Friday, 11 September 2015

Things I Love #1: The Nibble Box

I'm a geek fangirl, so by that definition, there are thousands of things I'm obsessed with... and somehow, the list keeps growing bigger and bigger.
Here's a new series I'm starting on the blog, so you can fall in love with these things too!

Today, let's talk about The Nibble Box.

What It's About

The Nibble Box is a healthy subscription box that sends you four different snacks every week. They could be spiced trails; nuts, fruits and seeds; raw bars; granola; or granola bars. You can even choose which snacks you'd prefer after you subscribe to their service.

What I Love About It

I've been using The Nibble Box for, what, two months now? I was originally going to do a 'What's In My Nibble Box' post, but I decided I'd rather give it some time and see if I would stick with the service.

My one month subscription recently ended, and now I've upgraded to a three-month subscription (twelve boxes in total). And I couldn't be happier! I've always had a high metabolism, but now that I work out regularly, I need to eat every two hours or I crash. That's where The Nibble Box comes in. Instead of eating oily dosas or boring potato chips in college, I bring my snacks to class and eat to my stomach's content.

Every snack comes in a convenient ziplock bag so you can vary your serving size based on your appetite. One packet has two servings, but I usually just eat the whole thing in one go. High metabolism problems, am I right?

My Favourites

Now, I'm going to pick one favourite snack out of each category. These are the snacks that I wish I could eat every single day, but... I suppose variety is important too.

1) Pumpkin Spice Latte | Granola Bar

The granola bars in general do feel a little dry at times, so I like to slather on some honey. The pumpkin spice latte is probably inspired by the Starbucks drink, which I've never had - I'm not a coffee person - but I love the spicy flavour and aroma this bar has.

2) Kiwi Kayak | Nuts, Fruits and Seeds

I'm not fond of nuts. I didn't know people ate seeds. I find dried fruits a little too sweet. But bring 'em all together, and you've got my favourite category of snacks! This one, especially, is amazeballs. Look at the colour! So bright and beautiful! From kiwis to dried berries to almonds to even dark chocolate chips, this pack is all I need to make my day wonderful.

3) Everything Exotic | Granola

Granola's kind of boring, to be honest. I can't have it without soy milk because it's too dry and sticks in my teeth. But I love this granola, because it's colourful and it has more than just oats and nuts. I've only been sent this snack once, and I hope I get to reacquaint myself with it soon.

4) Hot Pod | Spiced Trail Mix

Croutons and chickpeas and seeds, oh my! There's no snack like Hot Pod.
I love the masala in these spiced trails. Plus, dried berries make life worth living.

5) Date Day Tripper | Raw Bars

I'm not sure how they make these raw bars, but I don't need to know to love them. These bars look a lot like brownies, but it's mostly just dates and almonds. A little too sweet for me, but still really good for that burst of energy.

A Free Coupon For You!

So The Nibble Box recently gave me the opportunity to send my friends and family a referral coupon. Although I like to say I only have seven friends, I do love my Geeks. So use the coupon code below to get Rs. 200 off on your first one-month, three-month or six-month subscription. Plus, for every friend that uses the coupon, I get a free box. How awesome is that?


This coupon is only valid till September 30th, 2015, so hurry up! You can thank me later - and I know you will, because The Nibble Box has changed my junk-food-snacking ways. Healthy and tasty don't have to be mutually exclusive, after all.

Currently, for a one-month subscription, the cost of one box (or one week) comes to Rs. 300.

Have you tried The Nibble Box yet, Geeks? What's your favourite snack? Which subcription boxes are you obsessed with?
See you next time!

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