Saturday, 11 July 2015

College, Take Two // Just a Random Update #7

Howdy, Geeks!

So... I'm in Mumbai again. It's still hard to believe that almost an entire year has gone by since I wrote my first random update. I named that one 'Bombay Blues', and as much as I hate to admit it, I've been feeling slightly out of place again.

Let's focus on the positives first, as is my practice. I recently moved into an apartment with some of my friends, and it's been incredible! The house looks beautiful, especially my room; my flatmates are wonderful, and I've had some of the best late-night girl talks of my life. The apartment is only about a kilometre from college, so I can walk whenever it doesn't rain, the market is even closer, and there's just so much beauty all around me.

I also recently started working at Noted, a start-up geared towards college students. So yes, I am finally getting paid for writing. And although it's a lot of work, juggling the blog, the content writing and my novels, it's work that I really enjoy, even though it's all so overwhelming sometimes.

I've actually been so busy with everything that I'm barely ever home. I have breakfast, I do my stretches, I take a shower, and then I'm outside until sundown. It's exhausting, to be honest. And as much as I love five a.m. mornings, I need to catch up on my sleep.

Oh, and I started an Instagram account for the blog! You can follow me for daily updates on gratitude, fitness, food, fashion and so much more. I don't have a lot of followers yet, but it's loads of fun.

Moving on to the the slight issue I've been having... look, I love fresh starts and clean slates and moving out of my comfort zone. But you know how difficult it is for me to make new friends, mostly because I don't want (or need) any.
Our divisions got shuffled, and now my second-year classmates are all new faces to me. I literally only know four or five people out of a class of almost sixty.

And when I'm out in the hallways, greeting my ex-classmates and chatting with old friends, it's so much... safer. And easier. And I know that I felt just as guilty about not wanting to socialise last year, and I know this is just a phase and I'll grow out of it, that my life outside the classroom is close to perfection, but... sometimes I really wish I had more social energy.

But the silver lining is that everybody seems to know me. It's just me who doesn't know them. That's still better than being unintentionally invisible, right? I just have a feeling everybody sees me as a female Mr. Darcy. And you Geeks know I'm the opposite of quiet or uptight or even rude. I'm the funniest person most people know.

Anyway, grumbling won't get me anywhere. It's time to make use of my newly installed WiFi and relax in comfy pajamas with my lovely Kindle.
See you later, Geeks. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a great little update! And a great post for a new reader (aka ME) Hope to read more of your blog! Loving the GIFs... is that what they are called?

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! Welcome to the blog. And yes, they're GIFs. :)


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