Sunday, 20 September 2015

What I Wore Last Week // OOTD #8

I couldn't do this post last Sunday because I had exams, so sorry about that.
However, I do feel like these posts are getting a tad repetitive - I'm not very fond of fashion, after all - so from now on, you can take a look at What I Wore every other week.

1) Hoops and Roses
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I like the way my hair looks in this one - I ought to try this look more often, eh? Anyway, the floral crop top is from Koovs, I think, the jeans are Forever 21, and the lovely orange-green hoop earrings are an impulse purchase from an airport Accessorize store.

2) To Infinity and Beyond
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So much colour! I don't usually wear scarves, but this trendy pink infinity scarf from Forever 21 is a beauty. I paired it with my deep pink Jockey tank top. I should buy more of these. They go well with everything. 

3) Fifty Shades of Blue
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Pink might be the colour I wear most often, but blue is closest to my heart. Blue is calm. Blue is honest. Blue is beautiful.
The jeans are from Esprit, my tank top is Jockey, and the lovely sparkly scarf was my sister's when she was in college. Oh, how time flies.

4) Bow to the Crochet

This white lace bow from Claire's is easily my favourite headband of all time. Look how pretty! I styled it with my pink crochet shirt from Stalk Buy Love - and a positive attitude, of course!

5) Bonjour, Mes Geeks
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Okay, this is a fairly recent outfit. My sister gifted this adorable pink Bonjour top to me - I love my arms in this one - and I wore it to college a few days ago along with my Esprit jeans.
Wait, is that a spoon on the floor next to the beanbag?

What did you wear to college or anywhere out this week? Which of these outfits would you wear? Which ones are completely different from your style? Let me know in the comments below.
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Bye! :)

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