Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Yelow Travel Kit + Website Review

Travelling is bliss. It's a way to lose yourself, to find yourself, to know yourself. Travelling is something that helps make us who we are, and reminds us to live a life of happiness.
But you know what's not bliss? Travelling without a toothbrush. Or conditioner. Or... *gasp* a shaving razor!

Because not all those who wander can survive long train journeys or road trips with bad breath and hairy legs.

And that's where Yelow comes in! Yelow is a startup based in Mumbai that calls itself your 'personal care concierge'. You can buy the hygiene and beauty products you need without fear of running out, thanks to their tracking and reminding system (more on that later). They've recently come up with a handy dandy travel kit for both men and women.
 So I ordered a Gyspy Women's Travel kit from the nice people at Yelow. The packaging is definitely as promised by the label.

 Buuuuut there's a surprise! BECAUSE THERE'S CONFETTI.

And underneath all the confetti is the travel kit in all its glory. The bag is a classy, purplish brown bag - perfect for business trips - and it looks to be pretty sturdy. 

As you can see, there are a lot of items in this kit. Here's a complete list, as well as some more info about both men and women's kits.
I personally don't even have a travel kit - I just shove my essentials into my backpack and hope nothing spills - so I'm going to use this bag a lot.

Obviously, this kit isn't perfect. Different people use different shampoos and toothpastes, some women don't like to shave, and most people aren't as clumsy, and therefore in need of band-aids, as I am. But keep in mind that this is just a travel kit, and Yelow has a lot of variety on its website if you prefer other brands.

Moving on to the website itself: Yelow.in is super bright and cheery and colourful, so it has my stamp of approval. The website opens up with some neat video visuals depicting people receiving and using their Yelow kits.
It's very user-friendly. There's also an app for people who like to shop on-the-go.

Coming to the feature that sets Yelow apart from its competitors, there's an intelligent usage tracker that the website employs to remind you of your next purchase. No more squeezing the tube for residual toothpaste because you forgot to go to the store, and no more freaking out when it's your time of the month. Once you've made a purchase, Yelow keeps track of your usage based on your hygiene requirements. When you're running low on something, you'll be sent a link to repurchase that item. Convenient, right?

I'm going to go with 4 stars out of 5 for this one. 
Yelow is all set to revolutionise the personal care e-commerce industry, and I wish them good luck!

Geeks, make sure to follow Yelow on Facebook for more updates. Also let me know in the comments below: what item do you forget the most while travelling? I'd say either face wash or my spectacles. I know, I'm weird.

Note: This post was sponsored by Yelow.


  1. I am very happy the way Yelow has thought to meet the needs of an individual's hygiene. Their product line is wonderful and the same we use on daily basis. There is not need to think about product quality. Their delivery service is far better.

    The best part is , that we need not keep track of usage. The App keeps the track and reminds us to refill / re-order. I am impressed with technology use for very personal touch. Keep up guys.. Good luck.


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