Sunday, 5 October 2014

Harry Potter & The Hunger Games GIF Challenge!

Howdy, darling Geeks!
So I came across this fun challenge on Tumblr, and I thought I'd give it a shot since I have over one thousand GIFs.
So the two themes of today's challenge are Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. I'm going to randomly select GIFs from my collection and use them as a reaction to the various situations that I will be presented with.
There are going to be zillions of GIFs on this blog post, so make sure you have a stable internet connection before proceeding.
Also, tons of spoilers for the entire HP series. Read the books and then read this post.

Let's start with... the boy who lived. Harry Potter!
Using every sixth GIF in my folder:

When you discover you're a witch:

But.... this is my dream! What parallel universe is this, where I actually don't want to be a witch?!

When you get the letter from Hogwarts:

Damn you, SRK. 

Say goodbye to family and friends:

I will miss you... Muggles. *snicker*

First thing you do on the train:

So I congratulate pilots? This does not make sense.

Seeing Harry Potter for the first time:

Wow. That escalated quickly.
Am I going to become a Death Eater in this universe?

When Harry invites you to join him, Hermione, and Ron:

 Oh, yeah! A Romione shipper till I die. Go away, Harry.

When you enter the Great Hall:

Okay? That's it?
Maybe I'm rendered speechless and 'okay' is all I can say. While sipping champagne.

When your name is called to be Sorted:

Hufflepuff, here I come! :D

Your reaction to your greetings:

Well, I don't like attention...

What you do most of the time:

I do hate breaking the rules. Damn, Hermione and I would get along really well...

When you have your first adventure:

My first adventure takes place inside my head. What better way is there to enjoy?

What you do when you hear about the Basilisk:


When you see Hermione in the hospital wing:

... Okay, I guess Hermione and I don't get along.

Your reaction when someone asks you to the Yule Ball:

That is very accurate.

When you fight against the Death Eaters: 

This is scary! I do not like this. I repeat: I do not like this!!
Your reaction to Voldemort:

I'm a little scared of myself right now.

When you see Sirius die:

Bow wow, old friend. Bow wow. 

Your reaction to Dumbledore’s death:

I'm so traumatized that all I can do is read and eat? Or maybe I just don't care, because eating and reading is all I usually do, anyway. 

How you fight against the Death Eaters at Hogwarts:

I shall fight until my last breath! #BadgerPride

Your reaction to Voldemort’s death:

Or rather, "Bye! It's so good to not see you!"

What you do for the rest of your life:

Ugh. People annoying me.
This, too, is accurate.

And that is how my life will be spent as a witch at Hogwarts. Not bad, although I don't really like myself in that world. Happy about Hermione being Petrified? Excited about Voldemort coming back to life?
Well, at least I helped out in the Battle of Hogwarts. That makes up for everything... right? Right?

 On to... The Hunger Games! Surprisingly, this one doesn't have any spoilers for the series, as long as you know how the Games work.
Moving on, using every 4th GIF in my folder:

You at the morning of the reaping:

I'm 100% sure my name's not going to be reaped. Oh, and I'm a sadist.

You waiting for the names to be called:

Still a sadist...

When your name is called:

Stop daydreaming about Hogwarts, Hegde!!! Also, you're going to die. 

When you find out who the other tribute is:

I guess we're not going to be allies, huh?

Saying goodbye to your family:

"So don't worry, Amma! I'll get a lot of sponsors!"

First thing you do on the tribute train:

I pretend like I'm not a know-it-all?

Reaction to other tributes:

I am certain of my own death.

What you think of your mentor:

Is this a semi-Divergent crossover?

What you think of the capitol:

Getting closer to my death...

What you think of your stylist:

Wow. Guess Cinna isn't my stylist in this universe.

You during the tributes parade:

No wonder I hate my stylist!

You during training:

I have no life-saving talents. What am I supposed to do???

Reaction to your training score:

I'll take what I can get, thanks.

During your interview:

Okay, that's not going to win me any points. But hey, Caesar Flickerman probably pissed me off.

How do you spend your night before the games:

Wow, I'm actually excited about this.

Waiting in the launch room:


You during the bloodbath at the cornucopia:

Eh, well. Life goes on... or not. 

Reaction when someone asks to be allies:

"Only one of us can survive. Why are you doing this?"

What you do for most of the games:

I pretend to be dead and then sneak up on my victim. Smart, aren't I?

The first time you kill someone:

Am I a bad person?

When the other tribute from your district dies:

I really did hate him, didn't I? Well, RIP, dead boy.

How you feel when you win:

Oh, yeah.

How you greet your stylist and mentor:

Get me some books to read! And some food to eat!

Watching the replay of the games:

Okay, I am definitely a bad person.

First thing you do when you get home:

... I'm just speechless.

I really hate myself as a tribute. I'm glad the Hunger Games aren't a real thing, or I'd be a total bitch.

Anyway, so that was the GIF challenge. Fun, right? Let me know if you'd like me to do more such challenges. And hey, if you have a blog or a Tumblr, be sure to do this challenge and send me a link.

GIFs are the best, aren't they?

Until next time! :)


  1. Haha, this was golden! :'D

    1. Thank you! So glad it made you laugh. :D :D

  2. Amazing post, with amazing GIFs!! Looking forward to your next GIF challenge post!!

    1. Soon, soon... just need to figure out which GIF challenge to do! :)

    2. I'd LOVE to do this one on my blog....hope it's OK with you if I do it.

    3. Oh, that'd be really cool! Go ahead, and be sure to link it to me. :D

    4. I'm done with the post! Even though the post didn't turn out great, I had fun doing it!!! :D


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