Tuesday, 5 August 2014

4 Ways To Make New Friends!

Greetings, fellow Geeks!

In movies and on television, people always meet the Friendship One the moment they step into the new world.

But I can tell you from personal experience that it does not happen all the time. I've been in college for around three weeks now, and... let me be honest: I really don't think I've made a lot of progress in the Friendship department.
So today, I'm going to help you - and myself - make friends in a new environment. Whether you're changing schools, going to college, or moving to a new city, I hope you find these tips helpful.

1) Move on:
Fine, I admit it! Right now, when I think about friendship, I think of my high school friends, and I can't even imagine replacing them with random new people who know nothing about me.
But here's the deal: I won't be replacing my friends; I'll just be making new ones. And that's not a bad thing at all. Sooner or later, I might lose touch with my high school friends, and I'll need someone to fill the void. Humans are social animals, after all.

That's the first step: understand the need to make new friends, and accept the possibility that your existing friendships may not last forever. And even if they last forever, there's nothing wrong with adding some more names to that 'friends forever' list! So don't forget about your existing friends, but don't cling to their memories either.

2) Socialise:
I'm not a party-goer. I don't enjoy crowded places or loud dance music. But that doesn't mean I can't make new friends! I can meet potential college friends anywhere: be it in class, in the canteen, or even on the road, struggling to find an auto rickshaw!

A lot of people think they're just not cut out for socialising because they're not outgoing or extroverted.  But you don't need to step outside your comfort zone to socialise. All you need is the motivation to make new friends, and then nothing will be able to stop you. Just look around at the sea of people in your school or at your workplace. Is there anyone that seems approachable? Go up to them and say 'hello'. And if they ignore you? Well, their loss. You're awesome.

3) Say 'goodbye' to restrictions:
My friendships back home revolved around shared interests like books or games. So I've become used to talking about Pokemon and Harry Potter with my friends.
But is that the only reason why the friendship works? No. We may like books, but our friendship has lasted for so long because we care about each other and will always have each others' backs. And that's what matters in a friendship.

Even if you don't find anyone who shares your hobbies or interests, it's okay! Don't decide against befriending someone simply because they don't know who Peeves the Poltergeist is. Why don't you ask them what they like? Maybe you can pick up their hobbies and they can pick up yours. Or maybe you'll realise that this new person has the best sense of humour or maybe this person really understands you, even though he or she doesn't understand your love for a particular TV show.

4) Don't be judgmental:
 I tend to judge people A LOT. If the person looks extremely cheerful or talkative or excited, I'll be really intimidated. And bathroom slippers, low-waist jeans or a face painted with makeup will make me want to run away as fast as I can. 

But if I overlook these superficial things, maybe I can see that the person is incredibly cool and friendship-worthy!

You can't have a friendship at first sight and you definitely can't have a No-Way-In-Hell friendship at first sight. Try saying 'hi' to this person and see if they seem nice. Once you get to know each other, that initial first impression won't matter at all.

So those are my four tips for building new friendships. And it all begins with a 'hello' and just a few more words:

And who knows how things will go from there?

From now on, I'm going to do my best to take my own advice and hopefully meet my future best friends. I'm also going to try and talk to one new person every day.
Do you have any tips to help me make new friends? Then leave them in the comments below. Trust me, I need all the help I can get!

Bye for now, Geeks!


  1. Lend pens to everybody
    You'll make sooo many friends :P

    1. Hmmm... is that how we became friends? :P

  2. Haha! To the previous comment; the amount of pens, I have let people borrow and I haven't gotten them back! Haha! Love this post, am scared about that, the fact I might drift away with some of my friends but I guess I need to accept that this will happen and life moves on :)

    Rebecca | Blog

    1. But some friendships are definitely forever. :)

  3. I too find it kind of hard to make new friends but I am amazed at how some people do it with such ease.
    My Facebook and Instagram are filled with pictures of people with #bestfriends on their pictures, even though they have only spent a week at college!

    Oh, and that Snape gif is hilarious! :D

    1. Same here! I don't understand how they manage to find a 'best friend' after just one or two weeks. I think it'd take me at least a few months to understand how deep and meaningful my friendships are.

      Haha, glad it made you laugh. I love Potter gifs! ^_^

  4. Hey Swati! I too have difficulties making friends in real life... I think I also feel like I'm replacing those I already have...but I'm not, and I get intimidated by loud/social people very easily. Haha but I'll try to go out into the world and meet new people! :) (Reacting to the above comments: I've lent so many pens and pencils in my life and never received them back haha! :) But it's okay. I also don't understand how someone can have a new best friend after a week. You don't even know the person properly yet! ) Hope you'll make lots of new friends at college! <3

    By the way, Swati: I've nominated you for a beautiful blog award (here)! :) Hope you can do it!

    1. Oh goodness that appalling language haha. I just skipped from one topic to another...! o.o

    2. Haha, it's okay, Yasmine!
      That's one of the reasons I love the Internet so much... people don't seem so intimidating online. It's a great way to get to know your classmates without having to physically approach them.

      Damn. I could have included that as a tip. XD


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