Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What's in My Fab Bag! (March 2014)

This month's Fab Bag is here!

Those of you who are following my blog know that I haven't been too pleased with my bags lately... this month, the curse continues. :(

The bag is floral this time... better than last time's print, but a little too PowerPuff Girls for my taste. Anyway, I received 3+1 items (plus an extra Thalgo Brightening fluid because last month's sample was too small).

Cute, but a little too floral.
Let's start with the review of all the products:

1) Natio Lavender and Rosemary Hand and Nail Cream (20 ml)
I guess my nails could use a little TLC!
Lavender and rosemary! I must admit, those words are magic to my ears.... but the scent isn't magic to my nose. It's good, but not great.
The product guarantees silky-soft hands and strong, healthy nails. My nails have been a little brittle after trying out the LA Splash nail polish (courtesy of my December Fab Bag), so I guess this cream will be of use to me. The sample size is good for a hand cream.

This product, I like. 

2) Flormar Loose Powder (#3, full size)
Not my skin tone... but the powder puff is so fluffy!
I'm sure this powder will be useful in the hot summer season, but... this isn't my skin tone! #3 is probably the first skin tone available in the Indian market, but #1 or #2 would have suited me.
I do have a compact whose puff needed replacement, so I will be using the Flormar powder puff to go with that compact. As for the powder... well, it could work once I fall prey to the inevitable suntan that comes ever summer!

This product, meh. 

3) Portico Verbena Hydrating Body Wash (50 ml, full size)
Potterheads: is it just me, or does this remind you of Felix Felicis?
A spa product! I'm actually not too disappointed with this one, because I love body washes. A soothing bath will work wonders in the summer. It smells great, too, though there's a citrus aroma to it. I've received citrus body washes too many times through Fab Bag. Please, there are other fruits out there. I'm tired of smelling like a lemon.

This product, I like.

4) Fashion Jewelry Pearl Drop Earrings (Bonus Product)
Not a fan of pearl drop earrings.
Pearls are great! I love pearls. My name means 'pearl'. But I'm not crazy about really long earrings like this pair. I like wearing studs or really short earrings because they don't get tangled in my hair. I don't think I'll be wearing these earrings, so that's a waste of a bonus product!
I wish we had received tiny samples of cream or cookies like last time. But life's not fair, is it?

This product, I dislike. 

The total worth of this month's bag is approximately Rs. 1,610. It's much more than what I paid, but lately I've come to realise that...

To conclude, while I like this month's haul better than last time's, I can't help but think that Fab Bag has changed a lot since its Vellvette era.... personally, I don't think the name-changing worked in their favour!

If you've received your Fab Bags already, let me know what products you were sent! Do you like them, love them or hate them? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, beauty Geeks! :)


  1. Just where did my comment go? :(

    1. Which one?
      I only received a notification for this one...

  2. I love your bag Swati! i wish I had got that one, I am so disappointed with my March Fab Bag. I got some small stupid earrings and a stupid Portico Conditioner :( I hate my bag :(

    1. I would have loved to get the conditioner! My hair is my biggest concern. :(
      What else did you get?

  3. Bonjour Swati! I love that bag its very spring, where's it from? The weather is absolutely horrible in London its raining and its windy, unpredictable weather that is, What about in India? I also love does earrings, I have kinda been into pearly things :)x

    1. Salut Rebecca! The bag comes with the products. :)
      It's a beauty subscription bag in India.

      We don't really have spring or autumn in India... it goes from summer to monsoon to winter and the cycle continues. Right now it's supposed to be around 25 degrees (Celcius) in my city, but it's around 30-35 degrees. Global warming, I guess. -_-

      I'd have liked them if the earrings were short... fortunately my mom was able to shorten 'em and make them studs. :D

  4. Hey there!! My first fab bag ever and i'm soooooooooo dissapointed!! :( why oh why would they send a drugstore product such as vivel in my so called Fab bag? I'm not getting vivel anywhere near my face. When i clearly mentioned in my questionnaire that i have sensitive skin and dont like to experiment on my skin and would rather opt for makeup, they decided to send me face creams and toners from cetaphil and votre. :( and yes oofcourse, not to forget the earrings. I hate hate hate those dangly things. The only product i liked was the LA splash liquid eyeliner in gold. I so hate my bag. :(

    1. They sent me the Vivel products last month... guess they had to get rid of the existing stock.

      Did you know that back when Fab Bag started in Sept 2012 (when they were called Vellvette Box), they actually had Victoria's secret beauty products? They actually did give out luxury brands... I wish that hadn't changed. :(

  5. They should take a lesson or two from IPSY, Michelle Phan's company in america... well, fingers crossed as i wait for my next bag. :)

    1. Ah, Michelle knows how to keep her fans happy! Whether it be her Ipsy bag or her Em cosmetics line...

  6. i got NAtio agekess brightening eye cream, NYX diamond sparkling lipstick, portico spa verbena renewing body lotion and same pearl earing..

    1. I'd have loved that eye cream. :)
      The body lotion would have been a miss for me, though. I have enough body butter at home.

  7. I think they send every one the same effing product. just shade of the loose powder is different. COME ON!!!

    1. I think they get too many samples of the same product. So they send it to everyone until stocks last. :\
      A lot of new subscribers got the UK eyeshadow palette, the NYX lipstick, the Votre toner, and other items that they'd sent us earlier.

  8. I am liking the stuff, You have got in your fab bag.. I have got the same earrings ;) I wanted that loos powder tooo but unfortunatly i didnt get :(

  9. heya
    i lurved d bag
    but the stuffs insyd it are sooo nt my type........
    to start wid,i opened ma bag to 1st find the dangling old-fashioned earrings just like uaz :(
    then i find the natio ageless cleansner...........omg mahn,i min i dont hv wrinkles nd i nva hv flt d need of me being 20 and stl using something that says it wl make me look younger
    im owrdy young fabbag....infact ua earings wl mk me look older
    the next product wos the thalgo serum.....which dy snd in oni cus last tym's sample wos too tiny,so no suprises there
    folllowed by the paisa vasool flormar loose powder...thankfully it matches ma skin shade
    and the verbena body wash.....which dosent xcite me alot
    all in ol...the xcitment of d fabbag is jus reducing by the day

    1. You can get the earrings shortened so they become studs. That's what I did. :)

  10. I'm not disappointed with my bag though. Portico Body Wash+ Cute Bow+Pearl Studs + Iraya face milk + Sally Hansen Lip Diamond Treatment.

    Though this was the end of my subscription, I'm kind of two minds about subscribing again. Haven't been able to soak up the last month's disappointment (Neon Orange Creep Shade of Tommy G + Budget products). The grudge prevails. I'm a very slow forgiver :P

    1. Whoa!! Your bag sounds amazing.
      Last month was indeed horrible. Maybe you should wait and see next month's reviews and renew it then! :)

    2. Yes, let's see. Their subscription prices are hoarding and product quality is deteriorating. And when they send us mails like "tell us what you loved?", I wonder why they don't want to talk about things we didn't love :P

    3. I usually just delete those mails. Back when they were Vellvette, they were much better.

  11. It was my first fab bag, and I guess my last; there are SO MUCH BETTER SUBSCRIPTION BEAUTY BOXES and this FAB BAG, I regret. I had bought this for some indulgence for my upcoming nuptials and they ruin it ROYALLY. From all the posts over here, I feel they've sent ME THE LEFTOVERS OF FEBRUARY FAB BAG. how cheap and shameless of them!

    there is a questionnaire that they take from us and which I have clearly mentioned what kind of products suit the skin/ hair. None of the products does suit my skin/ hair.

    the bag is NOT UPTO their claimed STANDARD FOR MANY REASONS - It's a shitty Fab Bag. I had to share my horrid experience with you guys, please bear with the rant!

    1) near expiry date products - easier way to finish off the supply; throw them in the dust bin, crew! Luxury is NOT vivel. I paid up for 'luxury products as they claimed, and I am Duped. ROYALLY. I have had previously got blisters on my face Using Vivel and now, literally I pay to buy it, would i?

    2) Cetaphil- I can buy it from the drug store near my house (where is high-end in this?) Also, I dont have a sensitive skin, as clearly mentioned in the questionnaire, which they obviously DONT go through.

    3) Why does the conditioner smell like ammonia/ toilet cleaner? Why would I use such a product with a Repugnant SMELL? Would they guys USE SUCH PRODUCTS themselves?
    I guess they should Stop this if they cannot deliver what they promised. They tell me that they'd refund me after cutting 599 INR off the the first bag.
    WAS THE BAG WORTH 599 INR? I dont think so. It's very easy to say apologies, but coming from humble backgrounds I guess i have been a little greedy in wishing for small luxuries. they ruined it royally for me, thanks for that. and I cannot believe they sent near expiration that products in return of my 1.5K INR! CHEATING ALERT!!!!!!!!!

    I am subscribing for My Envy Box and I feel I will get good value for my money. FAB BAG sucks and stinks like poo!
    (sorry for this rant over here, but trust me, I feel so awful for my money and expectations that I wish they burn down) Had to share my awful experience here, somewhere; which is why the rant!

    1. Agree with you completely! From what I've heard; My Envy Box would be perfect for you.

      Also, congrats on your upcoming wedding. :)


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