Friday, 3 July 2015

What I Really Did This Summer // Just a Random Update #6

Howdy there, Geeks.

So about a week into the summer holidays, I wrote about my summer to-do list. You've probably heard that I'm a super-productive, focused, goal-oriented individual who enjoys making lists and getting things done.
And you are absolutely right.

However, I have discovered that the lazy, calming aura associated with summer vacation may just be the kryptonite to my geekie Superman.

Here are the nine things I wanted to be done with by the fourth of July. Let's see how I've fared.

1) Finish My Novel:

Well, if it makes anyone feel better, I've written over 20,000 words since May, but Not That Kind of Girl is barely close to being finished.
I also procrastinated a lot by writing chapters of other books without finishing this one. I guess my planning didn't go so well here, but in my defence, setting too many writing goals isn't very smart. It blocks out creativity. (And, um, laziness. Except in this case.)

2) Get Fitter:
Well, I can now get through a twenty minute, high-intensity cardio dance workout without collapsing, so that's a good sign. And I'm still not very comfortable lifting 3 kgs, but it's getting easier and easier as the days go by. So... check!

3) Become Fluent in French:
Malheureusement, il ne sera pas possible.
But I tried! I started using Duolingo again. I watched French trailers. I watched The Amazing Spider-Man and Catching Fire en fran├žais!
It's just difficult to get enthusiastic when you're at home. The stress-induced environment that I need to function just doesn't exist here.
(It's a bad excuse, I know. Sorry.)

4) Learn How to Drive:

I didn't even sit behind the steering wheel. Look, I may be nineteen, but I don't have a car in Mumbai. There's ample public transportation available there. I'm not planning a road trip anytime soon. So I didn't even sign up for driving lessons.
Also, I might be a little afraid for my own life. And the lives of others.

5) Be Able to Cook for Self:
I can now make toast, steamed vegetables, anything that only requires a microwave, and eggs. I won't be auditioning for Master Chef in the foreseeable future, but I'll at least be able to make myself breakfast and lunch. Fair enough. Check!

6) Self-Development:

I was supposed to work on five or six online courses. I didn't. I started a few, got bored because there were no deadlines, and quit them. I played Pokemon instead and became the Indigo League Champion, so at least I wasn't entirely useless. 

7) Read, Read, and Read Some More:
I wanted to bring my reading goal up to thirty-five books before college started. According to Goodreads, I have read thirty-six. Yay for books! Check. 

8) Be Happy:

Although I'm only writing five things in my Gratitude Journal every day, I'm also writing down the reasons why I'm grateful for them, which is actually a better technique in the long run. I've also been listening to binaural meditation music for some added peace, practising visualisation, and reading up on Zen Buddhism. Check.

9) Lucid Dreaming:
I'm proud to say that I've had not one, not two, but three lucid dreams in the past two months. But... (of course there's always a 'but'), they only lasted a few seconds and I was unable to control them. Probably because of lack of experience and confidence in my dreammaking abilities. Hmm. Check!

Five out of nine. Not bad, huh?

Anyway, I'm leaving for Mumbai tomorrow, and I'm going to be living in an apartment with some classmates. Hopefully I won't burn the house down if I ever try to cook. I'm not sure about my WiFi situation yet, so I might have to take a small hiatus from blogging.

So make sure you're following me on Facebook and Instagram for fun updates. I am a very entertaining person, you know.

I shall see you in a few days, Geeks. Have a great day!


  1. Have an awesome year! And frankly, five out of nine is brilliant! I had fifteen things on my to-do list for two-months of summer (My vacation ended in May, by the way) and I did SIX..... not even half of my tasks! Five out of nine is awesome...hats off to you!

    1. Thanks, Sound! Well, as long as you had fun that summer, it doesn't really matter. :D


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