Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Semester One, Check // Just a Random Update #3

This semester is OVER!


How's it going, Geeks? This is going to be a brief update, but I felt it was necessary to make one to mark the day my first semester in college ends.

What? One-sixth of my undergraduate college life is over already? Feels just like yesterday when I was new to Mumbai, whining about the heat and the difficult-to-understand North Indian Hindi and all the strange people.

Although, to be fair, I still complain about those things. November is almost over and it's still so hot in the day! The nights are fairly pleasant, yes, but the humidity never ends. I NEED my winter so I can wear sweaters and hoodies and cardigans and those cute boots that my sister got me.
Please, Mumbai. Please.

The strange people don't seem that annoying anymore, though. I'm actually talking to my classmates willingly these days. It's a weird feeling to be... socializing.

But I kind of like it. Still, my alone time is precious and I cherish every wonderful minute of it.

My exams were so-so. Three were good, three were bad. I don't think I'm going to be known as the class nerd anymore. Still, it's too soon to say anything.
Anyway, we have a week off before the new semester begins, and I'm actually not going home. I'll be staying in Mumbai, spending my days being geekie. Lots of books to read (review of The Cuckoo's Calling coming up in a couple of days), movies to rewatch, TV show marathons to catch up to, and workouts to do. This week is going to be...

Plus, Mockingjay Part 1 comes out in less than two days! I've already accepted the fact that I'll be crying my eyes out. I mean... the scene where *spoiler* talks about his days as a *spoiler*! And when *spoiler* tries to *spoiler* *spoiler* after the *spoiler*!!!!!
I really can't wait to watch this one and see if it's better than the book. It probably will be, because I personally didn't like the last book that much.

Well, I've got my hummus, pickled cucumber and carrot tahini in a grilled signature multi-grain bagel waiting for me to eat it (it's much tastier than it sounds... and healthy, too! And HUMMUS! So good!), and I think I'll do a movie marathon of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.
Let the Games (and the feels) begin.

I'll see you on Friday, with my review of Mockingjay. Bye-bye! :)


  1. man i wish i was in your division so bad, hopefully in the second year XD

    1. Haha! Why is that? ^_^
      And are you the same Anonymous I had a conversation with in the comments for Boyhood?

    2. yeah lol howd you know?? XD

    3. You know, I do have a bit of a detective streak in me. Still can't find out who exactly you are, though. :P

    4. the first time i ran into you was when i was leaving for diwali vacations at the airport, i remember cause i went to the wrong boarding line and so did you and then i remember getting some kfc and i saw you there again and then i remember recognizing you in college a couple of times, then i found this blog cause i know a few people from your division lol we've never actually met so it'll be super creepy if you found out who i was hence the anonymity

    5. Not creepy, but I don't remember. XD
      Also, no flight is complete without something from KFC.


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