Sunday, 30 August 2015

What I Wore Lately // OOTD #6

Howdy, Geeks.
It's hard to believe that this is the sixth post in my fashion series. It's been six weeks already. How is that even possible?!

Anyway, I was in a very professional mood most of this week, and I think that's reflected in my outfits. Let's take a look.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Why You Should Stop Whining and Start Doing

I don't know why people are so obsessed with complaining. No matter where you go or what you do, there's always something worth grumbling about, right?

The size of your butt or the limpness of your hair or the demands of your sadistic boss or the way time won’t stop running out on you...


Newsflash: whining about your problems is going to get you nowhere. In fact, it's only going to make things worse. If you want to make your life better and achieve your goals, you need to change your attitude.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

'What Comes of Eating Doughnuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar' by Nicole Campbell: A Book Review

Courtney Ross has lived her whole life doing everything by the book. She’s a top student, the captain of the cheer squad at her Scottsdale high school, and a nervous wreck most of the time. For summer vacation before senior year, she finally has her chance just to relax. She will be spending it with her best friend, Vanessa, in her tiny hometown of Gem City, Ohio. Courtney’s hoping for a chance to breathe, and maybe even for some of Vanessa’s carefree nature to rub off on her. What she doesn’t expect is Ethan Fisher. Courtney knows she’s in trouble the minute she sees him holding a guitar at her “Welcome Back” party. Her instincts prove to be correct as she gets to know him, and she finds her head spinning. What will this mean for the girl who always plays by the rules?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

What I Wore This Week // OOTD #5

This has been a very good week, outfit-wise. Probably because I brought tons of new clothes from home when I had gone to visit last Sunday, so I've been very enthusiastic about dressing up for college. Here's what I wore this week, Geeks!

1) Be the Rainbow
A photo posted by Swati Hegde (@geekiechicblog) on

I was so homesick on Monday that I could barely summon the energy to get out of bed. And that's why I went with this brightly coloured, optimistic kurti from Global Desi, pairing it with my Nuon leopard-print leggings. My pink dangling earrings are from Accessorize. I'm not a fan of long earrings, to be honest, but I thought a change was needed to pull me out of my sorrow.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Things That Annoy Me #1: The Extrovert Ideal

They say people are social animals that cannot survive without human interaction, probably because this was essential for survival during the Stone Age. How else could we have dominated the earth and become the superpower race we are today?

That being said, times are different now. People need each other, yes, but not to the same extent. Actually, for some of us, it's not even close.

I've written about introversion on my blog before, mostly so people in my friends circle would understand that it's not about being shy or antisocial, it's about where we derive our energy from and how much stimulation we need.

But no matter how popular this topic is today, no matter how many speeches are made to spread awareness, no matter how many introverts are speaking up every single day, the Extrovert Ideal is nowhere near to being finished. I can say this from personal experience, and I'm sure my introverted Geeks would agree.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

'Mansfield Park' by Jane Austen: A Book Review

'We have all been more or less to blame ...
every one of us, excepting Fanny.'
Taken from the poverty of her parents' home, Fanny Price is brought up with her rich cousins at Mansfield Park, acutely aware of her humble rank and with only her cousin Edmund as an ally. When Fanny's uncle is absent in Antigua, Mary Crawford and her brother Henry arrive in the neighbourhood, bringing with them London glamour and a reckless taste for flirtation. As her female cousins vie for Henry's attention, and even Edmund falls for Mary's dazzling charms, only Fanny remains doubtful about the Crawfords' influence and finds herself more isolated than ever. A subtle examination of social position and moral integrity, Mansfield Park is one of Jane Austen's most profound works.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Fitness Journey, Then and Now.

Most people don't understand why I work out because I've always been on the skinnier side, and a lot of people correlate fitness with being skinny.
And I'm here to tell you that they're so wrong.

Growing up - and even today - I've been prey to the skinny-shaming phenomenon. I've had people comment on my completely normal eating habits or my skinny wrists. People have treated me as weak and frail. People have asked me to "go eat a sandwich" because they thought I looked anorexic.
And of course it had a devastating effect on my self-esteem. 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

What I Wore Outside My House // OOTD #4

I'm still home with my family, and I'm proud to say that I haven't ventured into the great unknown the entire weekend. That means sitting in my pajamas for hours on end. Now, if that isn't heaven, what is?

I also repeated outfits a few times this week, so there will only be four OOTDs today. However, my suitcase is packed with dozens of new clothes, so I will have brought my A-game by next Sunday.

1) Cool Blue
A photo posted by Swati Hegde (@geekiechicblog) on

One of the best things about having a sister is that your wardrobe doubles in size. This cute blue hand-me-down is by Max, and my jeans are Forever 21. Seriously, though. They are literally forever Forever 21. I need to buy more jeans.

2) Flowy, Floral and Hippie
A photo posted by Swati Hegde (@geekiechicblog) on

Go, flower power! I borrowed this flowy kimono from my roomie and paired it with another flowy floral top from Westside, a bright red cami from Forever New, and a pink headband and grey jeans from Forever 21.

3) Pride & Print

I'm very proud of this custom-made P&P shirt from 99 T-Shirts. The front says, "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune..." and the back finishes the quote: "... must be in want of a wife." I know. How hot is that?
I added my funky printed jacket from Westside and some jeans from Forever 21. Come on. You saw that coming.

4) Bow to Me
A photo posted by Swati Hegde (@geekiechicblog) on

I don't even need an excuse to wear this big lace bow that I got from Claire's. My floral top with a gorgeous lace insert is from Pantaloons, I think. And the jeans: you already know, don't you?

I know that I don't show what I'm wearing on my feet, but that's because I only own three pairs of shoes. Funky blue ballet flats, black strappy sandals, and my darling white and purple Adidas. I usually wear my sneakers to college irrespective of what clothes I'm wearing. Comfort comes first.

Anyway, what outfit was your favourite? I can't wait to wear that flowy floral look again. Do you have a fashion blog? Show me what your fashion sense looks like.
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See you next Sunday!

Friday, 14 August 2015

'Days of Awe' by Lauren Fox: A Book Review

Only a year ago Isabel Moore was married, the object of adoration of her ten-year-old daughter, and thought she knew everything about her wild, extravagant, beloved best friend, Josie. But in that one short year: her husband moved out and rented his own apartment; her daughter grew into a moody insomniac; and Josie -- impulsive, funny, secretive Josie -- was killed behind the wheel in a single-car accident. As Isabel tries to make sense of this shattering loss and unravel the months leading up to Josie's death, she comes to understand the shifts, large and small, that can upend a friendship and an entire life. Heartbreaking and wryly funny, Days of Awe is a masterly exploration of marriage, motherhood, and the often surprising shape of new love.

Note: I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is one of those stories that don't really have a beginning or an ending. This is one of those books that aren't very plot-driven; it's highly character-driven. But that's a risky approach for any writer, because fleshing out characters that can keep the reader captivated is difficult.

Somehow, Lauren Fox does it.

Days of Awe is not your average women's fiction book. It is by no means a chick lit (thankfully). Days of Awe is about the tragedy of life, death, love, and family. And somehow it is also about the normalcy of all of the above.

The book follows the life of Izzie, a middle-aged woman, a woman who lives in her thoughts. The story is told from varying perspectives of past and present, which seems rather confusing at first but then gives the reader a chance to see the bigger picture.

Her best friend Josie was bold, witty, energetic, funny, and also... slightly deranged.
Izzie spends most of her time telling us about Josie and her crazy antics, and how maybe it wasn't the car that killed Josie, it was everyone around her.

Izzie herself is a very... entertaining protagonist, even with all the numbness that surrounds her life. She is sarcastic to a T, somehow a pushover and a go-getter at the same time; and it's so interesting to look at the intricacies of her thoughts and wonder how she's going to get over those bad feelings by the end of the story.

I am absolutely in love with the way this book is written. The words feel like a punch to your gut, because they're so... raw.

This was what I loved about being a teacher, back then, when I loved it: that every child was some family's most precious gem, the joy of their hearts, and I could see that, even sometimes when their own parents probably couldn't; I could see that spark of perfection in every kid, in whatever form it took, a devious sense of humor or a disheveled sweetness, and I loved them all for it. They were grubby and loud and chaotic, and occasionally mean-spirited and dim-witted, sometimes feral and once in a while borderline psychotic. But they had beauty in them. 

You can't preserve anything; every happy moment is already on its way to becoming nostalgia. That's the problem.

My stomach dropped a little, and my heart thudded. Sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between thrill and panic.

Love was foolish and inevitable. We were just waiting to be shattered by it. The days were finite, full of awe.

Now moving on to the things I didn't like about this book.
Well, there wasn't much of a plot. And as much as I love slow-paced, thoughtful books, I did get frustrated a few times, wondering what the point was to this story. What is the author trying to tell me?

The ending, too, is rather abrupt. Izzie doesn't get the closure she deserves. Many subplot points are just left like that, hanging in thin air. Was that the author's aim? To show us that not every story gets a polished ending?

I'm going to go with 4 stars out of 5 for this one.
Days of Awe is unconventionally funny and brutally honest, and i
t definitely served as a much-needed break from all the angsty young adult novels I've been writing/reading lately. For all you tragic readers out there, this one's for you.

This book was released on August 4th, 2015. Do grab a copy for yourself and tell me what you think. Already read it? What were your thoughts on the ending?

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Pretty Little Liars 6x10 (Game Over, Charles): A Recap

Who killed Toby’s mother? Who hit Alison in the head with the rock the night she went missing? Who is Red Coat? Who killed Bethany? Who is the Black Widow? Why has ‘A’ been targeting the PLLs all this time? After years of torture, Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally come face-to-face with their tormentor and learn the story of how and why Charles became ‘A.’

What. The. Hell.
Let me just find my inner peace.
Okay, that's better. Now, a warning: if you have not watched the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, or if you aren't comfortable with some serious ranting, leave this blog right now.
Okay. Are you ready for the most disappointing Charles reveal of all time?

Great. Let's begin.


With the help of Mona, who was dressed in a red cloak, the Liars find a way out of the party and into Carissimi group, from where Charles is running his master plan. The boys, along with Clark, have asked the girls to stay put, but Sara says she'll call Detective Tanner and let the police know that they're on Charles' trail.

Using Sara's help - apparently Charles gave her a cookie every year on September 7th - the girls crack the code of some secure room in the Carissimi building and walk right into Charles' brain. And there, right in front of their eyes, is the live feed into everything that Charles and Alison are up to at Radley.

But just as the girls beckon Sara to join them, she shakes her head and the door closes, locking them in. Oops. Well, they might as well watch what's happening.

Looks like Charles has paralysed Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis. They can hear and see what's going on, but there's nothing they can do about it. Anyway, Alison is screaming at him for everything that he's done, and then - hold your breath - he turns.

Aaaaaaand it isn't a 'he' after all. It's CeCe Drake.

Indeed. Apparently, Charles loved dressing up, wearing makeup and playing with dolls as a child, and that was the last straw for Mr. DiLaurentis, who didn't want a mentally unstable transgender for a child. So they put him in Radley, although Mrs. D continued to visit him.

When Charles turned twelve, the dresses, each one a copy of Alison's, began pouring in. Around that time, he made a new friend there: Bethany Young, who was just as insane as he was. She pushed Toby's mother off the roof and blamed it on Charles. Who would trust a boy in a dress over a pretty blonde girl? So Bethany got off scot-free and Charles spent the next seven years in a drug-induced haze.

On the bright side, though, Charles was finally let out for a funeral: his own. Charles became Charlotte and a metaphorical grave was dug up.
Charlotte, smart as she was, soon got permission to go take classes at UPenn instead of being locked up in her room.

And that's how one day, after she called in a bomb threat so she could skip school, she met Jason DiLaurentis. Her brother. She introduced herself as CeCe Drake. C.D. And then she became his girlfriend!

Mrs. D was aghast when she found out, though not because of the semi-incestuous relationship. She was angry because it was too dangerous for Charlotte, as CeCe, to go with the DiLaurentis family to Cape May. But their father didn't recognise her, and the trip happened. And, Charlotte proudly reminds Alison in real time, it was one of the best times of their lives.

Back at the cuckoo hospital, Bethany Young found out that Mrs. D was having an affair with her dad. So she took on Charlotte's appearance and decided to go get her revenge, Charlotte hot on her trail. Char watched Bethany walk towards the DiLaurentis house and stopped her by hitting her in the head with a rock. Except it wasn't Bethany after all - it was Ali. That's why Mrs. D buried her own daughter alive: to keep the other one safe.

Now Mona admits that she was the one who killed Bethany, thinking that she was killing Alison. Lord, give me strength.

After that, Mrs. D paid off Wilden, the only cop who was aware of this abnormal situation, and sent Charlotte back to Radley.
It was only a short time before Charlotte made a new friend: Mona. Mona, who was almost comatose because of all the medication, filled Charlotte in on all the happenings in Rosewood. That's how CeCe got all the information she needed to steal the game from the original 'A'. That's how she found out that the Liars were relieved that Ali was dead, and that's why she tortured them.

Remember the fire at the lodge? Charlotte started it to lure the girls there because she saw Alison, as Red Coat, following the girls around town. Alison made an appearance at the fire to save the girls, but when Shana gatecrashed, Charlotte and the fake Red Coat's plans were foiled.
But at least now Charlotte knew that her sister was alive.

Meanwhile, Red Coat - who turns out to be Sara Harvey - is prepping Radley Sanitarium so Charlotte can blow the place up after the 'game' is over.

Charlotte even tried going overseas for a while, but the game was too addictive. She had to come back. She had to play. She couldn't stop.

When she came back and decided to visit her mother, she found Mrs. D dead in the backyard. It is not revealed who killed her.
Wilden found out about Alison being alive, so Charlotte had to kill him. Sara Harvey, dressed as the Black Widow, went to the funeral to make sure that his body was in the coffin.

The girls know they have to get into Radley before the place is blown up. They find an escape route and make their way to Charlotte and Alison's meeting point, but get intercepted by Red Coat Sara, who's setting up the bomb.

Charlotte presses the button, but nothing happens. The Liars have Sara trapped and Spencer has already defused the bomb. Sara tries to tell Emily that she was trying to keep her safe - yeah, right! - and Emily punches her. Good for you, Em.

And then Alison races towards the girls in horror. Charlotte is making her way to the roof. So the girls follow her there and convince her to get down. By this point, the building is surrounded by police vans.
"We understand your story," the girls say. "You can be with your family now. We'll protect you. Don't do this to your sister!"
Wow. Not sure Charlotte's twisted soul deserves any redemption. I'd push her off the roof, personally.

But it's only when Alison screams her name that Charlotte comes down, her face streaked with tears. "Game over," she says.

Fast-forward to Labour Day weekend. The girls are all leaving for college - all except Ali, who has decided to stay in Rosewood. Some emotional moments, some jokes here and there, blah blah.

Fast-forward to five years in the future. Rosewood High School. Alison is writing her name on the blackboard: Mrs. Rollins. The Liars burst inside the classroom, shouting: "He's here and we can't stop him!"

The episode ends.


Really? The transgender theory? Really?
So if 'Charlotte' identifies as a female, why did she dress up as a boy for Prom in the dollhouse? Why did Charles have brown hair then? How did CeCe carry out all the 'A' tasks that require Herculean strength? And why was Wren, the ideal Charles suspect, sketching pictures of Mrs. DiLaurentis on the Campbell farm?

This is bullshit. Even the 'Ezra-was-writing-a-novel' storyline was better than this. And who killed Mrs. D? And what's up with the 'he' five years later? Is CeCe gender-fluid now? Is this Uber A? Is it just a PLL fan seeking revenge for this terrible finale?

CeCe? Really?

Wren as 'A' made so much more sense. How did CeCe get the medical prowess to insert a note inside Hanna's tooth? Where did she get all the hospital equipment from? Will they ever reveal that?
Probably not.
And how did CeCe acquire Carissimi group? Just because of Mrs. D's influence?

And what happened to the Drunk Moms? Are they still locked in the basement, five years later?

Season 6B comes out this winter, probably early 2016. Here's the promo.

Whatever. I was wrong about season 6 being a game-changer. This show is going to the dogs.
Buuuut I'll still be tuning into episode 6x11, so be sure to tune in next year for more recaps. What did you think of this reveAl? Were you as disappointed as I am? Are you going to boycott the show, like many fans are planning to? What was your Charles theory?

Bye, PLL Geeks!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

What I Wore To College // OOTD #3

The past week has been hectic and lazy at the same time. Is that even possible? Anyway, except for one visit to the movie theatre, the only place I've been outside of my home is college. Since I can't go there wearing my PJs (although I sort of did the day I was feeling blue), keep reading to find out what my style quotient looked like this week.

1) Laidback Love

I wear outfits that are either extremely put-together or completely lazy. This shirt from Max was at the far end of my closet, all rumpled and wrinkled. I did not iron it, as you can see. My grey jeans from Forever 21 gave the finishing touch to this faded, Abnegation-esque look.

2) Fairy Fashion
A photo posted by Swati Hegde (@geekiechicblog) on

This is probably my favourite look out of all the outfits I've ever worn. A tiara headband from Forever New, this paisley cap-sleeved Dorothy Perkins top and my trusted grey jeans? Comfortable, feminine and trendy, all at the same time.
The top is still in stock on Jabong. You can get it here.

3) Badger Pride

I'm a proud Hufflepuff, as you can tell by the badge on the sidebar. I got this lovely sleeveless top from WB Studios, London. I paired it with my orange/yellow headband from Forever 21, along with... the grey jeans. You guessed it.

4) Prints All The Way

It was Wednesday, but I wasn't feeling particularly pink, so I thought I'd mix it up a little with some florals from StalkBuyLove, stripes from Forever New, and that cute bow headband from Claire's. My plain blue jeans are from Esprit.

5) No Phonies Allowed

I've only read Catcher in the Rye once, but I loved it. I think I saw this caption during a John Green video, and I knew I needed a custom shirt declaring my love for the book. With some help from 99 T-Shirts, I designed this full-sleeved top and decided to go with my blue Forever 21 jeans (although the filter makes them look grey). My polka-dot blue headband from Claire's also made an appearance.

Well, that's it for this week. I might be going out for a cheat day meal tonight (barbeque French fries and green tea, perhaps?), so you can find out what I wear next Sunday.

What fashion were you wearing this week? If you're a fashion blogger, leave a link for me in the comments and tell me what trend you love rocking best. For me, it's definitely florals. I cannot live without flower power.
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See you next Sunday, Chic Geeks!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Why It's Okay to be Sad

I am, quite possibly, one of the most positive people I know. I maintain a gratitude journal. I practise the law of attraction. I'm the person you come to when you need a self-esteem boost. And I have this poster on my wall:

And I have to admit that I hadn't really had any 'bad days' since January, when I started my journey of positivity. By 'bad days', I mean days when you feel like your depression might be coming back for no reason whatsoever. And if you've ever been depressed, you probably understand how terrifying it can be to feel that way again.

At least, I hadn't had any 'bad days' up until this week, when I woke up feeling like my life had no purpose. I cried for hours without even knowing why I was crying. I'd have loved to think that it was just the after-effects of watching TFIOS for the hundredth time, but I knew that wasn't the case. I had been overworked and lonely and exhausted for weeks, and this was just my body's way of telling me to stop pretending like my life was full of rainbows and sunshine and unicorns.

I'm all for being happy and finding silver linings, but as it turns out, that's not how life works. Scientists say there are six major emotions in the human mind: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust. So why are people hell-bent on trying to be only one emotion, all the time? Why am I so desperate to only be happy and not be anything else?

Have you seen Disney Pixar's latest movie, Inside Out? No spoilers, but the movie isn't just a kiddie entertainment flick talking about the voices inside your head. Inside Out teaches you an important lesson: all your emotions matter. Joy isn't the only thing you should feel. Sadness is just as important.

And that's what I've realised now, Geeks. If you're happy all the time, if you strive to find the silver lining even when the grey clouds are raining down on you, then aren't you simply ignoring your problems? Aren't you letting yourself get swept up in the thunderstorm?

Sometimes your sadness helps you understand that you need to change the way you're living your life. It tells you that you need to talk about what you're doing wrong instead of just pretending to be that optimistic, happy-go-lucky fool. Sometimes sadness becomes your path to happiness.

Like with me, a few days ago. I spend the first half of the day moping about in tears until I finally opened up to a friend about everything that had been bothering me. I didn't look on the bright side or count my blessings. I was just honest about the many ways in which life had disappointed me. And that helped. It helped so much.

Today, I'm not sad. I still know I have problems, and I still know that I'm not living my life the way I want to. But those feelings are out of my system. Instead of pushing them away, I let them take over for a short time, because all emotions - whether negative or positive - are a part of us. And we shouldn't deny them that right.

So the next time you're miserable, Geeks, stop searching for the silver lining and start looking inside yourself. Let your sorrow tell you what's wrong. Take a few days to explore your emotions. Let joy take the back seat for now, and just be sad.

And then, when you've found the courage to express your sadness, your positive attitude will come back. And it'll be stronger than ever.

When was the last time you let yourself be sad without feeling guilty or disappointed? When was the last time you faced your fears head-on instead of hiding behind the curtain of optimism? And when was the last time you saw Inside Out? Because if you haven't, I suggest you do immediately.

Always be true to your feelings, Geeks, whether they're good or bad. I'll see you next time. :)

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pretty Little Liars 6x09 (Last Dance): A Recap

It is prom time at Rosewood High School, except for Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer who have been banned due to "security" concerns. As the girls see this as the final humiliating blow to their high school careers, the girls' mothers try to make the best of a bad situation by offering a home prom in Spencer's barn. At first reluctant, the PLLs agree and try to make the best out of a bad situation. But one to never miss a formal, Charles has other plans in store to make this a night they will never forget.
Meanwhile, Veronica, Pam, Ashley and Ella use prom night to touch base on everything that has happened to their daughters.

Oh. My. God.
We are so close, PLL Geeks. Just one more week until the identity of Charles is revealed. Today's episode was adrenaline-inducing, action-packed, and gave us a few answers (and more questions than we can count).


So the school board has made a decision: the Liars will not be allowed to attend their senior prom or their commencement due to security issues. Looks like their poofy dresses and dates will be holed up inside Spencer's barn, and their diplomas in their mailboxes. Tsk, tsk. But the moms think that even a silly little get-together in Melissa's ex-house is better than no prom.

Speaking of photographs, guess who won the competition and bagged the fancy L.A. internship? Aria! But she doesn't have too many reasons to celebrate. Clark has gone MIA since his stint with Rhys (Reese?) at the abandoned doll factory, and isn't this proof enough that he's up to no good? Why else would he avoid Aria's calls and texts?

Toby's been suspended from the force for being stoned on duty. Not his fault, as Spencer argues, and she's willing to go to Detective Tanner with the truth. But what's done is done, and Toby doesn't want her meddling anymore. Lorenzo agrees - he's realised that Alison was, and still is, a manipulating mastermind, and it's best if he avoids her from now on. Spencer disagrees. Ali might have been the Queen Bitch once, but she's had her moment of redemption now. All she needs is someone who understands how vulnerable she is, deep down. And Lorenzo might just be that 'someone'.

Toby and Ezra are willing to accompany their leading ladies to prom, but what excuse do Caleb and Sara have to cancel? Caleb's visiting his dad in New York to deliver an industrial-strength laptop, and Sara has already made proms plans with her besties back home.

Hanna won't buy it, though. She investigates a little and finds out that Caleb's dad isn't expecting his son in the city at all. Then why would he lie? Is he trying to get to the bottom of this 'A' mess?

The night of the prom, the Liars' mothers are having their own little party. Booze included, of course. One thing leads to another and we get to feast our eyes on the Drunk Moms (a spinoff we would all love, thank you very much), with Veronica Hastings leading the women to the DiLaurentis house so she can pick a fight with Kenneth.

There, they run into Rhys from the Carissimi group, and like their daughters, the moms wonder if he's Charles. Their inebriation (and Veronica's obsession with Kenneth) causes them to get locked in the basement, without their phones or their senses. Great going.

Meanwhile, Alison - who received a mysterious text from Charles asking her to prom - sneaks into the school's official dance. Clark is there, too, with his camera. His eyes linger on Alison for a little longer than usual.
The Liars are done posing for their phones and are now spying on the prom they missed. Jenna and Lucas holding hands? Noel's drunk new girlfriend? And wait - is that Alison photobombing a random couple?

So the Liars and the boys break into the school to attend prom as well. Though they find Alison, she insists that she needs to meet her brother, face-to-face. He wouldn't hurt her. The Liars do their best to keep their eyes on her, but with Caleb and Sara gatecrashing (Caleb wanted to surprise Hanna with some great news - he got a super-secret job in NYC so he could pay for her tuition), and a major bomb dropped by Ezra (he's going to Thailand with Habitat for Humanity this summer), it's safe to say that everyone gets distracted.

Not for long. Alison runs behind Red Cape (Red Coat?), Clark following suit, and that's when it's revealed that Clark isn't your average college student. He's an undercover cop.
But although Clark, Toby, Lorenzo and probably the entire police force is in the building, Charles manages to lure Alison into a secluded spot. And that's when he takes off his mark.

"Oh, my God," says Alison.


Just turn the damn camera and show us his face, damn it! Why would Ali be so surprised? Because she finally sees him, or because she knows him? Alison's never met Wren, has she?
At least this rules out Caleb, Ezra, Toby, Lorenzo, Clark and Sara. And all the moms.

Can we give the moms a standing ovation, though? I loved their scenes. From drama to humour to drunk speculation, we need more Drunk Moms on this show.

Also, how exactly did the Liars get out of the barn if the police cars were patrolling the area? And how did they gatecrash prom if their names weren't on the guest list? And why didn't the chaperones just kick them out?

Most Suspicious This Week

I don't even care. Can August 12th get here already?

Next week's promo isn't really a promo, probably because they can't disclose too much. They have released the first two minutes of the episode, which you can watch here, but other than telling us that the Liars know Charles' identity and story (and that his motive is very 'understandable'), we find out nothing.

This reveal better be epic, Geeks. I'm going to be really disappointed if it isn't Wren at this point. And what is the deal with Rhys? And what happens to the Drunk Moms? Do I really have to wait so long to find out?

I'll be counting down the days until next Wednesday. What about you? Tell me your theories in the comments below. What are your thoughts?

See you next week!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

'Ruby's Misadventures with Reality' by Samantha Bohrman: A Book Review

She's off to see the killer...
Lawyer Ruby O'Deare might not be living the American dream, but it feels like it every time she visits her small town megamall. The shoes! The lighting! Prince Charming spotted in the food court! It's a dream, right?
But all dreams must come to an end.
Ruby's does when she wakes up after a one-night stand with the town's sexy zoning commissioner, Noel West. Actually, that part is good. It's the expired Dollar Store condoms she finds that feel too real.
And then her favorite client Estelle turns up dead.
Ruby is determined to find out the truth behind the curtains of Ozcorp, the company that owns the heavenly megamall and has the most to gain from her client's death. She just hopes the zoning commissioner she might be falling for isn't caught up in the danger.

Note: I received an advance ready copy from the publishers (
Entangled: Select Suspense) via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I've been on a chick-lit-murder-mystery reading spree off late, haven't I?
At least that's what I thought until I finished reading this book. Ruby's Misadventures with Reality is somehow both and neither genre at the same time. I didn't know that was even possible.

See, the plot blurb sounds very interesting. A young woman dealing with a pregnancy out of wedlock while she solves the murder of an ex-client, plus a shady corporation that runs the entire town in the background?

Buuuuuut... that's not what the story is about. Heck, I just finished reading it and I still don't know what the plot actually is. Yes, you have a murder, but it's conveniently ignored up until the end; there is an unexpected pregnancy, but no inner turmoil or conflict; and the history of the shady corporation is barely mentioned.
Most of this book is about Ruby's impulsive shopaholic tendencies, her unexplained romance with Noel West and her relationship with her roommate/best friend who cares absolutely nothing for her. Oh, and the stoner who sleeps on her couch.

Anyway, the story is very, very slow-paced. Even though it was such a long, long read (or did it just feel that way?) nothing was happening other than the silly problems Ruby would get herself into every single chapter.

The writing was typical chick lit. Nothing special, but nothing bland, either.

Every time she sat down with a caramel roll and Estelle doddered around looking for unnecessary butter patties, she felt unconditional love wash over her. Maybe it was just the butter, though. Butter might feel a lot like love.

The characters in this book were not at all likeable. The protagonist herself was so immature and annoying that reading from her perspective was exhausting.

Ruby's roommate is negative about everything, shows no kindness towards her best friend, and allows some random stranger to sleep in their house, free of cost. Why?
Their landlord, Noel West, has a one-night stand with Ruby and suddenly falls in love with her. He's your characteristic 'perfect man' who makes a serious error in judgement but renounces his ways in the end. Why does he like Ruby? When has he ever had an actual conversation with her that didn't involve the Ozcorp scam?

The pregnancy storyline felt pointless. It could have been a wonderful opportunity to show Ruby struggling with her career, her feelings for Noel, maybe even her thoughts on abortion, but the author let it slide for some reason.

The only bits of this book that I liked were the Wizard of Oz references, the way Ruby and Noel's feelings are described (although the reasons aren't specified) and the occasional funny line here and there, usually courtesy of the stoner. 

I'm going to go with 2 stars out of 5 for this one.
Ruby's Misadventures with Reality feels like a half-hearted, confused attempt at writing murder mysteries for chick lit readers. It isn't something I'd recommend, unfortunately.

This book released on July 14th, 2015. Have you picked up a copy already, or are you planning to? And are there any books you'd like me to review? Feel free to contact me.
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Sunday, 2 August 2015

What I Wore To Places // OOTD #2

It seems like people actually enjoy reading about geek fashion. Who'd have thought, huh?
My last OOTD post got an impressive number of views, so here I am once more with photographic evidence of what I wore to college and other places (but mostly college) last week.

1) Feelin' Brave
A photo posted by Swati Hegde (@geekiechicblog) on

I'm an advocate of wearing bright colours, but there are days when it's good to step back and show some grunge love. But I couldn't bear to go completely rogue, so I added a pop of red to finish the look. The bright cami is thanks to Forever New, the black tank top is from... somewhere, and the jeans are obviously Forever 21.

2) Lace Love
A photo posted by Swati Hegde (@geekiechicblog) on

I can't go two days without wearing lace. I love how the bold, bright colours are offset by the lace panelling on my top, which is from Vero Moda. Not sure where the electric blue jeans are from, but I love them!

3) Some More Lace Love
A photo posted by Swati Hegde (@geekiechicblog) on

See, I told you. I'm obsessed with the feel of lace. And peplum. Of course, I had to add my signature pink headband (thank you, Forever 21) to style my Done by None top the geekie way.
I think Done by None is, well, done, which is a pity - I really liked some of their designs.

4) Floral Fun
A photo posted by Swati Hegde (@geekiechicblog) on

This is a semi-cropped crop top, and I don't usually wear crop tops anywhere, forget college, but... I guess it's good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. My jeans are from Esprit. The top is... uh... never mind.

5) Abnegation Attire

I didn't wear this one out anywhere, because it's a nightdress. But I had to show it off. Being a huge Divergent fan (I'm Abnegation, Erudite and Amity - what about you?), I have always related this plain, grey dress with the selfless faction. I know the Abnegation don't show any skin at all, but this would still make for a good Halloween costume, wouldn't it? ______________________________________________________________________

That's it for this week. Unfortunately, I'm not as much of a fashion photographer as I thought, and I need to save some pictures for next week just in case I'm too busy to click, snap or edit. But if you want regular fashion updates, feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Which outfits did you love, and which ones did you hate? Do you like lace and florals too? Comment below and tell me which trends you're crazy for.

I'll see you next Sunday, my chic Geeks!