Sunday, 29 June 2014

My All-Time Favourite Trailers!

Howdy, friends!

If you read my blog at all, you probably know by now that I love movies. But I love trailers more. A movie is usually anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours long. A trailer, on the other hand, rarely ever exceeds three minutes. And yet it leaves a lasting impression.
A trailer is supposed to get your attention, so it contains all the best spoiler-free moments from the movie (and some spoilery moments taken out of context!). What could be better?

So today, I'm going to talk about my top five most favourite trailers that I like to watch at least once every week, simply because they're awesome! :D

5) Queen (Hindi)

I loved Queen. It was a heart-warming, hilarious movie with an extremely talented actress and really good songs. This trailer has all those things, and it's only 2.5 minutes long!
Plus, you gotta love the way it begins and ends. Hilarious!

Favourite dialogue: 
Rani: "Haha! Mera sense of humour bohot achcha hai. Aapko dheere-dheere pata chalega, haha!"
Oleksander: "Haha...?"

Favourite scene: The ending!

4) The Fault In Our Stars (English) 

I still feel the book is overrated (it's good, but not as divine as everyone claims it to be) and I'm still unsure about how the movie will turn out (because Shailene and Ansel's acting was pathetic in Divergent), but I admit that I love this trailer. There's great music - What You Wanted, which plays around the end of the trailer, is one of my favourite songs now - and some of the better scenes from the book are included, too.

Favourite dialogue: 
Augustus: "You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you."

Favourite scene:
The beginning and the ending.

3) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (English) 

You know what it is I hate about not being a superhero?
There are too many trailers for this movie, but this final trailer is the best of the lot! The music gives me goosebumps each time. If only I could get my hands on the Goblin fight scene music from this trailer!
I loved the movie, but I do wish these deleted scenes had been included.

Favourite dialogues: 
Harry: "It's been ten years... what have you been up to?"
Peter: "I do some web design..."
(and also...)
Harry: "Isn't that the question of the day?"

Favourite scene:
The fight with Goblin, of course! But I especially love everything after 1:20!

2) The Amazing Spider-Man (English)

Again, out of the three trailers, the final one is my favourite. I like this one better than TASM2's trailer, maybe because I've seen this movie about a hundred times and the sequel only once.
I know I said in my review of the sequel that I liked it more that the first one, but... now that I think about it, I think TASM was better.

Favourite dialogue:
Peter: "This life is not an easy one. I've made enemies... powerful enemies. I've put those I love in danger. But the one thing that has haunted me, my entire life, is finding the truth about my parents."

Favourite scene:
Everything 1:25 onwards.

1) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (English)

Catching Fire, how I love you! Not only were you a million times better than the first movie (thank you for existing, Francis Lawrence), but you also gave us three amazing trailers, the best being the second. The first trailer has too much of Gale in it, and the third trailer, though epic, is only about a minute long, so I present to you... my favourite trailer of all time!

Favourite dialogue:
Prim: Since the last games, something's different. I can see it.
Katniss: What can you see?
Prim: Hope. 

Favourite scene:
1:03, because Gale gets whipped.

Just kidding. Everything 1:13 onwards is the epitome of awesomeness.

Well, these are my top five most favourite trailers (and excluding TFIOS, they all make it into my list of favourite movies, too). Which trailers can you never get enough of? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time! ^_^

Friday, 27 June 2014

People Who Annoy Me #5: Idiots!

For those of you who don't know me very well, let me tell you that there are three types of people that I can't stand: bullies, cowards... and idiots.
I've already written about the first two, so let's talk about the latter today. Idiots!

When I say 'idiots', I don't mean people with learning disabilities or slow learners or people who don't like to read. No, I mean people who blindly send out information into the universe without verifying it themselves.

Not sure what I mean? Let me give you an example. Have you seen this piece of juicy information floating around the internet?

I bet you have. Practically every 'LOL' website or Facebook page has shared this one. Even some actual Harry Potter fans have committed this grave mistake!

When I looked at the above picture for the first time many years ago, I was suspicious, mostly because I knew that 'LOL' websites are not to be trusted. Plus, a coincidence like this one would have been lapped up by the media! Why hadn't I heard of it before?
So I did a quick check on IMDB and found out that Baby Harry was played by the Saunders triplets and Albus Severus was played by a young man called Arthur Bowen. Four very different people, in short.

I don't know how this silly rumour originated, but it's still circling the networks, looking to prey on unsuspecting idiots who won't do some research before sharing it and spreading the stupidity.

That, dear Geeks, is my definition of an idiot.

I have more examples. Shortly after the 2012 Delhi gang rape incident, someone shared a picture that said that Article Something of the Indian constitution has now been revised to include a death penalty for rape or attempted rape. 'Share so everyone is aware of their rights!' said the picture.
I went on Google news to confirm this fact. I didn't find any evidence. I checked what Article Something really was online, and found out that it talked about the procedure of minting coins and printing currency by the RBI and the Ministry of Finance.

So the picture was a silly hoax that a lot of idiots would unfortunately believe.

Next, I want to talk about the girl on the Parle-G packets.

One of my friends on Facebook shared an image saying that the girl from the packets was now an old lady named Neeru Deshpande.

The lady in the picture is actually Sudha Murthy. When I said so in the comments, the friend merely said, "They just look very similar, that's all. It's actually Neeru Deshpande who is the Parle-G girl."
And I thought to myself:

Browsing the web, I found this article which proved her wrong. The girl on the packet is in fact only an illustration, and nothing more!

So why do people have such blinding faith in Google? Do they even know that Google is a search engine and not a verified news website? You can't believe everything that's on the internet, people!
There are tons of trolls out there who want to fool you and then laugh at you. You can't let them win. For the sake of humanity, please don't be so gullible!

But no matter how much we try to spread awareness, there will always be those people who say:

Dear readers, this is my humble request to you: next time you see something shady or weird on the internet, do a quick news search before you join the Stupidity movement. And if you see someone being an idiot, send this blog post to them. Hopefully, they'll get the idea.

Have you ever known an Idiot? Tell me all about the incident and what you did to make them aware of their mistake.

On a side note, since I'm moving to a new city and then moving to another new city later, I can't say for sure when I'll have a stable internet connection, so my blog posts may be a little more erratic from now onwards.
But once college starts, I promise there'll be lots more to blog about!


Saturday, 21 June 2014

People Who Annoy Me #4: Book Haters!

It's been a while since my last 'People Who Annoy Me' post, hasn't it?

Howdy, partners! Today I want to talk about the people that really, really annoy me: the kind that hates books.
How can anyone hate books? That's like saying you hate knowledge, or entertainment, or going on adventures! A book is like a portal to a new world where you can meet all kinds of people without feeling shy or scared or annoyed!

From what I've seen, the people who say they hate books are usually one of three types.

You have the ones who have never even tried to read novels. They don't like their school textbooks, so they automatically assume that all books - even those of the fiction genre - are a waste of time.
It's like if I say I hate popcorn without ever tasting it, because I don't like corn on the cob. (And that's impossible, because there isn't a single universe out there where I could ever hate popcorn or corn on the cob.)
How can you hate something you've never experienced?

Then there are those who haven't found their book-soulmate yet, so they automatically think that all books are stupid. These people don't annoy me as much, because it's not their fault. At least they tried!
Hey, if you find books boring, then you haven't found the right book yet. For starters, try out these works of art:
Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
Pride and Prejudice
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock
The Bell Jar
And then tell me you don't like reading!

The third kind is the most common kind. I bet everyone knows at least five such people. These book haters won't come right out and say that they don't like reading. Instead they'll use excuses like "I just don't find the time to read". How is that possible?

I read while brushing my teeth, while waiting at the doctor's office, when I'm bored, before going to bed, when I'm eating... basically, most of the time!

I feel like if you really want to do something, then you'll take the time out for it. So if you, dear reader, fall under this category, here's some advice: if you don't want to read books, then just say it. This 'time' excuse isn't believable at all.

To conclude, I want to clarify that I don't hate book haters; I just don't understand them. I've been a bookworm ever since I was a little kid, and I just can't imagine what one would do if one didn't like reading.

I obviously can't force you to read, and neither do I want to. But I would like to know why some people don't find books amusing. So if you're a book hater, let me know in the comments below: why don't you like reading?
If you love reading like me, I want to know which book it was that turned you into a crazy bookworm. For me, it was Harry Potter.

I hope no one was offended by this post, because that certainly wasn't my intention. ^_^

Monday, 16 June 2014

'Where She Went' (If I Stay #2) by Gayle Forman: A Book Review

It's been three years since Mia walked out of Adam's life.
And three years he's spent wondering why.
When their paths cross again in New York City, Adam and Mia are brought back together for one life-changing night.
Adam finally has the opportunity to ask Mia the questions that have been haunting him. But will a few hours in this magical city be enough to lay their past to rest, for good - or can you really have a second chance at first love?
(Summary taken from Goodreads)

This two-book series seems to be the Next Big Thing in YA Fiction. The first one, If I Stay, didn't impress me at all. But the sequel was surprisingly much better!

Three years after the events of the first book, Where She Went is written from the perspective of Adam, now a famous rock star. He's the quintessential rock star: a tortured soul burning with passion and angst, doing his best to run away from fame and money and love - and memories of his ex-girlfriend Mia.
Mia, now a Julliard-graduated cellist, has been a total mystery to Adam ever since she recovered from the accident and walked out of his life without any explanations or justifications. But one night they collide and everything changes.

If I Stay didn't really have much of a story. It was too full of flashbacks and unnecessary details. Where She Went also takes place over the span of one day, but the flashbacks it offers actually help add dimensions to the story, so no complaints there. The writing has definitely improved on an emotional level.
Also, Adam isn't as boring a narrator as Mia was, so that's a welcome change!

But does this book really deserve the 4.17 rating it has on Goodreads?
Some of the explanations offered in the novel about what happened three years ago just aren't enough. They don't seem logical or thought-out. Adam's character is too clich├ęd. Mia seems like a completely different person. I still can't understand why they ever fell for each other in the first place and why Adam is so hurt by their breakup. I don't want to be told that their love is great, I want to see it for myself!

Let's look at some of my favourite quotes:

“Quitting’s not hard. Deciding to quit is hard. Once you make that mental leap, the rest is easy.”
“Really? Was that how you quit me?” 

But I'd do it again. I know that now. I'd make that promise a thousand times over and lose her a thousand times over to have heard her play last night or to see her in the morning sunlight. Or even without that. Just to know that she's somewhere out there. Alive. 

Letting go. Everyone talks about it like it's the easiest thing. Unfurl your fingers one by one until your hand is open. But my hand has been clenched into a fist for three years now; it's frozen shut. All of me is frozen shut. And about to shut down completely.

To sum up, Where She Went is miles ahead of its prequel, although still not deserving of the multiple 5-star ratings it has received online by doting fans. I didn't get emotional at all while reading this book although practically everyone else begs to differ.
I'd recommend you to skip the first book, If I Stay, and just read this one as a standalone novel. You won't be missing out on much, trust me.

I'm going to go with 3.5 stars out of 5 for Where She Went.

What did you think about this series, and particularly the sequel? Let me know in the comments. Also, don't forget to like my Facebook page here so you don't miss any Geekie updates!


Monday, 9 June 2014

8 Awesome Birthday Gifts That I'd Love!

I've always found it really difficult to buy gifts for, well, anyone. Even for my closest friends. So I almost always end up buying the same thing: earrings for girls and chocolate for boys. (I don't know why chocolate, but... what the hell do you get for boys?)

Lately I've been thinking, and I realised that it would be extremely easy to shop for me, simply because I like gifts and surprises, no matter what they actually are. Now, I don't know if everybody feels the same way, but here are some gifts that I would love to receive!

1) Books:
Enough said. I don't think there can be a better gift, to be honest. I wouldn't even mind getting a copy of a book I've already read, because lately all the books I have are, well, virtual. As long as I get to turn and sniff the pages of the book, I'll love it.

2) Clothing:
I already have a Geek T-Shirt, but you can never have too many of them! The same goes for shirts that are French-themed, Pokemon-themed, Potter-themed, THG-themed.... anything that's fandom or language related will do. If it has a funny or quirky caption, that's good too!
Finding the right size can always be a problem, but I won't say no to a Hufflepuff shirt simply because it's too big.

3) Food:
A box of chocolates. A can of wasabi peas. A meal at Domino's. A tub of cheese popcorn. A slice of cheesecake. Discount coupons for my favourite restaurants. Enough said. 

4) Fandom Gifts:
Apart from fandom clothing, I also like fandom toys... like an owl doll (Hedwig). Ooh, or a pillow that's shaped like bread (Peeta Mellark). Or a wand. Or a Pokeball. Or a mockingjay pin. Or a life-size Sherlock cutout! Even better, a Spider-Man mask!

5) Spa and Salon Products: 
Everybody needs shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body butter and lip balm. Everybody likes useful birthday presents. So do I!
Plus, these products come in a variety of flavours and scents. So they're a treat for the skin... and the nose!

6) Hard Disk Drives:
I'm always downloading a lot of movies and games and sometimes I run out of space. Enter Mr. Hard Disk, ready to save the day! Even his sidekick Pen Drive could make my life easier.

7) A Birthday Card:
Nobody gives birthday cards anymore! I, for one, would love to receive a hand-written card with messages that would bring a smile to my face. Birthday cards are underrated.

8) Weird Things:
I was at a quirky gift shop the other day with a friend who wanted to buy something for another friend's birthday. We left without buying anything, but to be honest, I liked every single item in the shop. A chicken-shaped clock, a magic smiley mug, funny car licence plates, weird signposts, guy-with-a-big-nose items... I think those things would make hilarious gifts!

(In short, if you get me something for free, it's a good gift.)

Would you love to receive any of these presents? What would be the ideal birthday gift for you? The comment box awaits your response. :)

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

'If I Stay' by Gayle Forman: A Book Review

'Just listen, Adam says with a voice that sounds like shrapnel.
I open my eyes wide now.
I sit up as much as I can.
And I listen.

Stay, he says.'

Choices. Seventeen-year-old Mia is faced with some tough ones: Stay true to her first love—music—even if it means losing her boyfriend and leaving her family and friends behind?

Then one February morning Mia goes for a drive with her family, and in an instant, everything changes. Suddenly, all the choices are gone, except one. And it's the only one that matters.

(Thank you, Goodreads!)

Well, the plot synopsis does seem a little vague, so I'm going to make things clear in this review. But no spoilers, I promise!
If I Stay is the story of a teenage cellist Mia, who's juggling her love for music and her love for her boyfriend Adam side by side. But one day everything changes when, on a long drive, her car crashes - endangering the lives of all four members of her family, including herself.

But even though Mia's body is in a coma, her spirit is conscious, healthy and awake. No one can see, hear or talk to her, though, so you could say she's somewhat like a ghost.
I was reminded of the Reese Witherspoon movie Just Like Heaven, where the heroine is in a coma but her spirit can move around freely. The resemblance stops there, however.

The cover of this book says 'Will appeal to fans of Twilight'. That should have been my first clue.... 

Yeah, you guessed right. I didn't really like this book.

I know it has a good rating on Goodreads and that everyone marked it as a heartbreaking story that will 'make you cry' but I didn't shed a tear. And I'm very emotional.

I just didn't feel connected to the story or the characters. Firstly, this is a tiny book. The hardcover version is about 200 pages, definitely not enough to make me feel anything substantial for the characters.
Secondly, this book barely has a plot. Mia has to decide whether she wants to live or die. That's it. Nothing else happens in the book. She tells us about her memories, her relationship with Adam, her parents, her grandparents, her best friend.... more than fifty percent of the book is a flashback. I love flashbacks, but if you have to use so many flashbacks to fill up the pages, you're doing something wrong.

Then there's the love story. Adam plays in a band. Mia plays the cello. I didn't see any other reason for them to be together. Why do they love each other? What do they like about each other other than their shared interest in music? It just didn't feel right. 

Mia's family is a chorus of angels. Her parents are shown to be the coolest people in the world, her little brother is cute and sweet, her grandparents are open-minded and kind-hearted... do they have any flaws? Are they even real people?

Mia herself is such a boring narrator. I didn't feel a thing for her. I didn't care if she lived or died. I felt like she doesn't care, either! She seems very emotionless throughout the story. I didn't care for her, her family, her best friend or her boyfriend. I was not impressed.

The writing style was generic young-adult fiction. Nothing new or special. For the sake of the review, here are some quotes that stood out a little:

And I bet she'll be a stronger person because of what she's lost today. I have a feeling that once you live through something like this, you become a little bit invincible.

“Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.” 

Sleep would be so welcome. A warm blanket of black to erase everything else. Sleep without dreams. I've heard people talk about the sleep of the dead. Is that what death would feel like? The nicest, warmest, heaviest never-ending nap? If that's what it's like, I wouldn't mind. If that's what dying is like, I wouldn't mind that at all.

The ending was abrupt and a little illogical. It wasn't a cliffhanger per se... it was just weird. I actually wondered if my ebook was a fake and had to go online to check if there was more to the ending than that!

There is a sequel (Where She Went) from Adam's perspective... and I think I might read it, but only because I don't like leaving a series unfinished.

I'm going with 2.5 stars out of 5 for If I Stay.
Recommended for fans of Twilight, I guess? A lot of people absolutely loved this book, so you might have to read it for yourself. It just wasn't my kind of story.

I actually saw the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation and then I read the book. The movie seems to be better than the book. Here, take a look:

Are you a fan of If I Stay, or do you share my opinion? Do you have any books you'd like to recommend? Leave a comment below, then! Bye! :)

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