a marriage with a person of the opposite-sex. That is only going to shackle two incompatible people to an empty and incomplete marriage.

Others argued that legalising homosexuality will lead to the extinction of the human species.
As I said above, people are born gay or straight. Legalising it is not going to make much of a difference in this sense. It will, however, prevent a few unhappy marriages and give courage to people who fear being themselves.

Homophobes need to understand that we are all human beings who deserve to make our own decisions, especially when it comes to spending our lives with that one special person.

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The Supreme Court has to come to its senses and revoke this new rule. We were promised freedom in 1947. I can only hope we get it soon.

Come on, people!


  1. Bold one. Nice! ;) Hyperlinked facts made it all the more interesting to read. But the last line was the ultimate show stopper (?). :D
    P.S- I couldn't agree more with you on this one. Doesn't it make you think twice before you call someone or something "gay" because of her/his behavior or its appearance? I've always pondered over that^.

    1. Haha, thanks!
      I really don't like it when people use 'gay' to describe something they don't like. :\ There are so many words in the English language that one could use instead!


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