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Pretty Little Liars 6x10 (Game Over, Charles): A Recap

Who killed Toby’s mother? Who hit Alison in the head with the rock the night she went missing? Who is Red Coat? Who killed Bethany? Who is the Black Widow? Why has ‘A’ been targeting the PLLs all this time? After years of torture, Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally come face-to-face with their tormentor and learn the story of how and why Charles became ‘A.’

What. The. Hell.
Let me just find my inner peace.
Okay, that's better. Now, a warning: if you have not watched the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, or if you aren't comfortable with some serious ranting, leave this blog right now.
Okay. Are you ready for the most disappointing Charles reveal of all time?

Great. Let's begin.


With the help of Mona, who was dressed in a red cloak, the Liars find a way out of the party and into Carissimi group, from where Charles is running his master plan. The boys, along with Clark, have asked the girls to stay put, but Sara says she'll call Detective Tanner and let the police know that they're on Charles' trail.

Using Sara's help - apparently Charles gave her a cookie every year on September 7th - the girls crack the code of some secure room in the Carissimi building and walk right into Charles' brain. And there, right in front of their eyes, is the live feed into everything that Charles and Alison are up to at Radley.

But just as the girls beckon Sara to join them, she shakes her head and the door closes, locking them in. Oops. Well, they might as well watch what's happening.

Looks like Charles has paralysed Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis. They can hear and see what's going on, but there's nothing they can do about it. Anyway, Alison is screaming at him for everything that he's done, and then - hold your breath - he turns.

Aaaaaaand it isn't a 'he' after all. It's CeCe Drake.

Indeed. Apparently, Charles loved dressing up, wearing makeup and playing with dolls as a child, and that was the last straw for Mr. DiLaurentis, who didn't want a mentally unstable transgender for a child. So they put him in Radley, although Mrs. D continued to visit him.

When Charles turned twelve, the dresses, each one a copy of Alison's, began pouring in. Around that time, he made a new friend there: Bethany Young, who was just as insane as he was. She pushed Toby's mother off the roof and blamed it on Charles. Who would trust a boy in a dress over a pretty blonde girl? So Bethany got off scot-free and Charles spent the next seven years in a drug-induced haze.

On the bright side, though, Charles was finally let out for a funeral: his own. Charles became Charlotte and a metaphorical grave was dug up.
Charlotte, smart as she was, soon got permission to go take classes at UPenn instead of being locked up in her room.

And that's how one day, after she called in a bomb threat so she could skip school, she met Jason DiLaurentis. Her brother. She introduced herself as CeCe Drake. C.D. And then she became his girlfriend!

Mrs. D was aghast when she found out, though not because of the semi-incestuous relationship. She was angry because it was too dangerous for Charlotte, as CeCe, to go with the DiLaurentis family to Cape May. But their father didn't recognise her, and the trip happened. And, Charlotte proudly reminds Alison in real time, it was one of the best times of their lives.

Back at the cuckoo hospital, Bethany Young found out that Mrs. D was having an affair with her dad. So she took on Charlotte's appearance and decided to go get her revenge, Charlotte hot on her trail. Char watched Bethany walk towards the DiLaurentis house and stopped her by hitting her in the head with a rock. Except it wasn't Bethany after all - it was Ali. That's why Mrs. D buried her own daughter alive: to keep the other one safe.

Now Mona admits that she was the one who killed Bethany, thinking that she was killing Alison. Lord, give me strength.

After that, Mrs. D paid off Wilden, the only cop who was aware of this abnormal situation, and sent Charlotte back to Radley.
It was only a short time before Charlotte made a new friend: Mona. Mona, who was almost comatose because of all the medication, filled Charlotte in on all the happenings in Rosewood. That's how CeCe got all the information she needed to steal the game from the original 'A'. That's how she found out that the Liars were relieved that Ali was dead, and that's why she tortured them.

Remember the fire at the lodge? Charlotte started it to lure the girls there because she saw Alison, as Red Coat, following the girls around town. Alison made an appearance at the fire to save the girls, but when Shana gatecrashed, Charlotte and the fake Red Coat's plans were foiled.
But at least now Charlotte knew that her sister was alive.

Meanwhile, Red Coat - who turns out to be Sara Harvey - is prepping Radley Sanitarium so Charlotte can blow the place up after the 'game' is over.

Charlotte even tried going overseas for a while, but the game was too addictive. She had to come back. She had to play. She couldn't stop.

When she came back and decided to visit her mother, she found Mrs. D dead in the backyard. It is not revealed who killed her.
Wilden found out about Alison being alive, so Charlotte had to kill him. Sara Harvey, dressed as the Black Widow, went to the funeral to make sure that his body was in the coffin.

The girls know they have to get into Radley before the place is blown up. They find an escape route and make their way to Charlotte and Alison's meeting point, but get intercepted by Red Coat Sara, who's setting up the bomb.

Charlotte presses the button, but nothing happens. The Liars have Sara trapped and Spencer has already defused the bomb. Sara tries to tell Emily that she was trying to keep her safe - yeah, right! - and Emily punches her. Good for you, Em.

And then Alison races towards the girls in horror. Charlotte is making her way to the roof. So the girls follow her there and convince her to get down. By this point, the building is surrounded by police vans.
"We understand your story," the girls say. "You can be with your family now. We'll protect you. Don't do this to your sister!"
Wow. Not sure Charlotte's twisted soul deserves any redemption. I'd push her off the roof, personally.

But it's only when Alison screams her name that Charlotte comes down, her face streaked with tears. "Game over," she says.

Fast-forward to Labour Day weekend. The girls are all leaving for college - all except Ali, who has decided to stay in Rosewood. Some emotional moments, some jokes here and there, blah blah.

Fast-forward to five years in the future. Rosewood High School. Alison is writing her name on the blackboard: Mrs. Rollins. The Liars burst inside the classroom, shouting: "He's here and we can't stop him!"

The episode ends.


Really? The transgender theory? Really?
So if 'Charlotte' identifies as a female, why did she dress up as a boy for Prom in the dollhouse? Why did Charles have brown hair then? How did CeCe carry out all the 'A' tasks that require Herculean strength? And why was Wren, the ideal Charles suspect, sketching pictures of Mrs. DiLaurentis on the Campbell farm?

This is bullshit. Even the 'Ezra-was-writing-a-novel' storyline was better than this. And who killed Mrs. D? And what's up with the 'he' five years later? Is CeCe gender-fluid now? Is this Uber A? Is it just a PLL fan seeking revenge for this terrible finale?

CeCe? Really?

Wren as 'A' made so much more sense. How did CeCe get the medical prowess to insert a note inside Hanna's tooth? Where did she get all the hospital equipment from? Will they ever reveal that?
Probably not.
And how did CeCe acquire Carissimi group? Just because of Mrs. D's influence?

And what happened to the Drunk Moms? Are they still locked in the basement, five years later?

Season 6B comes out this winter, probably early 2016. Here's the promo.

Whatever. I was wrong about season 6 being a game-changer. This show is going to the dogs.
Buuuut I'll still be tuning into episode 6x11, so be sure to tune in next year for more recaps. What did you think of this reveAl? Were you as disappointed as I am? Are you going to boycott the show, like many fans are planning to? What was your Charles theory?

Bye, PLL Geeks!


  1. Cece is A ..... GOD !!!!
    I expected so much Frm dis n got nthing

    1. Right?!?? And the plot holes make no sense at all! Like the fact that Toby's mom was shown to have died when he was a teenager, not a toddler!!

  2. How did Jessica pay off Wilden to cover up Marion's death Wilden would have been younger than charles at that point loads of plot holes, will you be watching next year? I've also done a post about this episode very disappointed x

    1. Exactly!! And the scene with Mrs. Cavanaugh when Toby was a teen: how is that possible if she died when Charles was a kid?
      I'll be watching, but with much disdain and below-ground expectations.
      Who was your 'A' suspect? Wren? :)

  3. Honestly I really wanted it to be Wren even though everyone thought he was too obvious but I think his story would have been more interesting! I loved the theory of him, Melissa helping being Black Widow I thought CeCe was quite a side character and Sara especially! Me too but hopefully this was done for a reason? And next season maybe better that's what I'm hoping anyway haha! X


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