Friday, 3 April 2015

Divergent GIF Challenge!

Hi there, Geeks!

Last year, I did a Harry Potter & The Hunger Games GIF Challenge on the blog, and it was very well-received, so now it's time for me to step into another one of my fandoms.
Obviously, this post has spoilers for the first Divergent book.

Using every third GIF in my collection to show my reaction to every situation, presenting to you... The Divergent GIF Challenge!

What you think of Abnegation:

To be honest, I do like the idea of simple living. As long as there's wifi and music and books, of course. 

What you think of Erudite:

People who always wear blue and spend all their time indoors? THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!

What you think of Amity:

... Well, then I clearly can't be Amity. 

What you think of Dauntless:

More like it's-always-get-beaten-up time, but sure, maybe they have great pizza along with the chocolate cake.

What you think of Candor:

The truth is overrated. 

Your reaction to your aptitude test result:

I guess I'm really looking forward to pizza, simple living and staying indoors. But wait... despite being Divergent, I still have to pick just one? I can't do all three?

When you find out that you're Divergent:

Swati, stop it. Your Erudite is showing.

Your family's reaction to your new faction:

Thanks for that, sweet parents and beautiful sister. No Dauntless cake pizza for you. 

Your new faction's reaction to you:

They love me so much they're feeling all the Feels. Wow. I must be something awesome in this universe.

Meeting Four:

The young but mature, strong but silent Four is going to be my mentor and potential love interest? Clearly, this universe is verrry different from reality.

Reaction to Eric:

I don't like you, Eric. 

What Christina, Al and Will think of you:

They either hate me or they think I'm as strong as Katniss and Gale. I think I'll go with the latter, thank you very much.

Your reaction to Al's confession of love:

Uh, wait, what? I barely even know you, kid.

How you fight during initiation:

I need to control my superhuman strength to prevent myself from accidentally killing off my peers. I'm so heroic and selfless in this world!

How you feel about Peter:

Come on, that's Miles Teller. Of course we're going to be best friends. 

Your reaction to Al's death:

I am a bitch. Peter is clearly a bad influence on me.

What your fear landscape is like:

Being positive is my fear landscape, is it? Sounds like 2014 me.

When you go through your fear landscape:

I found the silver lining! And it isn't scary at all!

When your parents die:

Why am I not crying? Why am I - oh, wait, I must have found some silly silver lining and decided to be happy in spite of the fact that my parents are dead and I now have to take care of that wimpy brother of mine. Yes, I mean you, Caleb.

When you have to shoot Will:

Miles Teller - er, I mean Peter - and I are now best friends. We were going to lose touch anyway, Will. Goodbye.

When you and Four take down the simulation:

That wasn't so difficult, was it? And all that happened was that three of my favourite people died. What a wonderful world!

On the train to Amity:

The adrenaline rush is gone and common sense has kicked in. I am now fleeing from the government. Of course there's no silver lining. Everything is a trap.
At least the handsome Four and the funny Peter are next to me. Go away, Caleb. You're annoying me.

For some reason, all these GIF challenges make me out to be some sort of horrible person. I guess it's a good thing I'm not a character out of any young adult dystopia... but what if I am?

I guess we'll never know.

Part of this challenge was taken from Tumblr, and a part of it was coined by me. Feel free to do this challenge, but make sure you send me a link so I can see what kind of Divergent you would be!

That's all for today, Geeks. Bye!


  1. I did a Divergent GIF challenge on my blog too! Except that it didn't go well...but here's the link anyway :)!

  2. Ooh, I'll check it out! :)


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