Sunday, 6 September 2015

What I Wore These Days // OOTD #7

This has been a good week. Busy, I'll give you that, but productive too. I've also been having a lot of great hair days. Does being sleep-deprived in spite of frequent naps make my hair shine? Hmm.

1) Stripes and Knots
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I may be a florals girl, but I do love the occasional stripe - especially horizontal ones, since they make me look wider than I am. And that's a dream come true for me. Both my striped orange tank top and the striped blue shrug are from Forever New, and the jeans are Forever 21. Of course.

2) Better Be... Slytherin!

Before any of my Slytherin Geeks get excited, I should mention that I'm actually a Hufflepuff. My #BadgerPride shirt was in the laundry, so I had to settle for some snake pride on September 1st. The detailing of the shirt isn't visible, but it's the Slytherin emblem. I got it from WB Studios, London.
I also tried out a new look with my hair - do you like it? I really did!

3) Pink, White and Stars

Don't you love the stars on my wall? They glow in the dark for about five minutes after the lights are turned off. Well, it's still a good deal for 150 rupees.
Anyway, I wore my bright pink Forever 21 headband after so long! The pink bow-back top is from Stalk Buy Love, and I'm not sure about the white sweater and grey pants.

4) Midnight Blue
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I get a lot of time to dress up on Thursdays, because I don't have class till 11 am, so those usually turn out to be my most convenient fashion days. I paired my midnight blue velvety top with a satin cami (both from Forever New) and my good old Forever 21 grey jeans.

5) Coral Love

This is another outfit I would rock if I had my own creative/lifestyle business. Future goals, though, am I right?
This coral pink semi-formal top is from Stalk Buy Love, the black formal pants are from Forever New, and the can-do attitude is all me.

How was your week, fashion-wise? Remember that you should dress for the life you want, not the life you have. At the same time, don't pretend to be some other person. Style should always be your preference. If someone tells you they don't like your outfit, ignore them. Wear whatever makes you feel happy, healthy and ready for a better life!

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Au revoir!


  1. Ahhh...that Slytherin shirt, though! Do you have a Ravenclaw and Gryffindor t-shirt as well?

    My favourite outfit was the last one, it's exactly how half of my shirts look XD. All of my stuff are plain and comfortable (for me); I don't wear hangy-hangy or lacey-lacey clothes; I just prefer something I needn't put time and effort into- c'mon; nothing can go wrong with jeans and a plain shirt, can it?

    And most of my clothes are usually in sober colours like black, blue, white and grey. There's an occasional yellow or red, though.

    All the outfits this time were totally awesomesauce; especially Stripes and Knots and Coral Love. Yeah; I CAN appreciate good outfits!

    1. I have a Ravenclaw one, but the emblem is barely visible... didn't get a Gryff shirt, and now I kinda regret it. :P

  2. Love the contrasting stripes! The pink shirt looks really good on you! The color complements your complexion perfectly!

    1. Thanks a ton, Rachel. Pink is definitely my favourite colour to wear. :)


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