Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Busy Bee // Just a Random Update #2

Hello, dear Geeks!

Happy Diwali to all those who celebrate this lovely festival. My family actually doesn't, unless you count eating sweets as celebrating Diwali, in which case we do.
So I'm home right now, in Hyderabad, and I'm actually rather bored. I guess I kind of miss my life in Mumbai, because at least there I know what I'm supposed to do. My days aren't this... empty.

Life has been very hectic. I've got so many group projects to do - and you all know how much I hate working with other people! Not to mention the fact that our finals are coming up next month and I haven't started studying, and that I've completely lost touch with my French, German and Kannada.... so I've decided to drop a few of my online courses and focus on only two courses at a time: one on Coursera and one in college. Otherwise, I'm just going to explode.

Since my first random update post in July, things have changed. I've made a couple of friends. There's my fandom friend (Harry Potter, THG, Pokemon, Spidey, Divergent - boo yeah!), my first-bench friend, my girl-talk friend, my 'what's up' friend, my annoying friend... I'm not strictly part of a group of friends yet, but this is more than enough. :)

I have lost touch with my school friends, though. Not counting my two best friends, I don't really talk to anyone from home. And the funny thing is, I don't miss them as much as I thought I would. I guess some friendships aren't meant to last forever.

I've decided to give more time to my writing. I finished my first novel in the summer, as you may have heard on my Facebook page, and I'm actually done with about a hundred pages of another one! I think writing and blogging should help me deal with the stress of college and studies.

In other news, I recently did this:

Yes, I cut off my hair. I guess I needed a fresh start in terms of my appearance. I've had long hair for too many years, after all. I can't make any fancy braids anymore, though, so about one-third of my Youtube subscriptions are going to go to waste.

I've been taking great care of my body lately. I gained 4 kgs in the three months since college started thanks to my workouts. I'm hoping to gain a few more kilos and then maintain that weight. And I've been eating healthier (not counting Sunday, which is Junk Food Day. Because only pizza can make me forget about the upcoming Monday morning blues.)

(This reminds me: if any of you are from Mumbai, check out Joey's Pizza. A hundred times better than Domino's or Pizza Hut, and affordable, too!)

Oh, and Mockingjay Part 1 comes out in just a month!!!! I'm almost finished with my fourth or fifth re-read of the Potter books, so I'm going to re-read The Hunger Games next, just in time for the movie. If you haven't already, check out the trailer here:

Think I'll do a book review or a grammar post soon.... until then, bye-bye! Have a safe Diwali, gang!

Don't do that. XD


  1. Hyderabad? I thought you lived in Banaglore!
    Also, which workouts do you follow?

    1. Parents shifted to Hyderabad. :)
      I do cardio dance workouts once a week and weight training workouts the rest of the week.


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