Sunday, 2 August 2015

What I Wore To Places // OOTD #2

It seems like people actually enjoy reading about geek fashion. Who'd have thought, huh?
My last OOTD post got an impressive number of views, so here I am once more with photographic evidence of what I wore to college and other places (but mostly college) last week.

1) Feelin' Brave
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I'm an advocate of wearing bright colours, but there are days when it's good to step back and show some grunge love. But I couldn't bear to go completely rogue, so I added a pop of red to finish the look. The bright cami is thanks to Forever New, the black tank top is from... somewhere, and the jeans are obviously Forever 21.

2) Lace Love
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I can't go two days without wearing lace. I love how the bold, bright colours are offset by the lace panelling on my top, which is from Vero Moda. Not sure where the electric blue jeans are from, but I love them!

3) Some More Lace Love
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See, I told you. I'm obsessed with the feel of lace. And peplum. Of course, I had to add my signature pink headband (thank you, Forever 21) to style my Done by None top the geekie way.
I think Done by None is, well, done, which is a pity - I really liked some of their designs.

4) Floral Fun
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This is a semi-cropped crop top, and I don't usually wear crop tops anywhere, forget college, but... I guess it's good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. My jeans are from Esprit. The top is... uh... never mind.

5) Abnegation Attire

I didn't wear this one out anywhere, because it's a nightdress. But I had to show it off. Being a huge Divergent fan (I'm Abnegation, Erudite and Amity - what about you?), I have always related this plain, grey dress with the selfless faction. I know the Abnegation don't show any skin at all, but this would still make for a good Halloween costume, wouldn't it? ______________________________________________________________________

That's it for this week. Unfortunately, I'm not as much of a fashion photographer as I thought, and I need to save some pictures for next week just in case I'm too busy to click, snap or edit. But if you want regular fashion updates, feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Which outfits did you love, and which ones did you hate? Do you like lace and florals too? Comment below and tell me which trends you're crazy for.

I'll see you next Sunday, my chic Geeks!


  1. Whoa! I like the Divergent reference you made with that nightdress! I'm Abnegation and Erudite...a bit of Dauntless too!

    1. I could never be Dauntless. Too much aggression for me. XD


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