Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What I Wore Recently // OOTD #9

The past two weeks have been so busy that I barely had time to take photos of my outfits. Hopefully, that won't happen this week. I like being productive, but if I don't even have time to pose in front of the mirror, I'm doing something wrong.

Anyway, from college to work to home, here's what I wore recently.

1) Blaze It

I love it when I see people rocking blazers informally, so I thought I'd join the club. This yellow-and-red blazer is from Stalk Buy Love, and although it looks incredible, it's a little tight at the shoulders and makes taking notes in class really difficult. My blue jeans are from Esprit, and my floral bow headband is from Claire's.
I also made a bubble braid ponytail because I was a little tired of putting my hair in a bun every single day.

2) White and Sparkly
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Some days I just like to wear different shades of the same colour just because. I'm not a huge fan of white, to be honest, so I added some grey and some sparkles. The sequinned sweater cardigan is my mom's - I think she got it from Shoppers Stop,  the striped tank top is from Van Heusen, the sparkly headband is of course Claire's, and the grey jeans are from New Look, but I got them on Koovs.

3) Be The Rainbow

I love this lime green, gem-studded top from Done by None. It's a shame the company went under. Anyway, I know most people like keeping one focal point in their outfit, but I'm not most people. I went ahead and borrowed this blue cardigan from my roommate, and paired it with some blue jeans and a pink headband, both from Forever 21.

4) Flower Power
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I really like this high-low floral top. I'm not sure where it's from - either Shoppers Stop or Westside. Last time, I wore it with a red cami top, but I wanted a more muted, feminine look, so I added my pale pink cami from Jockey along with the bow headband mentioned earlier.

5) Basic Blue
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As you can tell, this picture was taken at my parents' house right before we left for dinner (I'm going to do a restaurant review soon, so stay tuned). This Dorothy Perkins top belongs to my lovely sister. I love how they've used different shades of blue and different patterns without overwhelming the wearer. I paired it with my grey Forever 21 jeans and my trusted Adidas sneakers.

I know I haven't been regular with my blog posts lately, but I promise that is about to change. I've been toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel, so once I sort out my priorities and get my hands on a good camera, Geekie Chic will no longer be limited to a blog.

What fashion have you been wearing lately? What are your favourite brands? Do you have a signature sense of style, or do you wing it the way I do?
See you next time, Chic Geeks!

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