Sunday, 23 August 2015

What I Wore This Week // OOTD #5

This has been a very good week, outfit-wise. Probably because I brought tons of new clothes from home when I had gone to visit last Sunday, so I've been very enthusiastic about dressing up for college. Here's what I wore this week, Geeks!

1) Be the Rainbow
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I was so homesick on Monday that I could barely summon the energy to get out of bed. And that's why I went with this brightly coloured, optimistic kurti from Global Desi, pairing it with my Nuon leopard-print leggings. My pink dangling earrings are from Accessorize. I'm not a fan of long earrings, to be honest, but I thought a change was needed to pull me out of my sorrow.

2) Girl in the Green Scarf
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Unfortunately, dressing up in rainbow colours didn't completely erase memories of home from my mind. So, on Day Two this week, I continued with my motto of energizing myself from the outside to channelise my energy on the inside. And hey, it actually worked! I had to spend the entire day working and travelling on the local trains, which usually exhausts me, but I came home at night feeling extremely at peace with myself. Maybe it was the gorgeous green scarf from Forever New, or the grey pants and red shirt from unnamed brands. Or maybe it was all me. Either way, I wasn't homesick any more.

3) Edgy Pink

They crank up the AC in class - plus it was Wednesday - so I went with this coral pink cutout cropped sweater and my grey denims, both from Forever 21.
I love that this look is bold and feminine at the same time, because why be one when you can be both?

4) Beauty and the Bow
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Bows before bros, am I right?
Anyway, florals are my favourite trend to rock. This lovely floral shirt from Forever New was the focus of my look, with the blue Forever 21 jeans and the girlie Claire's headband giving my outfit the finishing touches it deserved. I also sported a side fishtail braid instead of my usual college ponytail and let my bangs frame my face.

5) Farmer Chic

I don't usually wear stiff collared shirts, but I wanted to channel my inner farmgirl - my family is from an agricultural village - so I went with this green checkered shirt from Scullers and my blue jeans from Esprit. The look was too simple for me, and you know I don't do simple. Thus, the neon green headband from Forever 21 came into play. Why dress normal when you can be crazy, after all?

Well, this is what I wore to college (and work, but not other places - I'm sort of a recluse) from Monday to Friday. Which outfit do you think you'd like to wear? What does your idea of style look like? Link me to your fashion blog if you have one. I'd love to see what my Geeks like to wear!

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