Sunday, 26 July 2015

What I Wore To College // OOTD #1

When I first started this blog, I named it 'Geekie Chic' because I'd assumed it would be more than just a personal book blog. I thought I'd write about lifestyle, fashion and beauty along with all the geekie things I love to do.
But since I stopped subscribing to Fab Bag, the chic part of this blog has almost completely disappeared.

And that's why I'm starting a new fashion series here. Every Sunday, I'm going to post photos of whatever I wore to whichever place I went. I mostly shop online, so if any part of my outfit is still in stock, I'll include a link.
Here are some snippets from what I wore to college the past three weeks.

1) Meow Goes the Geek

I'm obsessed with cats, even though I don't own any (perhaps in the future?). This adorable Kitty Cat Denim Shirt from Koovs was the perfect way to express my cat lady tendencies on the first day of college. I paired it with my dark grey jeans from Forever 21, along with a blue bow headband I received as a gift many years ago.
I'm not much of an accessories/makeup person, so I decided to let the outfit speak for itself.

2) Pink is Pretty
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Say what you will, but pink is my go-to colour on days when I'm feeling especially feminine. I wore this cute bow-backed cut-out top from Stalk Buy Love with my Esprit jeans. My bright pink headband from Forever 21 was all I needed to complete the look.

3) Monday Morning Blues
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I've always loved the denim-on-denim look. My heart-printed shirt, dark grey jeans, and polka-dot blue headband are all from Forever 21. Wow, this is a lot of publicity for them. Hmm.

4) Sea Green Vibes

Global Desi is my go-to brand when I want to wear something bright enough to ward off any fatigue on a five a.m. morning. Florals are a weakness of mine, so of course I had to wear this high-low top along with basic blue jeans from (you guessed it) Forever 21. My hoop earrings are from the wonderful Accessorize.
5) On Wednesdays, We Wear Plaid

Since it was Happy Hump Day, I knew I had to channel my inner Plastic and wear some pink. My plaid shirt is from Nuon, and the sea green jeans from ASOS Petite. I wanted a laidback, relaxed look, so I skipped the headband.

6) Spidey Girl
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I still can't believe my red Spidey shirt has gone missing. Good thing I invested in more than one colour. Although this exact item isn't available anymore for women, you can find similar Spidey shirts on Ebay. Again, I'm rocking my dark grey skinny jeans from Forever 21.

7) Bright Blue, Grey Sky
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I believe that when the world is grey and murky, it's up to you to brighten up your day. That's why I picked this electric blue kurti from Shoppers Stop, paired with my animal print leggings from Nuon. The big earrings are from a handicraft vendor in Kolkata, but you can find similar pieces elsewhere.

I don't consider myself a fashion expert, and I don't believe I have a particular way of dressing. I wear whatever makes me happy, whether it's preppy or casual or sporty or girly or even grungey. At the end of the day, style is highly individualistic. Nobody can tell you what to wear or what not to wear.

So if you don't agree with my outfits of the week, that's perfectly fine. Just tell me what fashion makes you feel like yourself. Which store do you shop at a little too much? Do you have a Forever 21 craze too?

I'll see you next Sunday, Geeks!


  1. Nice.
    I'm a hairstyle, fashion and make up geek too. Hehehe.
    Glad to have found some company. :)

    1. I don't think I'm all of those things, seeing as I don't wear makeup and couldn't care less about the state of my hair, but a fashion geek? Yes, maybe.



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