Tuesday, 8 December 2015

'Soul Warrior: The Age of Kali' by Falguni Kothari: A Book Review

Fight fate, or succumb to destiny?
In the dark Age of Kali, the Soul Warrior alone stands guard over the Human Realm, protecting its denizens from evil-willed asuras or demons. When a trick of fate appoints him guru to a motley crew of godlings, he agrees to train them as demon hunters against his better judgment. Suddenly, Lord Karna is not only battling the usual asuras with sinister agendas, but also rebellious students and a fault-ridden past.

Spanning the cosmic realms of mythic India, here is a tale of a band of supernatural warriors who come together over a singular purpose: the salvation of Karna’s secret child.

Note: I received a copy of this book via b00k r3vi3w Tours in exchange for an honest review.

I don't know the first thing about Indian mythology - or any, for that matter - but I do know that these stories are full of action, betrayal, drama, romance and many, many twists and turns.
This book is just the same.

Soul Warrior is the story of Karna and his daughter fighting against the fate promised by an old prophecy. What's different about this book is that it's set in modern-day times. The Gods and Celestial beings wear jeans and leather jackets, make pop culture references (an instance where Amara, one of the six 'delinquents', calls Karna Obi-Wan comes to mind) and complain about the Mumbai heat.

So yes, in spite of knowing nothing about mythology, I can safely say that this book deviates very much from the original story - a disclaimer provided to me in the beginning itself - but that doesn't mean the other elements of mythology are missing. The tale is as interesting as I'd expected.

Plus, there's this insane plot twist at the end, just when you think everything is back to normal... damn. That had me stunned. Cliffhangers are my kryptonite, Geeks.

But there are still a few flaws in this novel. Karna's favourite swear word to use is 'fug' or 'fugdoomal', which you'd think is supposed to replace the f-word, but he actually uses both quite interchangeably. Reading the word 'fug' over and over again was a little annoying. Just use the actual word, buddy!
There are also some references to the original story which I don't know too well, so sometimes the plot did get rather confusing.

However, this book was everything I'd expected, and then some. Karna and Draupadi's love story is passionate and chaotic, the six daughters provide some much-needed humour, and there are elements of mystery scattered throughout the story.

I'm going to go with 4 stars out of 5 for this one.
Soul Warrior: The Age of Kali is sure to thrill all lovers of modern-day mythology. If there's a sequel (and I'm assuming there will be, judging by the last sentence of the novel), I'm definitely going to want to get my hands on it.

Geeks, have you read Soul Warrior? What did you think of that plot twist? How do you think it'll affect the rest of the story? Let me know in the comments below.

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