Sunday, 29 June 2014

My All-Time Favourite Trailers!

Howdy, friends!

If you read my blog at all, you probably know by now that I love movies. But I love trailers more. A movie is usually anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours long. A trailer, on the other hand, rarely ever exceeds three minutes. And yet it leaves a lasting impression.
A trailer is supposed to get your attention, so it contains all the best spoiler-free moments from the movie (and some spoilery moments taken out of context!). What could be better?

So today, I'm going to talk about my top five most favourite trailers that I like to watch at least once every week, simply because they're awesome! :D

5) Queen (Hindi)

I loved Queen. It was a heart-warming, hilarious movie with an extremely talented actress and really good songs. This trailer has all those things, and it's only 2.5 minutes long!
Plus, you gotta love the way it begins and ends. Hilarious!

Favourite dialogue: 
Rani: "Haha! Mera sense of humour bohot achcha hai. Aapko dheere-dheere pata chalega, haha!"
Oleksander: "Haha...?"

Favourite scene: The ending!

4) The Fault In Our Stars (English) 

I still feel the book is overrated (it's good, but not as divine as everyone claims it to be) and I'm still unsure about how the movie will turn out (because Shailene and Ansel's acting was pathetic in Divergent), but I admit that I love this trailer. There's great music - What You Wanted, which plays around the end of the trailer, is one of my favourite songs now - and some of the better scenes from the book are included, too.

Favourite dialogue: 
Augustus: "You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you."

Favourite scene:
The beginning and the ending.

3) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (English) 

You know what it is I hate about not being a superhero?
There are too many trailers for this movie, but this final trailer is the best of the lot! The music gives me goosebumps each time. If only I could get my hands on the Goblin fight scene music from this trailer!
I loved the movie, but I do wish these deleted scenes had been included.

Favourite dialogues: 
Harry: "It's been ten years... what have you been up to?"
Peter: "I do some web design..."
(and also...)
Harry: "Isn't that the question of the day?"

Favourite scene:
The fight with Goblin, of course! But I especially love everything after 1:20!

2) The Amazing Spider-Man (English)

Again, out of the three trailers, the final one is my favourite. I like this one better than TASM2's trailer, maybe because I've seen this movie about a hundred times and the sequel only once.
I know I said in my review of the sequel that I liked it more that the first one, but... now that I think about it, I think TASM was better.

Favourite dialogue:
Peter: "This life is not an easy one. I've made enemies... powerful enemies. I've put those I love in danger. But the one thing that has haunted me, my entire life, is finding the truth about my parents."

Favourite scene:
Everything 1:25 onwards.

1) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (English)

Catching Fire, how I love you! Not only were you a million times better than the first movie (thank you for existing, Francis Lawrence), but you also gave us three amazing trailers, the best being the second. The first trailer has too much of Gale in it, and the third trailer, though epic, is only about a minute long, so I present to you... my favourite trailer of all time!

Favourite dialogue:
Prim: Since the last games, something's different. I can see it.
Katniss: What can you see?
Prim: Hope. 

Favourite scene:
1:03, because Gale gets whipped.

Just kidding. Everything 1:13 onwards is the epitome of awesomeness.

Well, these are my top five most favourite trailers (and excluding TFIOS, they all make it into my list of favourite movies, too). Which trailers can you never get enough of? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time! ^_^


  1. Queens trailer was amazing!!! So was 'HIGHWAY'

    1. Highway's trailer was good too, mostly because of AR Rahman's incredible music. But I feel like Alia Bhatt is too off-putting. :\

  2. I haven't seen 'Queen', but I'll take your word that it's good! My friends and I were going to watch 'The Fault in Our Stars' on Friday, but lots of people cancelled so I'm not sure if that will still work out. I loved 'Maleficent', though!

    1. TFIOS still hasn't released in India. It will on July 4th, so I might watch it then. :)


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