Sunday, 23 November 2014

5 Things Only Introverts Would Understand

Random, fun list time!!

Howdy, the internet! I thought I'd write about something close to my heart today. Actually, introversion resides deep within the core of my heart. It's a pity that a lot of people don't understand what introversion actually is. It's not being shy or being anti-social. It's just... a way of living.

Hey, I love hanging out with my homies as much as the next person. But after a long day of being around people, I like to charge my battery of awesomeness by being alone. Not because I hate people (well, to be honest, I do, but most introverts don't), but because being alone rejuvenates me.

Without further ado, let's get to the main topic of today's blog post. So, fellow Geek, you know you're an introvert when...

1) According to you, one of the worst sounds in the world is the phone ringing:

Imagine this scenario. You're cuddled up in bed, or on the couch, eating your favourite snack, watching your favourite show or reading your favourite book. And then, suddenly, in the midst of all that silence, in the midst of all that serenity, you hear a noise. Your body tenses. Your hands tremble as they hit 'pause' or shut the book. And then... you reach for your phone to see who's calling you.

Ugh! I don't know why, but the sound of my ringtone fills me up with dread. I usually keep my phone on silent for that very reason, but even the thought of my screen lighting up with someone's name and the call icon upsets me to no end.

I like being social. I really do. But do I have to do it on the phone, where you can't see me, where I have zero emoticons to express myself with, where I'll be subjecting people to silence because I don't know what to say?

Here's a message for everyone who knows me personally and is reading this: unless you're my sister, my mother or my father, please do not call me. (That goes for you too, best friend. Sorry, Man. You know I love you!) Even if I do pick up, you'll only get a half-hearted attempt at a conversation from my side.
Instead, why not drop a message on Facebook, or WhatsApp, or email? I find it so much easier to express myself in writing, and you'll probably enjoy my presence much more on the internet.

2) Music and books are your best friends:

It's the weekend. It's exam time. Your friends are too busy doing some last-minute cramming to hang out, but you've already finished revising... three times. Looks like it's going to be one boring weekend.... NOT!
An introvert is never bored as long as he or she has two things: earphones and access to a variety of books. Oh, and a music library. Three things.

My ideal weekend would be curled up in bed on a winter's night, drinking green tea, listening to soft music and reading a good book. I wouldn't mind having someone there with me - maybe a trusted friend, my dearest sister, or a handsome, fictionesque man who loves to listen to me read - but being alone doesn't make me uncomfortable at all.

I've gone to watch a movie alone. I've had breakfasts and lunches and dinners alone, multiple times. I've hung out in college an hour before college, alone.
But I've never really been lonely because I'm not actually alone. I have many different fictional worlds that I can delve into (with background music!), where I can spend minutes and hours and days and years thinking about things that have nothing to do with my own life. That's the dream!!!

3) You're just not a hugger:

There are always these people in every school or college or workplace who are obsessed with hugs. And I mean obsessed. They feel the need to hug you every time they see you. A simple 'hi' or a 'what's up' or even a fist bump isn't enough. Nope, they have to touch their body with yours just to greet you.
(Wow, that sounded weird.)

We introverts like our personal space. We have a little imaginary bubble around us that you just can't cross unless you're authorised to. The only people allowed to cross my bubble are my sister and my parents. (Once again, sorry, dear best friend.)

Hugs can be very comforting when I'm upset or when I've just had a horrible day. But all the time? No. Just... no.

4) You like talking, just not with random people about random things:

You're waiting in line for the lift, headphones in place and a nice train of thought forming in your head about that science fiction movie you saw yesterday. And then suddenly, the person in front of you turns around, and hey! It's your classmate whom you only know on a semi-first name basis!
And the lift is still five floors away, the classmate is opening her mouth to talk, so you have to take off your earphones and talk politely about things like homework or the weather or tell her why you left so early from that rad party last night.

Ugh! Is there anything worse than talking to mere acquaintances about things that are zero percent mentally stimulating?
I'm a talker once you get to know me. I can talk your ears off. I'm doing that right now, aren't I? Look how many words I've said so far on this very page!
But that's because this topic interests me. And because I know that a lot of my favourite people will be reading this blog.
If you're not my best friend or my family or one of my closest friends, do not talk to me about pointless things. Talk to me about the life lessons learnt from your favourite book, about new innovations in science, about the many problems with our justice system (do you know how many people are wrongfully convicted for crimes they did not commit? Do you?!). That's how you make friends with an introvert.

5) You're secretly happy when plans get cancelled:

So you finally agreed to go to your friend's friend's friend's birthday party. You agreed to go to that concert with the really cool DJ that you've never heard of. You said you'd love to go to that fancy dinner place with the really expensive food that you can't pronounce.
But then... the birthday party gets postponed. The DJ changes his mind about coming to your city. The fancy dinner place turns out to be fully booked.

And all you can think is... HURRAY! Now you can stay in your pajamas, hang out with a friend or two, have some tasty food, have a Sherlock marathon... and you won't even have to feel guilty about cancelling.
That's the dream, people. That's the dream.

These are the top five things that really define who I am as an introvert. Do you have any other awesome quirks that only we introverts exhibit? Do you have any cool quirks that you, as an extrovert, exhibit? Tell me in the comments below!

So... are you an introvert or not, fellow Geek? If you agree with some but can't relate to the rest, check out this personality test to find out a lot more about yourself. It'll also tell you how much of an introvert or an extrovert you are.

I hope you enjoyed reading this semi-personal post. Next time will probably be a random update, because my semester ends in just a few more days and I absolutely cannot wait! And after that.... the review for Mockingjay Part 1 will be out on November 28th, after I finish watching it, first day, first show.

See you then, Geeks. Bye! :)


  1. Every point used to be true until recently when I started taking initiative and now I think I'm growing out of that phase :)

    1. Wow! If you're happy with this change, then that's great!
      I've tried to make myself more 'outgoing', but it just doesn't feel right. I think I like being a lone wolf... although I do have a pack that I'm loyal to. :)

  2. Hi Swati! I loved reading this article and yeah I could nod my head to every point that you said. Yes I love to socialize but then I always want to spend time with myself! Keep writing :) Yeah semester ends can be a difficult time to blog! All the best :)

    1. Yay, so nice to meet a fellow introvert! And thanks. I can't wait for the semester break! :D

  3. All this is so me! I also have social anxiety. I get nervous when the phone rings O_o

    1. I don't have social anxiety, at least not to a large degree, but I get sweaty when I talk on the phone with acquaintances. Does that count as anxiety?


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