Monday, 11 May 2015

My To-Do List for Summer 2015!

Well, it's been twelve days since summer vacation started, so I felt this list was overdue.
If you know anything about me, then you'll know that I do not like lazing around or having random, unplanned days. I like structure. I like planning. I like getting things done!

So here are some things I'm going to work on this summer, while keeping in mind that goals are for losers and systems are for winners.

1) Finish My Novel:
Now that I've got my first novel on the internet for everyone to read, it's time to continue working on the rest of my works, and finish my ongoing novel before college starts in July. I've already written around 70,000 words, but the problem is that my story is only a little more than halfway through. It's safe to say that editing this one is going to be a pain in the ass.

2) Get Fitter:

I couldn't focus on my health during the last few weeks of college (exams - need I say more?), so summer vacation is when I can return to my fitness regime and give my body the treatment it deserves.
The problem is that my affinity for healthy food is not shared by some members of my family, which makes it difficult for me to go more than a week without pizza or fried food or anything junk that only makes my face break out and my body bloated.
But I shall win this battle, Geeks. When I set foot in college, I will be a new woman - from within and without.

3) Become Fluent in French:
How many months has it been since I started learning French? No, wait - how many years has it been?
Every time I try to focus on sharpening my language skills, something comes in the way of it and I end up 'studying' by watching French trailers and movies instead of actively speaking the language.
That changes now. Mark my words.

4) Learn How to Drive:

I turned eighteen last year, but what with entrance exams and preparing for college, I never had the time to get my licence. Since I know as much about driving as I do about physics, I might need more than two months to learn this important life skill. But I might as well get started, am I right?
I just hope I don't end up running over someone on the street. 

5) Be Able to Cook for Self:

I'm sure I could cook very well if I tried. Some things are fairly easy to make, after all.
But the thing is, I've never really tried. The only two things I ever use in the kitchen are the fridge and the microwave.
In the last twelve days of summer vacation, I've learned how to make eggs, green tea and steamed vegetables (the last two by observation only - I have yet to steam vegetables or make tea without my mother's expert assistance). So it's a start. Hopefully I'll be able to do more than toast bread by the time July rolls around.

6) Self-Development:
What better way to work on those little grey cells than by taking up an online course or two? And by that, I mean six or seven. All my new courses are self-paced, so I don't need to worry about deadlines... which, come to think of it, is probably not a good thing, considering the fact that I haven't actually started any of my courses yet.

7) Read, Read, and Read Some More:

On Goodreads, they have an option that allows you to set a Reading Goal for the year. In January, I decided I would read fifty. So far, I've read twenty-one. I don't know how busy I might get during my second year of college, so I hope to bring that number up to at least thirty-five before the end of my holidays.

8) Be Happy:
Most importantly, I will continue to practise gratitude, self-affirmation and positive thinking to make 2015 (and the new academic year) the best year of my life!

9) Lucid Dreaming:

Here's a bonus point that just popped into my head: I will have my first lucid dream.
Lucid dreaming is a technique where you're aware of the fact that you're dreaming when you're dreaming, which enables you to control and manipulate the dream in any way that you want. Sounds like being Divergent, doesn't it?
You can work on your skills (some surgeons practise before a big operation the next day), give yourself the dream that you want, take control of your nightmares, or ask your subconscious questions in order to become more self-aware.
I've only realised I'm dreaming twice in my life, and both times, I was so excited that I woke myself up. But if I manage to lucid dream, I could ask myself what I want to do with my life, because my conscious self has no clue whatsoever.

Anyway, these were the nine things I'd like to accomplish this summer. What plans do you have for the next few months of your life, if any? Let the comment box know.
Have you ever been lucid? If you have, give me some tips. I need all the help I can get.

See you soon, Geeks!


  1. Check out this link, there is a website called which you might like.

    The other websites on this list are great too, although I'm guessing you already know about Duolingo. Also, it will take you about ten days to learn how to drive and maybe ten more to actually gain the confidence to drive without thinking you will run over someone. :D

    1. Ten days?!?! :O
      I haven't even joined driving class yet...
      Thanks, I'll check out the websites. :)

    2. Ten days?!?! :O
      I haven't even joined driving class yet...
      Thanks, I'll check out the websites. :)


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