Monday, 29 December 2014

Things I'm Grateful For #2

Hello, Geeks!

With only a few days left for the new year, I decided to implement my resolution (to look at the bright side and be positive) as early as possible.
So, here's another list of things I'm grateful for. But unlike the first one, the things on this list are going to be as random as possible.

So, off the top of my head, here are some things I am very thankful for:

1) Cheese popcorn:
One of the best reasons to watch a movie in theatres instead of getting it on DVD... utterly, butterly, cheesy, delicious, orange-y popcorn that's finger lickin' good!

2) Strangers:
I don't enjoy meeting new people in general, but strangers are really interesting. I love talking to people I meet in the airport or on a plane because I know that I'll never see them again. Getting to know someone simply because you want to, and not for any hidden agenda... it's amazing. I've met so many incredible people on aeroplanes and I can't wait to meet more such people.

3) Winters:
I've never lived in a city where the temperatures fall below 15 degrees (Celcius) in the daytime, so I've always loved the months of November, December and January for the amazing weather that allows me to bundle up in cozy sweaters and blankets and have lots and lots of staying-at-home time!

4) Literary Webseries:
I am so thankful for creative minds like Bernie Su and Hank Green who have come up with modern-day adaptations of some of my favourite novels like Pride and Prejudice and Emma. Rewatching these 'webisodes' is like reliving those stories all over again!
5) Sport shoes:
Are there any shoes in the world better than sport shoes? They're multifunctional: you can wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, and workout gear. You can wear them to college or the supermarket or the gym. And they always give your feet the cushioning and support they need.
With these darling shoes, I never have to worry about slipping or tripping or stumbling.

6) Emma Stone, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence:
These women are intelligent, talented and absolutely hilarious. Isn't that a deadly combination? These are women I look up to, and I hope I can become more like them in the coming year.

7) Chick Flicks and Chick Lit:
Sure, I enjoy deep, meaningful movies and books that make you think, but my favourite genre will always be chick flick or romantic comedy. These stories make me smile and laugh and cry, and on days when I feel hopeless, I can always go back to these movies or books to remind myself that laughter and romance are two things that will never die.

8) Song for Zula by Phosphorescent:
This is one of my current favourite songs, the others being It's On Again by Alicia Keys and Heroes by David Bowie.
Give these songs a listen if you've got time to spare. All the songs on my playlist make me feel a different emotion, and I can't help but be grateful that these tunes and lyrics can change my mood in an instant.

9) Blue:
My earphones are blue. Most of my wardrobe is blue. My bedsheet, incidentally, is also blue. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out that it's my favourite colour.
I know some people think it's depressing, but I find that the colour blue calms me down. And when I'm calm, I'm at peace. I'm happy.
I think this is the main reason I wanted to be a Ravenclaw when I was a kid was. Even today, I feel like the Claws have got the best colour scheme. Just look at this beautiful GIF!

10) Peeta Mellark, Peter Parker and Chandler Bing:
Fictional men are so amazing I could write an entire blog post about them! Hey, real-life men are great, too, but there's nothing better than dreaming about a guy with Peeta's kindness, Peter Parker's intelligence and Chandler's humour.
Also, their actors are really good-looking, too - a sight for sore eyes!

I know these things aren't that meaningful or essential. Heck, I doubt they'd figure anywhere on Maslow's Hierarchy. But while I could live without them, I definitely don't want to. These are the small things that make my life wonderful. :)

There's a lot more to be thankful for, but these ten random things are enough for now. I'll save the rest for the next 'grateful' post.
Tell me: what are some random things that you're incredibly grateful for? It could be anything from your comfy blanket to your favourite subject in school. The comment box awaits your response!

I'll see you on New Year's Eve, Geeks. Bye!


  1. I remember reading this in one of your earlier posts too that people find the colour blue depressing. Maybe because when someone feels sad, they are said to be feeling blue.

    I personally think light blue is calming, and dark blue represents passion. My room is painted blue and I feel like it gives a very cool, 'living right by the sea' effect to it. Although my favorite colors are black and red (Gryffindor and Dauntless! :D).

    1. I wonder how that phrase came into existence, though...

      Oh, you're a Gryffindor/Dauntless? I'm a Hufflepuff/Erudite. :)


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