Saturday, 4 January 2014

I Love Food + Tips for a Healthy Body

Hey, there!

Everybody wants food. Everybody needs food. So today, I'm going to talk about my top five favourite food items and why I love them.
Stay tuned till the end of the post for some tips to eat fun, but still stay fit. :)

1) French Fries:

To be honest, I don't like fries with sauce and I don't mind them plain, but the 'Piri piri' spice that McDonald's offers is the perfect way to enjoy french fries!
I don't even buy the french fries from McD, just the spice packets, and I use them while making fries at home.
I'm not crazy about spicy food, but I don't mind shedding a few tears to eat these fries all day long!

2) Pizza:
 Ah, pizza. Something about that cheesy, saucy piece of bread really gets my stomach rumbling. Pizza comes in so many different sizes, flavours and crusts that you can never get tired of eating it!
Of course, I always order the same pizzas from Domino's because I don't really like trying strange, new flavours.

Back when I was a kid, I was obsessed with the 'Cheese burst' pizzas that Domino's offers. I used to eat that thing like my life depended on it. I only got sick of it when I tried the 'Double Cheese burst' pizza and almost threw up (it was that bad, seriously).
Then I switched to Double Cheese Margherita. Heaven must be made of cheese and pizza sauce!
Currently, I'm obsessed with the Pizza Mania combos. Four different flavours of pizza for me to try? YUM! :D

 3) Sweet Corn Soup:

Soup is man's greatest invention. You don't need to chew anything, you can drink it right out of the bowl if you misplace your spoon, and it still fills you up. I don't think it can get better than that.

Sweet corn soup is my favourite soup of all time. It's piping hot and sweet, full of soft pieces of corn and carrots, and it smells like happiness!
Whenever I order some soup from my favourite Chinese restaurant, I end up having at least three bowls of it. And after that, the main course is forgotten. Unless it has garlic. Then I stuff myself with that, too.

4) Wasabi Green Peas:

You've never heard of this? That's expected. I didn't taste one of these bad boys until a few months ago.
The peas are roasted and coated with wasabi, salt and oil. 
I don't think I had ever tasted wasabi before this. Well, it's awesome. It's so spicy that it could possibly kill you - once I let a pea roll around in my mouth for too long and I ended up wheezing and coughing because of the flavour - but in moderation, it tastes so good that you'll find yourself popping these roasted peas into your mouth again and again until you finish the whole tub.

It's extremely rare to find this item where I live because barely any of the supermarkets carry it, so when I do find it, it's celebration time.
I'm currently out of stock at the moment. But when I do get my hands on these wasabi-coated peas again, I promise that I will devour them. Because they are THAT good.

5) White Chocolate:

What is it about white chocolate that brings me ultimate pleasure? White chocolate isn't real chocolate, seeing as it contains no cacao beans whatsoever, but it just tastes so much better to me.
You can get milk chocolate anywhere, but white chocolate... it's difficult to find, but the search is worth it, because it's the best thing that ever happened to me!
The Toblerone white chocolate and Kit Kat white chocolate are my favourites.

A special mention to my favourite Donuts (which are all white chocolate, by the way!).

One day, I want to eat the greatest meal of my life, consisting of food from all my favourite restaurants and cuisines. But just a small serving of every item, so that I can try everything! A bowl of soup, a slice of pizza, a few pieces of french fries, some wasabi peas, some Indian garlic gravies, a chunk of white chocolate, a spoonful of all my favourite flavours of icecream... oh, how I wish I could eat all that for one meal! :D

 Now, I want to talk about being healthy and having a fit body.

I've always been a skinny girl, so naturally a lot of people have tried to give me 'advice' on how to gain weight. I'm quite sure every single one of these people told me to stuff my face with all kinds of junk food, 24 hours a day. But I didn't even try to do that, because I know better.

 If you're underweight and trying to bulk up, here's what you need to do: eat whatever you want in moderation. You can have that slice of pizza or eat that burger, but remember that you have to also consume healthy fats to actually gain weight in all the right places. Try to include peanut butter, nuts, whole milk, healthy oils, soymilk and tofu in your daily diet. Any high-calorie snacks that are low on saturated fats and sodium are good for you.
The best way to gain weight, though, is to build muscle. Include at least a ten-minute workout in your daily schedule, four times a week. Don't do cardio workouts. Instead, use dumbbells and weights to increase your muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat and also makes you stronger!

If you're overweight and want to get fit, do not skip any meals. There's no need to cut sugar and fat from your diet as long as you eat healthy. There are a ton of healthy fats that I've mentioned above. As for sugar, moderation is key.
You can't lose weight unless you get your blood pumping, so start doing some fun cardio workouts. I know jogging or running on the treadmill isn't very entertaining.

Instead, you can try dance workouts that will keep that smile on your face and the fat off your body.
When you've reduced your body fat considerably, quit the cardio workouts and start using weights to gain muscle mass.

You're not going to see results in a day or even a week. It's going to take some time, but the results are definitely worth it! Whether you're skinny or plump, you should exercise because not only does it help you score a healthy body, it also makes you stronger and happier.

Let me know in the comments below: what food do you like best? What are you doing to get fit and healthy? :)

If you'd rather do your working out at home, like I do, check out this Youtube channel for some great exercise videos.

Until next time, friends. Stay fit! :)


  1. I am also pretty skinny (in fact I'm underweight) but I don't think that means I have to gain weight. Being underweight doesn't mean you're unhealthy, it means that your weight is less than average and as long as you don't do anything unhealthy to become underweight, I think it is fine to stay as you are. At least, that's my opinion. :)

    1. Well, I kind of needed to gain weight because I could never find any clothes in my size! I agree, nothing wrong with being under or overweight as long as you're comfortable with your body image. :)


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