Monday, 9 June 2014

8 Awesome Birthday Gifts That I'd Love!

I've always found it really difficult to buy gifts for, well, anyone. Even for my closest friends. So I almost always end up buying the same thing: earrings for girls and chocolate for boys. (I don't know why chocolate, but... what the hell do you get for boys?)

Lately I've been thinking, and I realised that it would be extremely easy to shop for me, simply because I like gifts and surprises, no matter what they actually are. Now, I don't know if everybody feels the same way, but here are some gifts that I would love to receive!

1) Books:
Enough said. I don't think there can be a better gift, to be honest. I wouldn't even mind getting a copy of a book I've already read, because lately all the books I have are, well, virtual. As long as I get to turn and sniff the pages of the book, I'll love it.

2) Clothing:
I already have a Geek T-Shirt, but you can never have too many of them! The same goes for shirts that are French-themed, Pokemon-themed, Potter-themed, THG-themed.... anything that's fandom or language related will do. If it has a funny or quirky caption, that's good too!
Finding the right size can always be a problem, but I won't say no to a Hufflepuff shirt simply because it's too big.

3) Food:
A box of chocolates. A can of wasabi peas. A meal at Domino's. A tub of cheese popcorn. A slice of cheesecake. Discount coupons for my favourite restaurants. Enough said. 

4) Fandom Gifts:
Apart from fandom clothing, I also like fandom toys... like an owl doll (Hedwig). Ooh, or a pillow that's shaped like bread (Peeta Mellark). Or a wand. Or a Pokeball. Or a mockingjay pin. Or a life-size Sherlock cutout! Even better, a Spider-Man mask!

5) Spa and Salon Products: 
Everybody needs shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body butter and lip balm. Everybody likes useful birthday presents. So do I!
Plus, these products come in a variety of flavours and scents. So they're a treat for the skin... and the nose!

6) Hard Disk Drives:
I'm always downloading a lot of movies and games and sometimes I run out of space. Enter Mr. Hard Disk, ready to save the day! Even his sidekick Pen Drive could make my life easier.

7) A Birthday Card:
Nobody gives birthday cards anymore! I, for one, would love to receive a hand-written card with messages that would bring a smile to my face. Birthday cards are underrated.

8) Weird Things:
I was at a quirky gift shop the other day with a friend who wanted to buy something for another friend's birthday. We left without buying anything, but to be honest, I liked every single item in the shop. A chicken-shaped clock, a magic smiley mug, funny car licence plates, weird signposts, guy-with-a-big-nose items... I think those things would make hilarious gifts!

(In short, if you get me something for free, it's a good gift.)

Would you love to receive any of these presents? What would be the ideal birthday gift for you? The comment box awaits your response. :)


  1. Honestly, I would love all of these gifts! That bread pillow was awesome, by the way!
    I don't why people don't give cards anymore. Tch tch. :-|
    Totally sharing this on Facebook! :D

    1. I could just hug that pillow forever! :D

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