Friday, 31 January 2014

Don't Bully Yourself.

Hello, everyone.

This world we live in... it's a funny one. We are so many people, living our separate lives, thinking different thoughts, fighting the demons around us.
But sometimes those demons are within us. And sometimes, even though we know they exist, we do not fight back. We don't even try to save ourselves.


I'll be honest. I have demons of my own. I hardly ever take my own advice. I'm never satisfied with my work, or my writing, or my abilities. I curse myself at every point.
And I don't even know why.

There's a fine line between motivating yourself and bullying yourself. Motivation is positive. You tell yourself that you're doing great, but there's always room for improvement. You remind yourself that success is only a few steps away, and you make a conscious effort to climb that ladder.
But bullying, as we all know, is negative. You push yourself to the ground, you tell yourself you're doing nothing right, you're living a dead end, that you'll never get anywhere in life because you suck.

We've all been there. We've all bullied ourselves. But now it's time we stop. It's time we use our fists and feet to kick those demons to the curb.

These demons feed on ignorance. Until you learn to live on your own terms, they're not going to go away. They'll use your own ignorance as a shield to block your punches.

In a reality like ours, we're taught to be materialistic. That you'll get nowhere without good grades, a pretty face, or a big fat paycheck. To some extent, it's true. Those things can give you a boost in life. But don't forget that a boost isn't always essential. You can still get ahead without one.

You might believe that no man would want an unattractive wife or that no woman would marry a poor guy. But would you really want someone to love you only because of your looks or your money? Would you be willing to hate yourself simply because you may not have those things?

Remember that there's no fixed definition of 'rich' or 'beautiful'. Some believe you're rich if you're a millionaire, or a billionaire, or if you have a fancy car. Others believe that it's the richness of the soul that counts. It's all relative!
Beauty, too, can be defined in many ways.
So it's not fair when you put yourself, or others, down simply because your definition is different from those around you.

You have to learn to accept that you cannot please everyone, but you can please yourself. You can't stop yourself from being hurt, but you can stop hurting yourself.
You can choose to define yourself however you want, and you should. Happiness does not come from an A grade or a billionaire status. It comes from fighting your inner demons, whether you're rich or poor, thin or fat, geeky or not. 

So make a promise to yourself, to start being a motivator and not a bully. To start living life instead of just surviving. To start looking for the right kind of company, instead of chasing after whoever's available.
If you agree to make that promise, so will I. :)

Let me know in the comments below: how do you plan to start your new life as a motivator? And if you're already one, how have you made yourself happy recently?

Until next time, Geeks!


  1. Personally, I've been through a lot but out came good things met new friends! I guess am going to try my best to become a better and stronger person I wasnt last year :) Good Post! Officially your 9th follower do check out my blog if you have time and maybe follow? :)


  2. Hey, Rebecca! Thanks for the follow. :) I really enjoy photography (passively, I can never take a decent photo!), so I'll be sure to check out your blog.
    I'm glad you've become a stronger person now. As for me, I can defend myself against other bullies, but never against my own self!

    1. And I didn't know if you could see my reply on my blog; I do live in London believe it or not i would like to live in Australia and when am older travel the world and India is number nine on my visit list :)

    2. Yep, I saw it, but I figured I'd reply here anyway. :)
      I fell in love with London when I was there for a week. To be honest, it's the only foreign city I've ever visited. But somehow it just spoke to me!


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