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Pretty Little Liars 5x24 (I'm A Good Girl, I Am): A Recap

Alison's trial is coming to a close, and the outcome looks even more bleak when the prosecution calls a surprise witness that not only paints Alison in a bad light but also the PLLs and Mike. Desperate to find any evidence or witness to save their friends, Aria, Emily and Spencer race to find someone or something that can prove Ali's innocence and put an end to this nightmare. Meanwhile, Mike becomes a target of "A" when it looks like he might be called to testify, and Ezra and Caleb have differing opinions on what he should do. 


Crazy things happen in Rosewood every day, and you can never tell when the most random characters might pop up again to take the stand in a murder trial. Well, Mona's BFF Lesli does exactly that, revealing that Mona sent her a letter about being threatened by Alison. Amidst tears, she also drags Mike and Hanna into the topic of conversation, claiming that they were paranoid about Mona's room and belongings.

But Alison insists that she was at the playground when the murder happened, and she thinks someone else might have been there too, because she saw someone wearing a scarf inside a pipe. Was someone sleeping there?
Apparently, yes. A Rosewood High student who took shelter in the playground heard Alison's voice. But Ali's lawyer doesn't think this makes for a good alibi, given that the girl was high and drunk only a few hours before the incident occurred.

Awkwardness ensues when Spencer runs into Toby after a very long time. He's still a cop so that he can protect his (ex?)girlfriend from harm, but Spencer subtly lets him know that she has other people to seek comfort from - like Melissa's male roommate from London.
But by the end of the episode, Toby realises that Lieutenant Tanner is never going to take him seriously as a cop because of his love life, so our hero puts down the badge and tells Spencer that he will never choose policemanship over her.

Meanwhile, Aria's afraid that her brother Mike will come clean about Mona's 'fake death turned real death' plan. Sure, it could save Hanna and Alison, but 'A' would never let Mike get away with it. She commands Ezra to have a guys' night in with Mike at his cabin in the woods so he can be away from the trial, but Caleb gets there first and convinces Mike to tell the police what he knows.
Mike runs away from them and is beaten up and captured by 'A' (who also shoots arrows at Caleb and Ezra), but Lt. Tanner takes no notice when the men try to file a complaint against this mystery villain.
Aria is unable to get in touch with her brother and calls Andrew to enlist his help, but Mr. Brawny-with-Brains is MIA.

Alison and Hanna, back at the jailhouse, have to physically hurt themselves to be able to get away with discussing their plans. Alison's lawyer manages to confiscate a note from them where they were attempting to decode Mona's mystery riddle from last week's episode, but she can't make head or tail of it.

Ali's lawyer calls her to the stand and demonstrates that due to Alison's childhood arm injury, it would have been impossible for her to have used brute strength and force against Mona in order to kill her.
The prosecution, however, overrides this by bringing up an archery prize Ali won in her childhood. But she hadn't actually played - she'd rigged the competition in order to win. Too bad nobody would believe her if she said so.

The jury finally comes to a decision in the final two minutes of today's episode. Alison DiLaurentis has been found GUILTY of Mona Vanderwaal's murder.
And not just Alison, but the three Liars are taken into custody as well.


I still can't believe Emily and Spencer found the sleeping girl from the playground based on the description of a scarf that they hadn't even seen with their own eyes. Television, I tell you.

And Toby and Spencer, back together? I know that 'Spoby', as they're fondly called, have about a billion lovesick fans, but I just don't see the spark that had been there in the first few seasons. Why not let Spencer be single for a few seasons instead?

I'm not sure why all the Liars have been arrested. I thought the prosecution believed that Alison had just one accomplice. Then on what grounds are they arresting Aria, Spencer, or Emily?

Most Likely to be 'A' This Week

I'm still thinking Andrew, dear Geeks.

In this episode, he got incredibly jealous of Ezra... could that be why he'd shoot arrows at him later on? He was also the only person who was told that Mike was going to spend a night at Ezra's cabin. Plus, in the final 'A' scene, we see the masked figure pinning a corsage on a suit. Does this mean 'A' is a man?

Next Week

How are the Liars going to get out of this one? Will we finally find out who #BigA is, or is it going to be another cop-out? And what's up with all the 'dollhouse' business that we see in the promo?

What do you think the next episode will be about? And if you've come across the infamous 'Daisy' spoilers, do you think it'll all be true? And can someone as handsome as Andrew really be so evil?

I'll see you next week, Geeks. Can't wait. ^_^


  1. I wrote an insAnely long comment, pouring my heart out about the recent episodes, only to find out that it disAppeared into nothingness thanks to a crappy internet connection. Let me start agAin.

    Sorry about all the A's, by the way. :D

  2. First of all, I must say I agree with you on the scarf issue, I feel like the writers are losing their touch a little. And was there any point to Johnny, Colin and Talia's characters? -_-

    Also, I love Spoby, they're my second favourite PLL couple (first is obviously Haleb!) but Spencer's recent phase of kissing the first guy available really ruined the magic of it.

    I guess they arrested the rest of the liars because they lied (insert Haymitch's 'You don't say' gif from last episode's review here!) to the police about, well, everything. The police also may have connected their lies to Shana's murder and of course, Lesli's testimony didn't really help their case.

    I don't think Andrew is A, even though he HAS been acting really creepy recently, but Keegan Allen said A was someone who's been there since the first season. And I read the Daisy spoilers, but I'm not sure if I believe in them because that would mean Mona never died in the first place even though they showed her body. Not that it matters, because in Rosewood, people die and come back to life everyday (much like an Ekta Kapoor show).

    I really hope they don't pull a Gossip Girl, but I can't help feeling we're going to be disappointed about who A really is. And I also feel like I wrote my own little review in your comments section (although the original comment was longer than this!). I cannot wait till Tuesday's episode! :D

    - A

    1. I kinda liked Colin. Because he was British. *swoon*
      But yeah, all these characters seem more like a pair of lips to kiss rather than actual human beings.

      I used to LOVE Spoby, but ever since the 'Toby is A' fiasco, I feel like their relationship has changed. Toby being a cop made it worse. Haleb, however, remains adorable. Especially now that Caleb got hot. :P

      Yeah, probably due to obstruction of justice. Seriously, these girls should just stop lying and start telling their parents everything. Fine, they can't trust the police, but parents are parents. (Unless Ashley Marin is A. A lot of people feel so online. I think the only parent they don't suspect is Emily's dad, because he's a sweetheart war hero and it would be unpatriotic to think otherwise.)
      I really hope Andrew isn't A. He's beautiful. <3 <3 <3

      As much as I loooove Mona, I don't want her to come back to life after they showed her body. That'd make zero sense.


      Can't wait for #PLLTuesday (although it's Wednesday for us).
      And damn, I am jealous that you get to sign off as - A. Hmph!

      - S

  3. 1 day before we get to know who A is, and I really hope this is Uber A, because otherwise, I don't want to live on this planet any more.

    I don't think Ashley could be A, no parent would do that to their own child. They should have told their parents when the lies started, but even now, when they're in jail would be a good time to tell the truth. A lot of people suspect Byron as well, but I don't think he's A.

    And even though Holbrook is Captain McCreepy, he shouldn't have anything to do with all this A business if he was locked up (although he could be lying about that, AGAIN). But his comment on Tanner knowing everything made me wonder if she knows something about A.

    That showdown between Hanna and Holbrook was pretty badass, though! I actually liked Holbrook before it turned out he could be part of the A - team as well, but now he just seems like Detective Wilden with a bad haircut (Seriously, what is up with his hair? He looked like he was stepping out of a garbage can!) and worse comebacks.

    1. Just a day to go!!! :O :O :O

      But the thing with this show is that you can't trust anyone. I hope to JK Rowling it isn't any of their parents, although if they can explain it well, it'd make a spectacular reveAl.

      Every cop in this town has to be a bad guy. Garrett, Wilden, Holbrook, and now Tanner. Even Toby had that horrible vibe around him as a cop. I hope they bring out a good cop situation next season.

      The promos said '#BigAReveal', so I'm hoping it is the real A. I'll be okay even with a flunkie A... anything other than the sort of cliffhanger we got at the end of that New York episode. Even if they just show the person with the hoodie turn, like with Toby, it's still better than having no reveal at all.


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