Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My 5 Favourite Youtubers! (2014)

Hello, friends!

Some of you may have read last year's post about my favourite Youtubers. Since then, I've discovered many more amazing channels, so I thought why not make an updated blog post?
Here are some more Youtubers from several different genres: from education and fitness to lifestyle and makeup!

1) Alex Ikonn

 Alex is an entrepreneur who helps you keep it real with tips to form realistic goals, succeed, and make it big in life. With a new five-minute video every week, Alex keeps you motivated whenever you're feeling lazy or tired. I can't explain how effective his videos are by myself, so here's one of his videos that I really like:

2) HelloKaty

Katy is an eighteen-year-old girl who makes videos about fashion, makeup and life. Rather than focusing only on the 'beauty' aspects of life, Katy also talks about confidence, making a difference, and understanding what it means to be yourself. With a flair for cinematography, I think Katy is one of the best teen Youtubers out there, so be sure to check out her videos.
In this video, Katy helps us understand what 'becoming whole' means: 

3) Crash Course

Do you remember John Green, the writer? Well, he and his brother Hank have started this educational channel to help students cope with their school syllabus. Of course, you can just watch the videos to learn for fun, like I do.
While John teaches Humanities (History and Literature), Hank focuses on Science (Biology, Chemistry, Ecology and currently Psychology). Personally, I prefer Hank's videos because they're more fact-oriented whereas John rambles on about his own opinions even in subjects like World History.
Either way, watching two or three ten-minute CC videos is a great way to relax and stimulate your mind at the same time!
I'm fascinated with Psychology, and it's definitely my favourite subject on CC. Here's a video to help you understand how this 'course' works:

4) SevenWebHeads

Say the word 'Spidey' and the first Youtuber that comes to mind is Seven. I don't know much about him, expect that he's German, but this guy has a ton of theories about the world of Spider-Man. He also gives us the latest details about cast interviews, trailer breakdowns and concept art. If you're a Spidey fan, you simply have to watch Seven's videos!
This isn't a video narrated by Seven; rather, it's a fan reaction video compiled by him that I really enjoyed:

5) XHIT Daily

Fitness instructor Rebecca Louise helps you stay in shape with new fitness videos every day. From kickboxing to yoga to pilates, this channel has everything you need to burn calories or gain muscle weight. I love the fact that they upload a new video every single day, just so you have something new to do daily! :)
Here's a great Miranda Kerr workout:

These were my top five favourite channels of 2014. Let me know in the comments below: which Youtubers do you like the most?
Thanks for reading. Bye-bye! :)


  1. I love Davidsocomedy, itskingsley, MrJovitaGeorge, Jusreign.

  2. I love Zoe Sugg(Zoella), Alfie Dyes(PointlessBlog), Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sing & iiSuperwomenii her videos are hilarious!

    1. Superwoman is amazing! And she's Indian. :D

  3. check out Honest trailers sometym.. those r super fun!!!

    1. I have, actually! I really like Bad Lip Reading as well. Have you seen those videos? :)


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