Tuesday, 5 May 2015

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They say, ’tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Love doesn’t make the world go round, it’s what makes the ride worthwhile. We were given two hands to hold, two legs to walk, two eyes to see, two ears to listen – but why only one heart? It’s because the other was given to someone else, for us to find. 
Well, that’s what they say.
Mahi Chatterjee, on the other hand, thinks otherwise.
Mahi, tired of playing second fiddle to her identical twin Radhika, is the sort of girl who immediately assumes the worst of everyone.
And Ranveer Kumar, her sister’s lab partner, is no exception. A case of hate at first sight, she’s convinced that he’s nothing more than Mr. Arrogant Rich Boy, and that his ‘sweet disposition’ is just an act.
But if she takes just another look, maybe she’ll realise that the idea of love isn’t such a bad thing after all...

I have some big news, Geeks!

As some of you may know already, I've spent the past two years writing, editing and re-editing my young adult/romantic comedy novel, A Soft Spot for Hate, formerly known as I Hate You... Like I Love You!
Well, you can now read it for free here on Wattpad, a social networking site for readers and writers. I'll be uploading four chapters per week, and the first two chapters are currently live on the website!

While I do know that the plot of this novel is clichéd, and that this genre doesn't necessarily appeal to everyone, Soft Spot is still something that I'm very proud of, and I'd really appreciate it if my dear Geeks could give it a read and tell me what they 'love' or 'hate' about the novel. 

This has been a very short blog post, but I assure you that a few more posts are being drafted at this very moment. I'm thinking of starting a Philosophical Ramblings series on the blog, and thanks to the summer vacation, I have a lot of books to be read and reviewed. 
So stay tuned, Geeks. 

And I hope very much that you enjoy reading A Soft Spot for Hate

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