Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye, 2014. Hello, 2015!

It feels like yesterday when I was sitting on my bed, writing a very similar post, talking about how the year had gone by so quickly.
Well, history repeats itself. Here I am now, one year later, sitting on my bed, about to talk about the New Year and how 2014 just raced by, stopping for no one.

Last year, I talked about the best and worst moments of 2013. This time, I'm going to incorporate a slight twist: when I mention the worst moments, I will do my best to find the silver lining.
Let's go!

My Best Memories

1) Graduated from High School
The year started off on a high note with my graduation ceremony, where I sat with my best gal pals, took some fantastic photos, and finally introduced my sister to my best friend. Also, I had to go on stage wearing a saree (and heels), but I didn't stumble or trip at all. Ain't that an achievement, Geeks?

2) Aced My Boards
I got really good marks in my board exams, and even though I definitely didn't study well enough for it, I got an 85 in Maths. I was so sure I was going to fail (here, I mean it in the literal sense, not my usual 'anything less than an A' sense), but somehow, I managed to pull through.

3) College of My Choice
After taking one of the hardest entrance tests of my life, I got into the college of my choice in the city of my choice. A fresh start was knocking on my door!

4) Finished My Novel
I finally finished the first draft of my young adult novel, 'I Hate You... Like I Love You!' which is currently being edited. Although I've written other novels previously, this is the only one that I'm actually proud of. I also started working on my second young adult novel ('Not That Kind of Girl'), which is almost halfway through now.

5) The Year of Fandoms
From Divergent in March to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in May to Mockingjay Part 1 in November, this has been a very exciting year, fandom-wise. I also rewatched TASM 1 and 2 about a hundred times (they're my go-to airplane movies), and I bought three Spidey shirts in red, blue and purple! I also bought a Spidey action figure. He now lives in my closet and gives me fashion advice.
Me: Should I wear this?

6) Fitness Goals
Within a few months of moving to Mumbai, I gained four kilos, a feat I never thought I could achieve! I finally crossed the respectable 40 kg threshold and I am proud to say that I work out five times a week and I do my best to eat healthy wherever possible. (This does not include bagels, because bagels are life.)
I'm going to do a fitness post soon, Geeks. Stay tuned.

My Worst Memories

1) Had to Leave Home
I had to leave my dear parents and move to a new city where I knew nobody and where I would have to live with strangers - I mean, roommates.
But on the bright side, I am now fairly independent. I can do my own laundry, use public transportation without cringing (more or less), and go out whenever I want to without asking anyone's permission.

2) College: Expectations vs. Reality
I guess I always thought college would be this magical place where everyone would be pretentious and philosophical and a fanperson like me; I would meet my future best friends on Day One and I would have the greatest time of my live.
Unfortunately, none of that happened. 
But on the bright side, I have made a few good friends, I've met one or two fanpeople, and the education at my college is top-notch, which, let's face it, is what college is actually all about.

3) Negativity
Maybe it was because of being so homesick and friendless and lonely all the time, but I started becoming incredibly negative this past year. I saw the worst in everyone - including myself. I judged people left, right and centre. And on some days, I didn't even want to do anything except sleep and cry.
But on the bright side, I finally realised what I was doing wrong and decided to be hopeful and positive instead. I've already started practising positivity and I can't tell you how much more relaxed I feel!


In short, while 2014 wasn't the best year of my life, it was still a year of changes. And change leads to growth. I am a very different person today compared to the person I was on 31st December 2013. I can't say for sure that I'm a better person, but I'm definitely more mature now.

I'm going to finish my soy milk and get ready for dinner with my family. How are you spending New Year's Eve? What were your best and worst memories? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Have a great time, Geeks! I'll see you next year. Bye!
And hey, 2015. Bring it on.


  1. I'd love to read your novel when you're done with it!
    Working out 5 days a week? That is great! Also, if you don't mind telling this, how tall are you?

    My resolutions are to basically do everything you mentioned in your best memories! And right now, I am watching some of my favorite YouTube videos and listening to all my favorite songs from this year!

    I like that you wrote something positive along with all your worst memories rather than just dwelling on how terrible things were. Have a great 2015!

    And finally, that Andrew Garfield gif is great! *sighs
    Also, don't know why I'm mentioning this, but I find it annoying when people write 2k15 instead of 2015.

    1. I'm 5'2".
      Right now, I'm watching 3 Idiots with my parents.
      Isn't Andrew really good-looking? *sigh*
      People write that? Eh. I prefer 2015, too.

      Happy New Year! :)

  2. Hi! Cool blog :D
    85 in maths congratulations :D
    Hardest entrance test?Please tell me it wasn't JEE Main/Advanced :P
    Happy New Year :)

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Definitely not as difficult as JEE MAIN, but the toughest I've ever faced. :P

      Happy New Year, pal! Glad you liked the blog.

    2. Anyone from India says toughest exam my mind automatically goes to JEE Main XD :P

    3. I'm assuming that's because you're a Science student. :P

  3. *peeks from behind a wall timidly* ...hi.
    *bursts into sobs* I'm so sorry I neglected your blog please forgive me forgive me forgive me!!
    You work out FIVE times a week? I am proud of you. If I did that, there wouldn't be a whole lot left of me. ^^
    I love how the slight twist is to mention the silver lining. :) Don't know why... I just do.
    When you finish your novel, I'd love to read it as well! ^y^ I'll burden you with mine as well, then! I can't believe you finished the first draft: that is simply amazing!

    Each year will always be full of ups and downs, but I'm happy to hear you've made the most of them! <3 Happy New Year!

    1. Hey, you didn't neglect my blog! It's okay. :)
      I work out to bulk up. There's actually more of me because of it. ^_^
      What kind of novel are you working on, then?
      And have a Happy 2015! :D

    2. Aww okay! I'm still so sorry ahh...
      Ooh that's great! (I can imagine you being all muscly, strong and tough walking around the university campus.) I'm still proud of you ah! ^^
      I'm not actually sure what genre it would be in. It's kind of a YA-SciFi-Romance-type of thing... #^9^#

    3. Not muscly enough yet, to be honest. But I'll get there. :D
      Hmm, so in the same genre as Divergent, would you say?

  4. Yo! :D

    Great posts - Fresh Start, this and the one about the things you're grateful for. :)

    2015 is definitely a fresh start for me, too. Although 2014 hasn't been my favourite year, it definitely taught me a LOT. It taught me valuable life lessons. It showed me which friends stick by your side through tough times. It caught me off guard when I was super home-sick and didn't have anyone from home to cry about it. I had just myself, WhatsApp and the laptop to pen down my thoughts. This was the year of my first internship, too.

    November and December were by far the best months for me, not just because I was at home eating mum's food, but also because I learned some life skills during my internship period. Catching the bus to a place that is more than 20kms far from home by mistake does teach you to be more cautious when using public transport, especially during late evenings. I had the first feel of what it would be like to work in an office with red-tapism.

    The amount I studied and learned during the 4 months of this semester, I definitely didn't do for even 12th boards. :P

    All in all, 2014 was a very eventful year. I hope 2015 is a better one. :)

    1. Hey!
      Whoever said college is a place to slack off has it wrong. I definitely think I studied more for the college exams as compared to our boards. I hope I did well...
      Anyway, here's to 2015! :D


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