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Pretty Little Liars 6x02 (Songs of Innocence): A Recap

The girls may have gotten out of the Dollhouse, but what happened to them during their time of captivity has lasting effects. With worried loved ones watching over them, the PLLs are home and trying to heal, with not much success. Even with suspected tormentor Andrew in custody, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer fear they are far from safe.
Meanwhile, Alison must deal with her past indiscretions and her notoriety around Rosewood. 

Okay, it's official: season six is churning out some of the best episodes in a very, very long time. We may not have got a lot of answers this episode (or the last one), but this episode was still incredibly engaging.

For the first time in forever, instead of focusing on the 'A' mystery storyline, Songs of Innocence lets us into the psyche of the girs and how they cope with the trauma they've been through. Wonderful. 

(Er, I do not mean that in a sadistic way.)


The episode opens with the girls recovering in a hospital, talking about the man behind the mask: suspect Andrew Campbell. Some of the girls aren't sure if it could really be him, but Aria is adamant. Why else would that sick freak get so close to her family? In any case, they decide not to tell the cops anything about Charles. Let them figure it out all on their own.

Before leaving the hospital, Emily checks in on Sara Harvey. Distraught and depressed, Sara admits that she had been in that hellhole for over two years. But she isn't open to Emily's probing about Charles. After all, she's been through a lot.

Alison finally asks her father about Charles DiLaurentis, but in vain. He's quick to tell her no such boy exists. But can Ali believe him?

Back home, the four Liars still find themselves trapped in the dollhouse. Wherever they go, no matter what they do, the memories of their time in that place continue to haunt them. Terrified, each Liars tries to deal with her problems in a different way.

Spencer goes right back into Detective Hastings mode, convincing Alison that her father is a liar. She also lashes out against her mother for taking away her anti-anxiety medication. Veronica Hastings is worried she will relapse, but Spencer is adamant. She needs those pills.
And so, when she's alone in Aria's bedroom, she steals one. Way to go, Spence.

Emily is truly the daughter of a military man. Sporting his army jackets and stealing his guns, she makes her way to the firing range in spite of her mother's warnings. But the firing range only brings back memories of what Charles made the girls do...

We discover that Charles, inspired by Milgram's Experiment, forced the girls to electrocute each other. Pick one, the voice said, or everyone gets hurt. He made the girls turn against each other in the worst way possible.

And that's why Hanna can't bring herself to face the girls again. In fact, she can't even face herself in her own bedroom. With help from her mother and Caleb, she decides to redesign and renovate her entire room. She wants to tear it all down and start afresh.

Aria messes up the most, though. First she shouts at Ezra for trying to help her pen down her thoughts, and then she gives a false eyewitness testimony.
Now that Andrew Campbell is finally behind bars, she goes to the police station with her mom and claims to have seen the suspect's face in the dollhouse, even though we all know she didn't. Thankfully, the police don't seem to believe her.

And Alison? The blue-eyed blonde returns to church, making a new friend along the way: new cop Lorenzo. He seems to be a good-natured fellow, and he definitely likes Alison, considering the fact that he was making googly eyes at her, but he's a Rosewood cop. Can we trust him?

As the episode comes to an end, we find Sara Harvey lurking outside Emily's house. In typical Sara Harvey fashion, she ran away from home because she was guilty of ruining her mother's life. She also admits to Emily that she does not think the police have caught the right guy. And since she was in there longer than any of them, maybe the Liars ought to trust her instinct...


I could not possibly imagine what the girls went through. Granted, I don't have or want as many friends as they have, but I could never pick which one gets a free pass and which one gets fried!
And Sara Harvey was there for more than two years... how can that be, if Charles only became 'Big A' recently? Or has he been calling the shots all along, even with Mona?
And why was Aria wearing a top that said 'BARF' on it?

Speaking of the first 'A', where was Mona this episode? The Liars mentioned that she was in the hospital along with them, but why don't we get to see how she's dealing with this mess? After all, Mona's ordeal was far worse than the Liars'.

I can't believe Spencer's drug addiction storyline is making a reentry. No offence, writers, but I'm a little tired of it.
And I thought Toby was leaving the police force? And where was Detective Tanner?

Also, Ashley Marin wins the award for 'Best TV Mom, Ever'.

Most Likely to be 'A' This Week

Not Andrew, obviously. Ezra made a very short appearance this episode, so I couldn't tell if he was still being creepy or not.
Did any of you think Alison and Toby's conversation outside the police station sounded a little... suspicious? Maybe my mind is just going into overdrive what with all the mystery, but I have a feeling there's more going on behind the scenes than we know.

 Next episode's promo looks exciting. Looks like Jason remembers something about 'Charlie'. 

What are your 'A' theories? I've been rewatching from the very beginning, and I agree with the many viewers who believe Wren is Charles. Let me know in the comments below: what's your favourite 'A' theory?

See you next week!


  1. Here's my take. Let’s go according to the events in this episode.
    1. Am I the only one who feels that Toby is the worst cop ever?
    2. Alison’s dad definitely knows about Charles, but doesn't want to say anything because suspense.
    3. Sara Harvey’s hair looked way too glossy for someone who was in a dungeon for 2 years, but that’s just TV logic, I guess. And she, too, knows something but won’t tell.
    4. Why is no one except Emily concerned about Sara’s sanity?
    5. I hate the Aria is A theory, but she has been acting very different lately. And also, why does her hair change in every episode? What did she do, visit a salon right after getting discharged from the hospital?
    6. Looks like the Milgram experiment rumours were true, from what we saw of Spencer’s flashback.
    7. Stop trying to make Ezria happen. It’s not going to happen.
    8. Emily with a gun, very Robin Scherbatsky. But I love that she’s trying to channel her feelings through something like a shooting range, which is better that the others.
    9. I actually loved Hanna’s room the most out of all the Liars’ and that feathery wallpaper was gorgeous. Damn you Charles.
    10. Lorenzo is such a cutie! And his name reminds me of Lorenzo von Matterhorn.
    11. Toby is mean and losing his touch. Alison went through jail and she didn't have to help him find Spencer, does he have to be so antagonistic?
    12. Once again, these girls refuse to let their parents help them or talk to them. When will they learn?
    13. Where on earth is Hanna’s dad? Is he not concerned about his daughter?
    14. This week’s cranky and suspicious behaviour award goes to Aria Montgomery.
    15. What could the girls have done to get something like this done to them?
    16. Good to know you realise what a dunderhead you are Aria.
    17. Spencer Hastings, drug thief.
    18. Spencer was so right last season when she said we need to bottle up what Caleb’s made of and market it as the perfect boyfriend solution.
    19. Aria is wise? Yeah, her behaviour at the police station sure showed that.
    20. I get that she hasn't been out since a long time, but Sara Harvey is weird and creepy.
    21. Well, that clears up Andrew from the A List, So Toby isn't that dumb after all.
    22. About the promo – Charlie, is that the one from the pencil challenge that YouTubers are going crazy over?
    23. About Mona – Apparently, her mother took her out of Rosewood for rest and recuperation.
    24. About the episode in general – I actually loved this, it wasn't action-packed like the previous one but it gave away more about their current status and how they’re dealing with it. Wish Mona was there though.

    1. YES! Where did the pink highlights in Aria's hair go??
      Oh, I thought of Lorenzo Van Matterhorn too!!
      Aria has always been the creepiest Liar. If any of the girls is A, my money would be on her.
      Actually, all the dads except Mr. Fields seem to be MIA. I guess they had to make him look like the concerned dad, otherwise it would be unpatriotic. :P


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