Monday, 27 January 2014

What's in My Fab Bag! (January 2014)

How's it going, guys?

The first Fab Bags of 2014 are here!!!

I'm still not used to calling it a 'Fab Bag'. Somehow I still prefer the name 'Vellvette'!

Surprisingly, I'm one of the last ones to receive my bag this time, even though regular subscribers' bags are shipped early. I'm terribly disappointed with their shipping and dispatch service.
I even asked them about it on their Facebook page, but no response was forthcoming! :(

Anyway, let's see what's inside my bags! This time I received four products, plus some Twitter Party prizes.

Bag #1
Bag #2
The bag is a dark red colour this time, with the Fab Bag logo branded on the front of it. I really like this bag; it's quite classy and chic!
Here are the contents of each bag (4 products plus some prizes in each):

1) 'I Love...' Strawberry Face Mask (Bag #1 + Twitter Prize, 15 ml)

Ah, if there's one brand I love, it's this one. I'm always excited about face masks, so I'm glad I got three masks in my bag. However, I assumed I was going to get three different flavours as my prize, but I was given strawberry anyway.
This is a peel-off mask, so I'm guaranteed to have some fun with it. It claims to refresh and cleanse the skin as well as leave you with a tasty strawberry scent. Mmmm!

This product, I love!

2) Nyassa Body Butter (Alphonso, Bag #1; Almond, Bag #2; 50 g)

I can never have enough of body butter! The almond one smells amazing and claims to have anti-aging properties, but the mango one doesn't appeal to me very much. I'm not a fan of the fruit or the flavour.
And the almond body butter had leaked from its container. I hope Fab Bag works on its packaging from next time onwards.

These products, I like!

3) Naked Potion Lotion (Bags #1 and #2, 30 g)

This organic product, launched by model Lisa Haydon, is a face moisturiser that smells like happiness and beauty! Seriously, I love the scent of this lotion.
It's completely organic and natural; a 'beauty balm' for the winters. But the expiration date is June 2014, so that's a little upsetting.

This product, I like!

4) NYX Diamond Sparkling Lipstick (Sparkling Red, Bag #1, Full Size)

I'm not a lipstick kind of girl, especially not a sparkly one, but I do like the colour. NYX is a brand that I trust, but I don't know if I would like glitter on my lips.
Out of all the colours available, Fab Bag has given me the one that I'd prefer the most, so thank you for that.

This product, I'm neutral about. 

5) The Nature's Co. Spearmint Body Wash (Bag #2, 35 ml)

Spearmint gum in my mouth? Yum. But on my body? No, thank you.
Firstly, The Nature's Co. is a brand that I really don't like. I was sent their Lavender body lotion that I disliked, and I guess this one will follow the trend.
I'm all for nice fragrances, but this one doesn't even smell like nice gum. There's no chance I'm going to like this product.

This product, I dislike. 

6) Lord & Berry Seta Eye Shadow (Bag #2, 2.2 g)

I like Lord & Berry as a brand and I like eyeshadows in general. But this sandy colour is rather... dull. It's too yellow for me to use as a neutral shade and not ideal for the 'smoky eye' that it promises. It's paraben-free, but other than that, I don't see any redeeming qualities in this eyeshadow.

This product, meh. 

7) Twitter Prizes: 

As my twitter prize, I received three strawberry face masks, two Lord & Berry eyelines, a Palette Maquillage and an 'I Love...' Blueberry & Smoothie Shower Gel.
Sadly, I was promised a 250 ml shower gel, but I received only a travel-sized bottle. I've emailed Fab Bag about this mix-up, so let's hope they send me the right one soon.
The beautiful Palette I won!
This month's bags were neither too good nor too bad, but the incredibly long wait has made me upset. Even after taking so much of time, they still messed up my Twitter Party gift.

Also, this was the last month of my sister's subscription (Bag #2) and no renewal offers were sent alongside the bag. It's safe to say that from next month onwards, there will only be one bag for me to review.

The value of Bag #1 is Rs. 1,545 and the value of Bag #2 is 1,640. 

If you received your Vellvette/Fab Bags, let me know what products you received this month and what you thought of them!

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  1. Palette reminds me of my artist's palette with the water colours! :D
    Almond body butter! ^_^ And Strawberry masks!! Yum! :P
    Tell me how both these^ work. :D

    1. Gonna try out the Palette today to get that perfect look for 1st Feb.
      I'll use the Strawberry mask the day before Grad Day.

      The Almond body butter... oh, my gosh!!! It smells divine. Sorta like the body butter you were using a few weeks ago. :O

  2. I hate the Spearmint body wash too. The NYX lippie is also a disappointment. I know what you meant when you wrote "NYX is a brand that I trust, but I don't know if I would like glitter on my lips." I have got the Nyassa body butter in mango fragrance which is so irresistible. Loved your post :)

    1. Thank you! The almond body butter has become my favourite now... all other flavours lay forgotten. :)
      But more than the products, I'm upset about the long time it took to deliver my bag. And the fact that they gave me a smaller bottle as my prize!!

  3. Hey Swati,
    First of all, nice review. I too got my Fabbag after a long wait which kinda ruin the excitement for me. Anyway I too received spearmint body wash and somehow it doesn't smell nice. Plus the expiry date is Feb,14 :(
    Other then that I got almond body butter which is nice, naked potion lotion and MUA lop boom which is a bad pigmented not a good colour lippie.
    My subscription has ended and m in two minds about renewing it. Lets see.
    BTW loved the palette u received.

    1. It expires in Feb?!
      Which lip boom did you get? Mine isn't that pigmented either, but it's a good nude shade to wear.
      My sister's subscription has ended and we are definitely not renewing it.
      Thanks! The palette is amazing. I tried out the lip colours and loved them! The eyeshadows aren't too pigmented, though.

    2. hey i absolutely adore the palette which you won! can u plz tell me the brand name? so that i can purchase one for myself?

    3. Hey! It's a Palette Maquillage by Parisax Cosmetique... it's a French company. I don't think it would be available in India, but hope you find it! :)

    4. thank you so much!! is it available on the fab bag website? though i'll check it soon... i was planning on subscribing to the fab bag 3 month thingy. is it worth it? I am a first timer for this fab bag thing. :)

    5. I'm not sure if it's on the website. I guess you'll have to check. :)

      Well, my first few bags were absolutely amazing, but the Jan and Feb bags have been quite disappointing... but other subscribers seem to have received really good products.
      I guess you could take a 3 month subscription and try it out, but I wouldn't recommend 6 months just yet. :)

  4. It's kinda nude pink. Being a very light pigmented shade it will take to show the colour on the lips.

  5. Loving the reviews on the FAb bags, is it worth subscribing to though? Or should i get the my envy box? -

    1. I'm actually a little out of the beauty loop. I stopped subscribing to Fab Bag in April, and I've never tried My Envy Box.

      You should check out some recent reviews of both and make your decision. :)


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